10 Reasons Why I Love My Gold Wings By Rick Arnoldo

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I remember seeing a Gold Wing for the first time at the Honda dealership in Rhode Island all those years ago and my first thought was, Man that motorcycle's big! It was the largest bike I had ever seen up to that point. But once I threw my leg over one and took it for a ride I never went back. There are so many reasons why I love my Gold Wings. It's honestly difficult to keep it to ten but I'll do my best :)

Here are the top 10 reasons why I love my Gold Wings:

10. OEM Parts Availability

In my experience, OEM parts availability for this motorcycle has been very good overall. Cosmetic parts for the oldest models are usually first to get discontinued after many years. However, Honda has made a huge effort to keep a good supply of everything for these bikes. Especially engine parts, compared to other brands, availability is far better than most. They also have a system if a bike is being repaired in a dealership and a critical part is on back order. Using a VIN#, reason, and customer info, it is escalated and expedited as soon as it’s available.

9. Resale Value
Many motorcycles lose their value pretty quickly. Part of the reason is because riders tend to jump from one type of bike to another without too much thought. After all, it's human nature to want the latest and greatest and to get bored with what we have. The Honda Goldwing community, on the other hand, is different. They're generally in it for the long haul. It's unsurprising to meet a fellow Goldwinger on the road who is still riding the Wing they purchased 10 years ago or more. I'm a perfect example of that! Speaking of the Goldwing community, the next reason why I love my Gold Wings is...

8. Community
This bike has a large, passionate, dedicated following. Aside from Harley-Davidson, it probably has the biggest community. Few motorcycles have achieved such fame and a lifestyle following worldwide like the Gold Wing has. Anytime you see a fellow rider on a Gold Wing you’re almost always assured to get a thumbs up. Even better, if you stop for gas, a break, or breakfast, if you run into another Winger you’re bound to make a new friend. There are countless Gold Wing riding clubs, rallies, and events that span the globe and have created immense social engagement and enjoyment by bringing people together. I love that! They say you meet the nicest people on Hondas and, when it comes to Gold Wings, that's certainly true!

7. Accessories
The Gold Wing has so many aftermarket options! Probably more than any other motorcycle other than Harley-Davidsons. Whether it’s bling, lighting, comfort items, and more, almost anything you can dream of is available to customize a Gold Wing just like you want it. As a discerning rider you have the freedom to tastefully - or in some cases not-so-tastefully - customize it in your own unique way. 

6. Handling
Although originally classified as a large touring bike, it has always been a great handling motorcycle. Honda has faithfully continued to update and improve its handling with each successive model change. The latest 2018+ redesign was such an improvement in my opinion. So much so that it has now been redefined as a sport/touring bike. 

5. Technology
This bike has always been cutting edge when it comes to offering the latest features and technology. When it debuted in the 1970s it was the first four-stroke bike with water-cooling. It had many great features like the kick-starter lever that was stored inside the dummy gas tank. Over the years, Honda has built upon its technological focus with options like airbags, cruise control, reverse mode, and much more. They of course took their game to a whole new level when they introduced the completely redesigned 2018 Gold Wing which featured Apple Car-Play (and later Android Auto) a seriously upgraded suspension, navigation, adjustable windshield, parking brake and Bluetooth connectivity just to name a few. Speaking of my 2018 model, the next reason why I love my Wings is...

4. The Latest 2018+ Redesign
Honda not only raised the bar in terms of technology and handling, it also elevated the beautiful modern styling which has attracted a younger demographic of riders. For anyone who knows anything about the state of the motorcycle industry, this is more than a welcome sign. At the same time, the new version still, for the most part, satisfies the old-school Wingers; the loyal older generation, such as myself. I think Honda knocked it out of the park in terms of creating the perfect balance between sport and touring.

3. Reliability
The iconic horizontal engine has proven itself from the very beginning. It’s common to see Gold Wings with over 200,000+ miles without a single problem or failure. I love my Harley Road Glide, but if I'm going on a long trip you better believe I'll be taking my Wing! Honda has been making the Gold Wing since the 1970s and they have committed themselves to it for the long haul as their flagship bike.

2. Appearance
From the GL1000 to the current 2018+ Gold Wing, I've always loved the design and styling of this motorcycle.

1. Comfort

The Gold Wing is hands down the most comfortable touring motorcycle of any brand I have ever ridden. The 6 cylinder engine runs so smooth so there's very little vibration, the wind protection is excellent for both the rider and co-rider and the stock setup in terms of comfort is unmatched. Of course, I always like to add a backrest, footpegs, Helibars and a custom seat for even greater comfort.

What about you? Why do you love your Wing?
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Ride safe,
Rick Arnoldo

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Why I love my Goldwings
I Have owned 11 Bikes with 8 being Hondas. A 350, 750, 1990 GW, 1995 Valkyre, 1999 GW, 2005 GW, 2016 GW, and currently a 2018 GW DCT. All have been great bikes. You hit the nail on the head with all ten reasons for loving these incredible machines. The 2018 is by far the best handling and riding machine I have ridden in my 70 years of riding.

WingStuff Team


That's awesome!
11 Bikes. 70 years of riding! That's awesome. Thanks for sharing



My 47 Years of Gold Wings has flown by
Loved the image of the red Gen1 next to the red 1833. Riding since '70 and my first Wing was a red '76 with a Vetter Windjammer, S&W air shocks and an inflatable seat of a name I've long forgotten. Fast forward through a new '88, a lightly used '14 and a new red '20 Tour DCT. The 1833 is outstanding. Not perfect, as addressed by Helibars, Ultimate seat, F4 windshield, and F+R Traxxion (and a Remus just for my aural amusement), but the combination of performance, comfort and bulletproof durability is unbeatable. Like my kids, I love all my other rides, too (currently a Tiger 1200 and a Niken), but the 1833 is my favorite. Unlike identifying my favorite daughter, I can actually say this out loud.



You preach the truth!
I have only recently purchased my first Goldwing. A 2006 with 75k miles on it. About a month ago did my first real travel on it. The majority of my distance touring has been on Harley touring bikes. I absolutely love the v-twin sound, but I wanted better comfort and better handling. The ride was only about six hours on the two riding days. I was riding with my sister and brother-in-law on their Harleys. As we started, I knew I would be jealous of their sound and I was. However, by halfway through the ride home, I realized that it was nice to hang back a little from their constant rumbling and enjoy a little quiet! Maybe I am getting old, but comfort is king. Your list is spot on. I even met new riding friends while I was shopping for my Goldwing.



I have owned honda 90, 175, 350, 2007 goldwing tour and now 2021 DCT tour. Switched from 2007 to 2021 primarily because of lower center of gravity and better balance at slow speeds. Needed as I have gotten older - how did that happen? I also added foot pegs, baker hand air wings, head light modulator and tail light modulator. Just finished trip to colorado springs from Indiana and back in 4 days - 2,200 miles. Wind and rain a lot of the way, but no problem with the goldwing. Having the right gear is everything and the goldwing handles weather beautifully. Heated seats and grips and gerbig heated jacket liner - plush ride. Pray I have many more years of riding in me - truly blessed to be able to ride and enjoy this beautiful bike.



The best touring bike ever made!
I agree with all your reasons for loving Gold Wings and then some. I have owned four different models, starting with a 1975 model, with my current one being a 2006, GL1800. Another great aspect of these incredible machines is that you can tour all over the country for months at a time, and not really having to worry about it breaking down. The unparalleled reliability and comfort of these motorcycles is second to none.



Nothing else compares!
Before I owned my first Wing I considered myself just a motorcyclist. After becoming a Gold Wing owner, I then became a Winger and have never looked back! Sure it's fun to ride a different bike now and then, but it's never the same. When I get back in the saddle of my '07 I'm home. NOTHING ELSE COMPARES!



I love my Goldwing because...
I have closely watched the evolution of the Goldwing and every year starting with the 1975 naked model, they just kept getting better in style and engine size. I was mesmerized as a young boy just looking at them in magazines. It's not often a young boy likes dressed bikes like I did. They usually like the more sporty looking bikes. I have owned 8 motorcycles all metric except 1 Harley Davidson Road King 2006 model. I currently own a 2017 Dual sport Yamaha, and of course my beloved 2003 Goldwing. I love that I can hear the tires when on the road. The comfort ride is great. The big power when twisting the throttle is impressive. If you haven't experienced a Goldwing... you're missing out. Hello to all Wingers.



The best of the best
I started riding on the street in 1968. In that year you could get your motorcycle license in Missouri but had to wait until age 16 to get an auto license. I rode a 1964 Puch 175 2-stroke and later a new 250 when Sears was closing out the brand. I paid $278 for the new 1968 Puch (Allstate) 250, still in the crate. Since then I've ridden BSA; Triumph; Yamaha; Suzuki; Kawasaki; Benelli; Victory and now I'm on my 4th Goldwing. I used to make fun of Hondas, calling them rice-burners. A friend of mine owned the local Honda dealership in Crystal City, MO and asked me one day when I was going to buy a bike from him. I remembered that Honda one made a 750 automatic transmission motorcycle around 1978 and it was white. I told my buddy Roger that I would buy a new bike from him when they made another white Honda. Roger called me in 1986 when Honda released their 1200 Aspencade Sei in pearl white. I went to see the bike and bought it, as promised. Since then I've owned a 1500 6-cyclinder; an '08 1800 and now am the proud owner of a '21 Goldwing Tour. Except for a very firm seat I'm very happy at age 70.

- No Alias -


You are so RIGHT!!
I have owned 18 motorcycles. All but my first bike, a 1967 Yamaha 180, have been Hondas. I had a CL350, CB350, five CB750s and an ST1300. Then I have had ten Goldwings. Started with a Red 77 GL1000, then a Blue and then a black. Had an 83 Interstate 1100, 96 Aspencade 1500. I bought an 01 1800, 03 1800, 05 1800 and if you count my 97 Valkyrie which I still have. Out of all of those great bikes my 2018 DCT Tour is by far the greatest motorcycle I have ever owned. I have 50k miles on it and every time I take it out for a ride I still get giddy. I can take it up in the mountains ( I live in Colorado), put it in sport manual and OMG it is like track day on a sport bike. I can come down to the flats shift to Tour mode automatic and ride it to Chicago. No problem either way. Talk about Reliability. We took a ride on Sunday and had 4 Valkyries and 2 Goldwing. Valkyries have not been produced since 2003. Our group has 5 guys with Valkyries. Mine is a 97. It will be 26 years old this year and I have 124k miles on it and still running awesome! I am taking it on an in state Saddle Sore 1000 this month. I will be taking the Goldwing on a Lower 48 in 10 days or less next month. I trust these bikes.

- No Alias -


So many reasons...
First it is because they are so dependable. I've been riding an '82 Standard for 25 years. Got a 2022 last year and put 8000 miles on it. Wow, what a bike! I love the major redesign.



Love Mine
I’m a 60 year old female that’s 5’5” and only 120 lbs. I’ve only been riding for a little over 6 years but was not getting enough performance out of my Harley Softail. So I bought my brand new 2019 GW in September 2020. So I’ve had my GW for 2-1/2 years now and put on over 64,000 miles. I love my GW! So you women out there… don’t let any one tell you that the bike is too big for you. If you can handle it… You Go Girl!

- No Alias -


Personally i love my GL

- No Alias -


I just got my first Goldwing and am very excited to be a part of the Goldwing Community.

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