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Hottest Accessories Right Now for Your 2022 Gold Wing

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The release of the 2021 Honda Gold Wing brought with it a couple key changes that affected accessories related to the trunk as well as some lighting. While a larger trunk made many a Gold Winger very happy, it also meant that trunk racks, brake lights and even passenger seats designed for 2018-2020 Gold Wings wouldn't fit the newer models. It took some time but brands eventually released updated products specifically designed for 2021 and 2022 Honda Goldwings.

Below, we reveal the most popular products that we carry based on what our customers are purchasing right now for their 2022 Gold Wings.


It only makes sense that Honda would be the first to offer accessories designed for the 2021 Gold Wing and 2022 Gold Wing. While their cost tends to be higher compared to other aftermarket accessory brands out there, Honda certainly puts out high quality products.

Chrome Trunk Rack for 2021-22 Gold Wing Tour

Rear Speaker Kit for 2021-22 Gold Wing (Non-Tour)

Half Cover (Black) for 2021-22 Gold Wing Tour

LED Brake Light for 2021-22 Gold Wing Tour


Utopia has been making top notch backrests for many years and their newest iteration is no different. Proudly made in the USA, these seats are versatile and, most importantly, designed to help the driver sit upright to avoid slouching, which is a big factor when it comes to driver fatigue.

Utopia Driver Backrest for 2021-22 Gold Wing


Ultimate Seats are crafted with your ultimate comfort as their first priority. They guarantee a long distance "no numbum" ride due to their proprietary comfort memory foam technology. Their updated seats and backrests are specifically designed for the 2021 Goldwing and 2022 Goldwing. Keep in mind they are custom made to order so they take some time to reach your door.

Ultimate Passenger Backrest for 2021-22 Gold Wing Tour

Removable Driver Backrest for 2021-22 Gold Wing Tour


What? Little ol' us made the list? Well I do declare!

Seriously, though, when we first heard about the changes in the trunk we dropped our donuts and jumped into action and we're very pleased with the final result. Our carpets have the same features as the ones for the older models but are made for the trunk and saddlebags of the 2021-2022 Gold Wing Tour.

3-Piece Carpet Kit for 2021+ Gold Wing Tour


Goldstrike has dedicated itself to creating exceptional products for the 2018+ Gold Wing. When we first heard about them we knew they would be a winner and they continually prove us right. They've quickly become one of the most popular brands for our customers and we can see why. Their new trunk lights and passenger armrests for the 2021 and 2022 Gold Wing Tour are just the latest addition to their growing line of accessories that are flying off the shelf!

LED Trunk Light CHROME w/ Lightstrike™ for 2021-22 Gold Wing Tour

LED Trunk Light BLACK w/ Lightstrike™ for 2021-22 Gold Wing Tour

Passenger Armrests w/ Drink Holder Port for 2021-22 Gold Wing Tour

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22 black edition touring on the way
I think I might like the goldstrike led trunk light, but in black.
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Tour accesssories
These are all for the Tour model. Probably the most popular but I do not have this model. Would like to see an article for top non-Tour accessories.
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