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New 2021 Gold Wings Officially Announced

It's about time!
I have the 2019 DCT - love the bike, but was miffed that Honda A) made the trunk so small (relatively speaking) and then had the audacity (or stupidity?) to have only one helmet lock on the bike and B)made the pillion grips such that you couldn't wrap tie-downs to them, forcing me to get an after market add-on that gives me the eyelets through which I can put a Rock trap or the straps for my Kuryakin bag. So in 2020 they fixed the grips - making them normal and useful. And now - hurrah! - they increased the trunk - yay! Too late for me, but maybe they listened to owners of the '19 and '20 models. Now, if only they would make the GPS less terrible... And for that matter, since the USB connection is only 5V I don't think it can be used to keep a Garmin or other real GPS unit perhaps do something about that. PS - oh, and @Rich - I think you meant crotch rocket

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Rick's Reviews Ep. 19: Goldstrike 3-Way Adjustable Highway Pegs

to late for me
It's too bad these weren't valable last August when I bought my bike - I have a pair of more generic pegs and in 33K miles of riding have no complaints. And at this point, if I were to switch, I think i might go for the Rivco's; they're pricier but truly unique.

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24 Inch Lock-On Valve Stem Extension
ITEM CODE: BB5803,   SKU: BB5803


Works, but a bit stiff

I get the sense that the directive at Honda for the 2018+ Gold Wings was to make the tire valves as difficult to access as possible...the front is fine but the rear tire affords about a 30 degree angle of arc where the valve is exposed, meaning I need to roll the bike back and forth a few inches at a time to finally see it. And kudos to Honda for having the angle valves pointing downward when the kickstand is used - making the task of checking/filling the tires just that much more fun!So when I saw this extension device I knew I had to try it. And it does work (note - the flip lever that locks/unlocks the head to the valve must be pressed in the direction of the hose - it does not work in both directions as some bicycle pumps I have do).I give it 4 stars only because that very lever is rather difficult to flip into the locked position - particularly when one is prone and lying at an obtuse angle attempting to push the connector onto the valve all while flipping the lever. Perhaps mine is out of spec or something, but it takes an inordinate amount of pressure to lock it down. If they can make it such that you don't need two fingers to lock it onto tht tire, I would give this 5 stars.
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Centramatic Wheel Balancers for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: CTMGW100-118,   SKU: CTMGW100-118


First impression - they work!

I just had these installed on my second tire replacement for my '19 DCT 'Wing at it's 24K service, and on the ride home from the dealer (about 250 miles) could already tell that the vibration coming through the handlebars was reduced (and frankly there wan't that much to start with).As to extending tread life, as sometimes claimed, I of course cannot comment - but as time passes if I am able to edit this review I will make additional comments then. But I will say the reduction in vibration to my hands will already be worth the investment.
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Utopia Driver Backrest for 2018-20 Gold Wing


Improvement but wish I could adjust backwards

This is certainly a big improvement over not having a backrest, but I wish there were a way to get it moved back an inch or so, which would make it more comfortable. Still, it's far better than nothing.
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