New 2021 Gold Wings Officially Announced

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Just like we suspected, Honda has officially announced the new 2021 Gold Wing lineup. The new models have a few updates including some new color trims as well as a few new features and refinements. See below for some of the highlights:

  • New larger trunk - it now has a 61 liter capacity - up 11 liters from the previous year
    (Standard on: Gold Wing Tour, Gold Wing Tour DCT, Gold Wing Tour Airbag DCT)
  • Improved speakers now with a 45-watt rating (Standard on: All models)
  • New passenger backrest with increased height and extra cushion for added comfort
    (Standard on: Gold Wing Tour, Gold Wing Tour DCT, Gold Wing Tour Airbag DCT)
  • Plus, all 2021 models come equipped with Android Auto as well as Apple CarPlay™

2021 Gold Wing Colors & Prices

2021 Honda Gold Wing & Gold Wing DCT

  • Color: Deep Pearl Grey (with orange trim)
  • Prices: $23,900 MSRP (manual); $25,100 (DCT)

2021 Honda Gold Wing Tour (Manual)

  • Colors/Prices: Metallic Black $28,300 MSRP; Candy Ardent Red $28,300 MSRP

2021 Honda Gold Wing Tour DCT

  • Colors/Prices: Metallic Black $29,300 MSRP; Candy Ardent Red $29,300 MSRP

2021 Honda Gold Wing Tour Airbag DCT

  • Colors Candy Ardent Red
  • $32,600 MSRP

See more photos below:

New and improved passenger backrest

New larger trunk with increased capacity

Please comment below and let us know what you think of the new 2020 Gold Wing lineup and the new updates and features!

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2021 Goldwing
I have checked out the 2020 Gold wings while visiting in Florida. I have owned 4 1500 Gold wings and 2 1800 Gold wings the one I ride now is a 2006 silver trike with now 35,000 miles on it. I have been in 45 states, some more than twice and twice in Canada. I am stuck on Gold wings. The new Gold wings are revolutionized for certain. However, the problem I have personally is the size of the bike. I wish Honda would have made this bike larger. It seems more like a crotch rocket than a touring bike and don't sit comfortable like the Gold wings i am accustomed to. I'm keeping the one I have until Gold wings fit my fancy.



I will keep my 2012 gold wing fire red. Crochet rockets are for the new young rider.

Hawaii Biker


2021 Goldwing Thoughts
I have had an F6b and now ride a 1998 1500 trike. The increase in trunk space is a great move on Honda's part. I have two wishes for Goldwing: more chrome and a factory-made trike. At age 78, I am in the trike season of my life. Still, I love Goldwings!

- No Alias -


It's about time!
I have the 2019 DCT - love the bike, but was miffed that Honda A) made the trunk so small (relatively speaking) and then had the audacity (or stupidity?) to have only one helmet lock on the bike and B)made the pillion grips such that you couldn't wrap tie-downs to them, forcing me to get an after market add-on that gives me the eyelets through which I can put a Rock trap or the straps for my Kuryakin bag. So in 2020 they fixed the grips - making them "normal" and useful. And now - hurrah! - they increased the trunk - yay! Too late for me, but maybe they listened to owners of the '19 and '20 models. Now, if only they would make the GPS less terrible... And for that matter, since the USB connection is only 5V I don't think it can be used to keep a Garmin or other "real" GPS unit perhaps do something about that. PS - oh, and @Rich - I think you meant "crotch rocket"



2021 thoughts
I like everything they are doing. Not enough to motivate me to trade in my 2018. But, if I was looking for a new bike, the DCT Tour would be what I would go with.



2021 Goldwing
First let me say that I love the Honda Goldwing's. I had a GW1500 for 17 years and then moved to the 2018+ because we retired and were going to travel and did not want to travel on an older bike even though it would of been fine. I would have to agree with the above comments, however, in my opinion the bike looks more like a BMW than a Goldwing. The trunk is too small for long trips for 2-uppers. I wonder if Honda will retro the new trunk and add Android Auto at no cost or reasonable cost? The improved backrest on the 2021 does not look comfortable because of the cavity between the seat and the backrest, there is a concaved space there that would not fit a persons back very well. I already had to replace the rider and passenger to make it more comfortable for long rides. I will keep my 2018+ and hope that Honda makes retro improvements available.



Just a new ST1800
For most people that have traveled 2 up on the 2001 thru 2017, the new style is just too small. The 2018 and up is just a ST1800. In cold or cooler weather, the wind protection is not there. The seat is smaller and very uncomfortable. I love the DCT and the brakes are an improvement. Not so the unproven new engine with lots more maintenance and shorter intervals. Just hoping my '13 will last until I am finished riding. Most of the people singing the praises for the new Wing have never owned the previous models. No comparison when riding long days, big miles. It is faster and has more electronic features, but not a selling point for me.



2021 wing
Since 1993 2 1500's and 2 1800s...not sure what Honda is doing...New gen is not a full on tourer like my 2008 And and won't run with the current sport tourers, like my FJR and it's 30k? Really?



2021 gold wing
I have a 2018. Love the bike its a DCT. I do agree the larger trunk will serve them well. I would like to hear the new sound system, that could be a good thing as well. I would like them to make a retro fit for the new trunk for the existing bikes if people want that. I would get it if they would factory paint them to match color.



2021 Gold Wing
The new model features nice improvements but not nearly enough to convince me to trade my 2014 GW in on one. The proverbial elephant(s)-in-the-room remain the meagre luggage space and fuel capacity. Increasing the trunk capacity simply will not cut it. I am not a fan of the new front end and do NOT appreciate Honda doing away with the external tip-over engine/bag protection bars. And do not get me started on the smaller 'wind-jammer' (fairing). If I needed to put up with any or all of these nags, the K1600 Grand America would be my preference. I am in the process of revitalising my '14 instead, changing its colour in the process. It will be as good as new, with numerous subtle Wing Stuff improvements, when completed and streets ahead (in my opinion of course), compared to that on offer at present.



New Valkyrie
Is the a new Valkyrie coming as well. Australia is waiting.....



Honda’s out of touch with Goldwing Riders
I’ve had 3 Wings. 94 1500/07 Wing (new) and just bought a 2019 Wing last yr. The smaller saddlebag/trunk capacity was a shocker. Impossible for 2 people to travel on. The seat is TERRIBLE! I spent 500 before riding it to get my seat padding beefed up. Can’t ride for 90 mins before getting antsy, then it gets down right painful. Rode my 1500/1800 for up to 5 hours with no issues. I’m looking for a new aftermarket seat presently. More $$, needlessly. 2021 Colors SUCK! Clearly Honda Goldwing Designers don’t know their customers who spend more than most cars buying their product! That is sad!



2021 Goldwing
Face it guys, we’re spoiled. I started with a new 1984 Interstate and 147000 miles and five alternators later graduated to a 1994 1500 SE. 88000 miles later bought my 05 1800 that currently has 80000 miles and counting. We’ve all already owned the best GOLDWINGS that Honda will ever manufacture. Let it go. 😂😂😂



I have looked at the new generation of goldwings
I own 4 goldwings, 2-1200's and a 01 & 03. I wouldn't trade any of them for a new goldwing.....

G Man


Great Bike
I have the 2012 1800 Blue Goldwing, which I have trike. I really like that the trunk is larger and the passager seat is more comfortable. I also like the idea of the Apple play. Thanks



Really like the Blacked out DCT Tour.
I like the look of the all black DCT tour. Also that they made the trunk bigger. But as I have only owned my 2019 DCT Tour for 9 months, (Which I love by the way. Best bike I've ever ridden, love the automatic and the walking modes.) chances are pretty slim that I will be going for a new Wing this year. Although you never know, I've been known to do dumber things.

- No Alias -


short legs
I bought a 2012 GW and had drop down wheels installed before i took possession . I am only 5'6" tall and the 29" seat height put me on my toes when I stopped. I have since had the bike triked. I love the Gold Wing, but until they can lower the seat, I'll keep my trike. Love the bike though.

- No Alias -


2021 Gold Wing
I own a 2019 Tour DCT. I like the upgrades alot. It seems like Honda is acknowledging the "It's too small" crowd by increasing the Top Case volume. It's great that it can hold 2 XXL helmets. Helmet stowage has been an issue from the get go. The 45 Watt speakers are a nice touch. I usually ride with helmet and headset so they weren't critical, but there are times I would like to blast the tunes. I find it interesting they addressed the cushion of the backrest but not the rest of the seating. The colors too need to be widened....Harley charges premiums for their paint schemes, why not the Wing? Overall, I appreciate Honda modernizing the bike the many ways it has.

- No Alias -


Accessories from 2021 that fit 2018-2020
Rick, since you have a connection, do you see a way Honda makes the top case and speakers available for the previous models as accessories?

- No Alias -


2021 Gold Wing Tour
I am glad to see Honda is listening to their Gold Wing Riders, at least it is a start. I am totally on board with increasing the size of the Trip Trunk. Now Honda lets increase the size of the Saddle Bags and I believe you will see a renewed interest come back to the Gold Wings. You definitely need to broaden the Colors and Color Schemes. You also definitely need to continue The Red and Black, but also the 1995 2-tone Dark and Light Red metallic Paint. I believe it was called Brite Red Metallic with contrasting Dark Cabernet Metallic inserts on the gas tank, trip trunk, saddle bags and fairing. Lets face it, Honda Gold Wings are Top Tier Premier Motor Cycles. Time to show Harley in 2021 Gold Wing is Back!!! Larry Hall

- No Alias -


Overpriced piece of cheap plastic
I looked at the 2018 and 2019 just out of curiosity while trying to find a 17 leftover. The dealer I visited near Quakertown PA did everything he could to shove one of these losers on me. It was pretty obvious that he was having problems getting rid of them. The 19s were coming out and he was stuck with 14 of these losers. Honda has perfected the ways of corporate America by using the cheapest plastic and electronic gimmicks to slap together a product no one really wants (see US automakers). They even add the same insult to injury by overcharging for it. They made a big mistake when they built the CTX1300 that ended up being a dismal failure and a 2 year bike. This "Goldwing" is nothing but an overpriced attempt at trying to attract the crotch rocket crowd. History will repeat itself with this overpriced slapped together crotch rocket masquerading as a decent well built touring bike. . One of the people I ride with bought a 2018 as in impulse buy. He had it 4 months, ended up hating it and was willing to me sell his $28K DCT 2018 for $20K . While it was a good deal based on the price, he was having a hard time unloading it. Says a lot about the bike now doesn't it ?



Nit Pickers
I have been riding Gold Wings since they came out in 1975, Have owned every model made!! This new Gold Wing is the best ever made!!!! Better handling, better braking, better gas mileage, Most people on here nit picking, and complaining , don't and haven't owned one!!! Nothing in this world is perfect, motorcycles aren't supposed to be!!! I have a little over 4 million miles on motorcycles, I like to think I know a little about them- all of them!!! Thanks Honda for making the best touring motorcycle on the road!!! Its not perfect, so keep up the good work!!!!!! Remember everyone has an opinion- doesn't make them right!!!!!! Just opinions!!! By the way, Honda with there last up grade did include the Andriod. And A Garmin works perfectly on the new wing!! Boober



Looking Good Honda
I love my 2019 Gold Wing in black but it is hard to keep clean. I like the new colors options. And, good job making the Tour model trunk larger in size... much needed.



The New Goldwing vs. "Older" Owners
QUALIFICATION: I own a 2018 DCT wing and to date... have ridden it 33,000 miles. In 2019... I spent 5 weeks and 11,751 miles in the saddle touring the country. Rode all lower 48 states on my Harley and now doing it again on my wing. Only 8 states left. COMMENT: If I put myself in Honda's shoes and look at the demographics of Goldwing owners it would scare me. The aging of wing riders does not bode well for the long term health of the brand or bike. Harley Davidson is facing the same scare which is why they push their trikes more and more every year. Honda had to change the wing and what they did was smart and timely. Did they alienate some of the older crowd? Yes... and some feel that that the company let them down. On the other hand how many more bikes are older riders going to buy? Let's face it... if you're a baby boomer (like me) or older... your two wheel riding days are "fewer" and less likely to buy multiple new bikes. Honda is focusing on younger riders who don't like riding a couch and want something more sporty. In addition... they are also focusing on converting riders from other brands into the fold. In 2018 they believed that 27% of the buyers would be Harley owners... and I'm part of that percentage. The new wing has slimmed down, lost weight and carries a host of other improvements. IMHO... these changes have greatly improved the functioning, reliability and styling of the bike. Did Honda nail it 100%? No! However, with any new model re-vamp there are tradeoffs. Would agree that some of the tradeoffs were short sighted and perhaps dumb (i.e. rear trunk size). It's great to see that Honda is actually listening to the owners and fixing some of those short sighted items (i.e. increased trunk size for the 2021 model). Some of the bitching about the new wing model maybe warranted but other gripes seem to be short sighted or biased. Right here on this blog someone said they didn't like the seat... I love the seat. They don't like windshield. Done a lot of miles through all kinds of weather (including snow) and it's works like a champ for me. The front wish bone suspension is awesome and it increased the handling of the bike by lowering the engine and moving it forward. Don't get me started on the DCT... my list of positives is very... very long. What you get in the new wing... for the price... makes it an absolute bargain. This is a great touring motorcycle whose innovations are now shaping how other manufacturers make their bikes (i.e. riding modes). A bike is not going to fit everyone's taste and needs at the time of purchase. For those who want to give their bike more soul and reflect their own needs or desires there's a growing list of after market parts suppliers. Did you know that Corbin has been selling a larger trunk lid and saddle bags for the new wing for over a year now? I didn't like the suspension so replaced it with a suspension system from Traxxion Dynamics. The amp and speakers suck on the wing so I upgraded to the Honda amp. It sucks too! I just bought a J&M Rokker 800 watt amp and J&M speakers (right here on Wingstuff) so it will now be in the range of my taste. Most other wing owners will say it's stupid and too loud. I disagree. The comment from "No Alias" that he has a "friend" who didn't like the bike does not say anything about the bike as a whole. I checked eBay nationwide... and 16% of the Honda touring motorcycles listed are 2018 or newer. That says a lot more than one person. Do I like the 2021? Absolutely! If I didn't already own a 2018 I would definitely get a 2021. It's a better bike than the 2018. Honda appears to be listening and will only make a great bike better! DISCLAIMER: I'm a rider who owns both a Harley and a Honda and respects and likes a very wide variety of brands, makes and models. My philosophy has always been... get a bike that's right for you and don't talk bad of someone who didn't make the same choice as you. :-)

Dave - UK


2021 wing
I think I shall keep my 2018 wing. Simply not worth the expense to upgrade to a 2021 model.

- No Alias -


I just wish they would refine the electronic preload and add it stock to the non tour.

- No Alias -


Dad is loving the new bike
My dad just got a new 2021 Gold Wing and is loving it! He already has a trip planned to travel across the country!

- No Alias -


New wings
I like the colors for 2021!



No Engine Guards?
The Dealers will be laughing all the way to the bank when you pay this thing on its side and knock the heads off and bust the engine block, oh yah! Sat on one at the dealer. Honda still cannot make a seat that's not a torture device. Handle bars still suck if your over 5 ft tall. Unfortunately the factory will never listen to the customer, until the customer stop buying the sorry product. Honda you should be ashamed!!!!!!

- No Alias -


Great improvement
I traded in my CTX1300 for a 19 wing non tour. Will be looking to upgrade in the future!



Big Ole Trunk!
I hope that someone comes up with a kit to replace the 2018 trunk with a 21 and up version. The 21 trunk is the way it should have been the whole time!!!

- No Alias -


The Goldwing is Musclebike is Back!
So I was 7 when my Dad brought home a brand new 1982 Goldwing Standard. I grew up with that bike and gought it from my Mom when my Dad died in 1996. My wife and I have been riding it ever since. Now that our kids are almost raised we are looking forward to some longer trips and need a new bike with better parts availbility and dealer support. The Goldwing I grew up with was a musclebike with touring capabilities. I could not puull the trigger on the 1500's or 2001-2017 Goldwings. I know it rubs a lot of people wrong what Honda did. I respect the fact that people love their 'BIG' Goldwings. They just were not for me. We bought a 2022 Tour model in black- I like to say The Stealth Fighter Model.

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