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Rick's Reviews Ep. 19: Goldstrike 3-Way Adjustable Highway Pegs

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In this 19th installment of Rick's Reviews,'s President and Founder Rick Arnoldo shares his insights on the 3-Way Adjustable Highway Pegs for the 2018+ Gold Wing by Goldstrike.

About the product:

The Goldstrike™ 3-Way Adjustable Highway Peg Mounts are the best looking and most comfortable highway peg system on the market. They are easy to install and fully adjustable. With over 40 positions, you’re guaranteed to be riding in comfort.



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Goldstrike™ 3-Way Adjustable Highway Peg
I had purchased Rivco's foot pegs at Wing Ding 2018 for my then brand new DCT. Since I am only 5'6" I found that even with them in the full back position my legs were fully extended and the boots would still slip off. I am sure they would be satisfactory for someone taller than 5'9" or so. So last month I bought Ciro Goldstrike's adjustable highway pegs. Installed them in about an hour and a half and left for a 12,000 mile Four Corners of America Tour. What a difference! My legs are comfortably relaxed and slightly bent, the foot pads (not pegs) are rubber and boots do not slip off and they are slightly bent backward making a more comfortable placement. They easily fold up out of the way when parked close to my 2005 Gold Wing in my garage. What else can I say.....Love them!

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to late for me
It's too bad these weren't valable last August when I bought my bike - I have a pair of more generic pegs and in 33K miles of riding have no complaints. And at this point, if I were to switch, I think i might go for the Rivco's; they're pricier but truly unique.

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Goldwing Nut
The three way Highway pegs are great fit for my 2020 gold wing they have NOT once ever scraped the ground as I love the sharp curves

Honda and Harley


An excellent choice
I had originally installed a different set of Hwy pegs but was never totally thrilled with them. These Goldstrike Adjustable Hwy Pegs are a much more comfortable improvement than what I had previously installed. They look great too!



What is "over 40 positions?"
The description says "with over 40 positions"... but not sure what that means. I watched the video but still did not explain this. I have the new Gold Wing and I am a small female rider with only my toes touching the ground. I need to make sure that I can comfortably reach and rest my legs on the highway pegs.

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Great Highway Pegs
These are great! Took a few rides to get them positioned just right, but now they are perfect!



Utility with Style
Anything that Goldstrike does.....Top Notch. I have their brake pedal, foot rests and now this.....They streamlined, stylish and easy to install. The fact that these adjust....awesome. They are built to last.

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