WingStuff Bids Farewell to GWRRA, Wing Ding & Wing World

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The Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) has been a integral piece to the Gold Wing community for close to 50 years. With their grass roots rallies and chapters, like-minded enthusiasts were provided with a convenient means to meet up, have fun, increase their knowledge, forge lifelong friendships and, ultimately, deepen their love for an iconic motorcycle.

We at WingStuff have been involved with and had a great relationship with the GWRRA for a long, long time. We joined them at many Wing Ding conventions, our owner Rick attended chapter meetings in the early days of WingStuff and we advertised in Wing World Magazine as well as their Gold Book for many years. As a tribute to their decades of service to the Gold Wing community, we want to take this opportunity to look back on our time with such an incredible organization that will surely be missed.

To start it off, here are a couple of videos from the last two Wing Dings WingStuff was a part of:

Wing Ding 35 in Greenville, SC (2013)

Wing Ding 34 in Fort Wayne, IN (2012)

A few pictures from our time at Wing Ding over the years:

Pic 1 - Rick & Don Frank of F4 Customs at Wing Ding 31 in Tulsa, OK           Pic 2 - A shot of our booth at Wing Ding 32 in Des Moines, IA

Pic 1 - The WingStuff booth at Wing Ding 33 in Knoxville, TN             Pic 2 - Rick with GWRRA members at Wing Ding 33 in Knoxville, TN

Some of our ads in Wing World Magazine :

In June 2019 this image of Rick was chosen as the cover photo, and our ad on the back cover of that same issue

Various ads that were featured in Wing World Magazine

Thank you again to everyone involved with GWRRA, Wing Ding and Wing World Magazine that we worked with, spent time with and got to meet over all the years. Hopefully we'll see you all again down the road someday!

Rick and the WingStuff Team

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What's Happening with GWRRA, Wing Dings Etc?
Is GWRRA disbanding or folding their Tent??

WingStuff Team


GWRRA is disbanding, which also includes Wing Ding and Wing World Magazine. End of an era for sure.

Road Glide


What I’ll miss about the GWRRA
Wing Stuff’a letter resonated with such high regard for a wonderful organization. I have to agree. Rick and his team at Wing Stuff have always demonstrated a connection with his customers and Rick himself, has for m any years been passionate about all things Gold Wing. But this is about the GWRRA. I was a member off and on from 84 to present. From my first GoldWing, a new beautiful 84 GL1200 Interstate to my third, an beautiful 22 Ultra Blue DCT Tour Airbag. The Wing is not dead and neither are the Riders who love them. The passion and fire is real and alive. The GWRRA’s vision and mission was created for all the right motorcycling reasons. Fun, Safety, Knowledge and Friendship. Although gone, it will never be forgotten. We carry that torch through our memories, messaging and our relationship with the sport of riding as Gold Wing Riders as we continue our journey. Thank you Wing Stuff for being a solid company providing Gold Wing products with excellent customer service. I visited your booth at Wing Dings, To each other, ride safe and ride often. Because we “ride too far, too fast and too often to ride anything else but a Honda Gold Gold Wing. Please do so wearing all of your gear, all of the time.



What ???
I am not sure who's saying to who "farewell" ??? Is WingStuff cutting their ties to the GWRRA for some unknown reason or is GWRRA terminating its operation and dissolving as an organization?

WingStuff Team


Sadly, GWRRA is closing down. Along with Wing Ding and Wing World Magazine.



Really hate it



It's not over yet!
Most Chapters are continuing business as usual until the end of the year. Additionally, a new group is being organized by Anita Alkire and some others that were involved with GWRRA. The new group is "Eagle Wings Motorcycle Association" and you can follow the progress on their Facebook page.

WingStuff Team


That's awesome news! Glad to hear it.

Greg Eames


Another group called “Wing’d Riders” is being started by John Lazzeroni from J&M electronics. Search it on Facebook. It is a group for just Goldwingers.



Such a Shame
Bummers… bought my first Gold Wing and never got to experience a WingDing.

Jim Thomas


me too
I have been winging with a local chapter for a year without a wing, now I got a 2022 in more gwrra! bummer for sure. went to a district wing in and had a ball this week in Vandalia Illinois. Peace!

Winger are getting very old, the organization needs new blood that's for sure.

Rodney Breeding


New to a 2002 GL1800 trike.
Not sure i like this. Hopefully something else will follow.



All good things come to an end
The end of an era



It’s sad that it’s gone
It’s sad, and it sucks, that the year I buy my first Wing all these events/organizations go away. I hope all my local rides/events will be accepting of my non-Harley!

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