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Rider Etiquette: The Hand Signals

Re-invent a hand signal
I enjoy the articles and the comments. For decades the #16 meant check lights. I think this has been repurposed to mean police.



New 2021 Gold Wings Officially Announced

Just a new ST1800
For most people that have traveled 2 up on the 2001 thru 2017, the new style is just too small. The 2018 and up is just a ST1800. In cold or cooler weather, the wind protection is not there. The seat is smaller and very uncomfortable. I love the DCT and the brakes are an improvement. Not so the unproven new engine with lots more maintenance and shorter intervals. Just hoping my '13 will last until I am finished riding. Most of the people singing the praises for the new Wing have never owned the previous models. No comparison when riding long days, big miles. It is faster and has more electronic features, but not a selling point for me.



Is Honda Coming Out With A 2021 Gold Wing?

'21 Wing
The reason for no '21 Wing is could be due to all the left over '19', and '20 models. I don't think this new style is flying off the shelf. Or maybe Honda is renaming it the ST1800

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Dunlop Elite 4 Tire COMBO for GL1800

This is not the worst tire I have owned. An Avon takes that prize. This Elite 4 rear is a close second. Sides cupped very bad. I thought the rear end was out of my '13 Wing. I check tire pressure every time I ride and the bike has TPMS also. If you never leaned the bike, the tire might last 14 K or more. The center of mine still looked pretty good, but both sides were deep into the wear bars at 7K. miles. They howl like a coyote, and you can feel and hear the rumbling/vibrating even at low speed when leaning. Save your money. Buy the Bridgestones.
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