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Perch Mounted Big Ass™ Drink Holder Black
ITEM CODE: CI58919,   SKU: CI58919

I installed this on the right side of my 2024 bagger. I have to admit I see why they call it a Big A$$ drink holder. I have a 24.oz cup I ride with but I've put a 40.oz in there just to see if it would fit. Yep it does, snug as bug in a rug !!!..Truthfully I got it because I didn't know how big of a cup I was going to ride with and I'm from the school of I rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Go for it, you won't be disappointed.
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LED Filler Panel Lights Black for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: CI48033,   SKU: CI48033

I added these to my 2024 Bagger at the same time I added the Power distribution block and the tail light flash modulator. I really like the way they light up the back of the bike and when they flash I know they bring the attention to fact that I am breaking, which I what I truly wanted. I'm coming off of a Conours which had a lout aftermaket pipe on it so I didn't need any extra attention, but now that I'm on the GW and it's quiet I need people around me to pay attention. I am happy with how the install turned out, Another great addition
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Tail Light Flash Module w/ Lightstrike
ITEM CODE: CI48019,   SKU: CI48019

I installed this Tail Light Flash module in my 2024 Bagger. I installed it at the same time I installed my power distribution block and it took me a couple of tried but I got the result I wanted. If you are installing this alone then it's easy peasy. However, if you are using a wiring harness or in my case a PDB be aware of what you want to achieve. If you install this first then your PDB it will make everything that's plugged into the PDB work off of the flash module(this is what I wanted). If you plug your PDB in first and then the flat module then it will only make your tail lights flash. Ask me how I know. LOL. Either way Glad I did it !
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Lighting Distribution Block
ITEM CODE: CI48010,   SKU: CI48010

I added this distribution block to my bike. Right now I don't have no where near as many lights as this block provides ports but this gave me the clean look I wanted as opposed to those wiring harnesses. I'm glad I went this route
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Twin Rail Floorboards w/ Optional Black Driver Adapters

Purchased these for my 2024 Bagger...Glad I did....the install was a little challenging but I got through it though. Goldstrike products once again comes through.
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