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We're Hiring! - Join the WingStuff Family

Always California
To bad, I would like a second job, i am in New York so that wont happen. When I retire I would love to have a part time gig working with motorcycles

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The 12 Most Popular Gold Wing Products Under $100 Right Now

I like the grey hat with block goldwing icon. I think I will add that to my wish list.

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Top 20 Must Have Accessories for Your Gold Wing

So many
So many accessories, so little money. Gotta start with safety and work towards bling.

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In Memory of Bruce Baker

Baker Built
Baker Wings are a great design, he will be missed

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Rider Etiquette: The Hand Signals

always thought 16 was issue ahead
well I guess cop ahead and issue ahead could mean the same thing

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Hottest Accessories Right Now for Your 2022 Gold Wing

22 black edition touring on the way
I think I might like the goldstrike led trunk light, but in black.

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EC Micro Connector Adapters


Great for keeping goldstrike warrenty

I used these to splice into my pathfinder power hub. I cut the ends off and connected them to the power hub and then connected to the goldstrike trunk light. now I can keep the warrenty on the light.
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Trunk Carpet for 2021 Gold Wing Tour


same as OEM, half the cost

Why would anyone buy the OEM version for twice the cost. The only difference is the honda logo really. Nothing rattles in trunk when this is in there. Nice Fit
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Left Side Big Ass™ Drink Holder Black (DCT ONLY)
ITEM CODE: CI58911,   SKU: CI58911


Holds about everything you want

I like having the drinks on the dct side, I can lift my modular helm and drink while driving. It holds the supergulps very well.
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Step Drill Bit
ITEM CODE: EC20007,   SKU: EC20007


did the trick

when cutting into the side panel to put in tender adapter, it made a clean cut.
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T-Valve Optional Accessory for FOBO 2 TPMS


Great addition if you have FOBO's

This is a great addition to the FOBO's. that way you dont need to take them off to add air. Tires tend to lose air over time, so these make topping the tires off very easy.
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Positive Battery Post Relocation Kit for Gold Wing/F6B
ITEM CODE: EC02222,   SKU: EC02222


Great product

This product is a must have if you ever need to jump your bike. The positive terminal on battery if very hard to get anything on, this drops down and allows you to get to it when your out and about and need to jump start your bike. Definitely worth the small cost.
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Front Fender Extension
ITEM CODE: CI68925,   SKU: CI68925


works good

I think the install is easy enough, but what i did notice is the tape doesnt always hold it place, make sure to use the bolts and tighten them very hard.
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Signal Mirrors Blue for 2018+ Gold Wing


looks great and adds more singal lights

I think these look great and add more turn signals so people can see you easier.
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Tie Down Brackets
ITEM CODE: CI98000,   SKU: CI98000


work perfectly

These were very easy to install and work perfect when you need to transport or jackup your bike
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LED Trunk Light Black w/ Lightstrike for 2021+ Gold Wing Tour
ITEM CODE: CI48025,   SKU: CI48025


Looks great on the nightshade blue bike

The light looks awesome on the new bike, especially under the goldstrike rack.
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Luggage Rack Black for 2021+ Gold Wing Tour
ITEM CODE: CI28222,   SKU: CI28222


Looks awesome on bike

Install instructions could have been better, but if you read them over and think about it before you start, you will be ok. The rack is one of the best looking ones I have seen, and looks fantastic on the nightshade blue bike.
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Saddlebag Emblems (Black Chrome) for 2018+ Gold Wing


Easy install and looks great

Purely a cosmetic, but was rather cheap for honda parts and was super easy to install. Nice touch to the saddlebags.
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