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Chesterfield, MO, US, 63017




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Red 2018 Goldwing Bagger DCT

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New 2021 Gold Wings Officially Announced

2021 thoughts
I like everything they are doing. Not enough to motivate me to trade in my 2018. But, if I was looking for a new bike, the DCT Tour would be what I would go with.



Is Honda Coming Out With A 2021 Gold Wing?

I'm OK with that.
Since I bought a new 2018 just 4 months ago I am happy to hear that. Told my wife this was the last bike I would need to buy (said that with the one before that, too) so don't want a new bike to come out that I just have to have. Not even sure what they could change that would entice me to even consider an update. Maybe in another couple of years she'll forget that last bike comment...



Cardo Packtalk Bold vs. Sena 50S Bluetooth Communication Systems

Agree with Cardo AppleCar Play comment
Agree with Fred with regards to connecting the Cardo to the bike. 75% of the time it works perfect. The other 25%, not so much and you have to do the repairing dance. And don't walk away as you have to start all over. Wish I saw this video and understood the implications before I bought my Cardo. Love it when it works, but frustrated when it does not. Should be seamless.



Unboxing, Set-Up & Review: Sena 50S Bluetooth Communication System

Apple CarPlay
Have you tested using the Sena with your iPhone and the Goldwing Apple CarPlay? I still struggle getting consistent connections between my iPhone, headset and the Goldwing. Might just be the sequence of connections. Even when not using Apple CarPlay but still connecting the iPhone, Goldwing and headset can be a hassle. Other times it works like a charm. And when working, if I get a call or text, all bets are off getting music to continue streaming. Maybe just me...

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