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Rick Shows Off The Goldstrike Accessories On His 2018 Gold Wing

Posted In: News's own Rick Arnoldo goes over many of the Goldstrike products available for the 2018+ Honda Gold Wing. It's loaded with Goldstrike accessories, which really make it a great looking bike!

From the 3-Way Adjustable Highway Pegmounts with Twin Rail Footrests to L.E.D. Fork Mounted NAV Lights, Fog Light Trim Rings, Big Ass Drink Holder to Passenger Armrests, Twin Rail Floorboards, L.E.D. Filler Panel Lights, Engine Guard Covers, and Side Panel Vent Trim, Wingstuff has all the Goldstrike accessories you'll ever need for your Gold Wing!

Shop ALL Goldstrike products here:

Shop for the specific Goldstrike products featured in this video here:

18100 - Chrome Windshield Strut Covers (pair)

58137 - Camera Mount

78220 - Chrome Fog Light Trim Rings (pair)

78200 - Chrome Front Fender Vent Trim (pair)
(also available in black Part # 78201)

48100 - Chrome L.E.D. Fork Mounted NAV Lights (pair)
(also available in black Part # 48120)

78330 - Chrome Front Brake Master Cylinder Cover

58410 - Chrome Drink Holder w/ Chrome Perch Mount
(also available in black Part # 58619)

58007 - Big AssĀ® Chrome Drink Holder (no mount)
(also available in black Part # 58009)

25001 - Passenger Armrest Accessory Mount Kit 25000 - Passenger Armrests (pair)

78205 - Chrome Side Panel Vent Trim (pair)
(also available in black Part # 78206)

78320 - Chrome Saddlebag Guard Covers (pair)

68450 - Twin Rail Inserts for Passenger Floorboards (pair)

78105 - Chrome Frame Covers (pair)
(also available in black Part # 78106)

78500 - DCT Chrome Engine Covers

68200 - Chrome Adjustable Passenger Comfort Peg Mounts w/ Rail Footpegs (pair)
(also available in black Part # 68220)

68201 - Chrome Twin Rail Floorboards w/ Driver Adapters (pair)
(also available in black Part # 68221)

60305 - Stainless Steel 3-Way Adjustable Highway Peg Mounts w/ Footrests (pair)
(also available in black Part # 60325)

78310 - Chrome Engine Guard Covers (pair)

48200 - L.E.D. Tour BladeĀ®

48004 - Chrome L.E.D. Trunk Light
(also available in black Part # 48005)

78210 - Chrome Tail Light Trim (pair)

78300 - Chrome License Plate Light Lid

40035 - L.E.D. Reflector Replacement Light

40030 - Chrome L.E.D. Filler Panel Lights (pair)
(also available in black Part # 40031)

40036 - Chrome L.E.D. Saddlebag Lights (pair)
(also available in black Part # 40037)

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2018 Goldwing
Those are some really nice add-ons.



My bike is loaded with Goldstrike items and is quite the same as Rick's. It's great!



2019 goldwing
i got led trunk light installed and it just make rear of the bike look great.

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