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ISO-Grips Black for use w/OEM Heated Grips for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU6383,   SKU: KU6383

Installed these on my Goldwing following the instructions. They fit, but were never a perfect fit. Had some gapping in the seams. I have large hands, and these grips were still huge to me. Road with them for a few weeks and then replaced them with Ciro grip which were a perfect fit and the perfect size for me.
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Essentials GT Touring Cover
ITEM CODE: BB4-354,   SKU: BB4-354

Jim Verified Buyer
I had my old cover since 2019 and it still didn't leak. The elastic was dead and If I didn't hook the bottom eyelets with the bungee, it would easily blow off. I decided to buy the same brand this time and I couldn't be happier with it. The fit is snug, it looks good and it's lighter than the previous one. It may be compact enough to carry on trips.
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HeliBars Tour Performance Handlebar Risers for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: HEHR01139,   SKU: HEHR01139

Don Verified Buyer
Easy install (Watch a Youtube video). More relaxed when riding. It did feel weird going down steep hills at first. Looks good, even with my not so great cutting of the plastic cutter.
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HP4S 10w30 Full Synthetic Oil
ITEM CODE: HO08C35SYN1030M,   SKU: HO08C35SYN1030M

The price was very good for a synthetic oil and it’s OEM oil. I know there’s always an oil debate, but you can’t go wrong with OEM.
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T-Valve Optional Accessory for TPMS

1. I bought 3 T-valves. Two for the bike and One for my spare rear wheel. I found that the first two both had a bad schrader valve. The center pin that pushes in for air were bent or easily bent and would not return to the sealed position. Luckily I have new spare schrader valves That I could use. 2. The second problem was not the units themselves. But, they are tall, and when installed on the rear OEM 2005 wheel, they are too close to the fork arm. I could not install my TPMS sensor that I was using. Again, I was lucky. I have a different manufactured TPMS System with the sensors being about 2mm smaller and they would fit. Tire Gard System would not fit. Sykik Rider SRTP-300 did fit. I think FOBO Biker 2 also fits.
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Black Tapered Fender Extension for Honda F6B/GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52749BK,   SKU: BB52749BK

Looked great, worked great, Broke my Fender!! No good
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SSJ Solo Storm Rain Jacket Hi-Viz Yellow

Was skeptical about ordering it in the size of my regular jacket but it worked out, fits nicely over my riding jacket. Will take some patience and a little time to get it adjusted, usually takes riding in the rain which I prefer to avoid. So I don't know how well it will keep me dry but it looks to have the proper overlaps and such. Was relieved to find I could roll up the hood, neatly. Appears to be what I want.
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Bridgestone Tire COMBO for 2018+ Gold Wing G852/G853

Ordered and received in a timely manner
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Tall Passenger Grab Rails for 2018+ Gold Wing

Takes longer to get the seat off than mount the new grab handles. Improves the looks of the bike. Being Honda brand you always get perfect fit. Got these more for securing luggage to the back seat. These are not that expensive if you compare them to the other brands made. One popular U-Tube guy makes grab handles. His handles are $600 to $750. Wing Stuff is outstanding, ordered late Friday and got these in the mail Monday.
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Luggage Rack Black for 2021+ Gold Wing Tour
ITEM CODE: CI28222,   SKU: CI28222

Installation instructions could be a bit better. Youtube installation videos helped. I could do it in 1/3 the time now (if I can install it, anyone can). As it was, I took my time and it's not hard. The rack itself is very solid and makes the bike even look better in my opinion. It still opens and closes with ease. Lots of tie down points. Very happy with this purchase.
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Trunk & Saddlebag Luggage Liner Set for 2018+ Gold Wing Tour

I bought these for solo trips. The trunk bag is great for weekend getaways, with more than enough space if you travel light. With it in the trunk, there's still room to tuck things in around the sides of the bag. I use a pannier bag at all times as my just in case bag to stow my rain gear, windbreaker jacket, and a reflective vest for nighttime travel. I haven't used the other side pannier bag because that bag is what I use for tools, an air compressor, tire repair kit, etc. These tools are all in their own smaller storage bags. Overall, I'm pleased with this purchase and would buy again
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Parking Brake Interlock Harness for 2018+ Gold Wing DCT
ITEM CODE: EC02117,   SKU: EC02117

I made the mistake of riding my wing with the parking brake on for a couple miles, which made my mind up to buy the Parking Brake Interlock. I have to say I love it. Now I can't put the bike in gear until the parking brake is disengaged. Keep in mind both the Parking Brake Interlock and the Parking Brake Flasher connect to the same bike connections and cannot be installed in conjunction. I made the mistake of buying both. I opened the package for the Flasher and cannot return it due to WingStuff's return policy.
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