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The Nigel

Burlington, On, Ca,


The Nigel


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Black 2022 Honda Goldwing Tour DCT

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Grey 2016 Ducati Multistrada Enduro

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The Nigel


Hottest Accessories Right Now for Your 2022 Gold Wing

Arm rest with cup holder port
I hadn't seen that arm rest option before, so really pleased to see that's available. It only makes sense to have that option, but the other arm rests I was looking at didn't have it built in. Adding to the wish list!

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Front Fender Extension
ITEM CODE: CI68925,   SKU: CI68925

I'll admit, drilling into my brand new fender caused me to pause, but its the only way they'll hold up to the miles I'll be putting on the bike. I've had these on other bikes that just stuck on and eventually they'll come off on the highway where you'll ride over them, so do the extra step and bolt them on. Clearance is excellent at all angles and full lock.
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Tie Down Brackets
ITEM CODE: CI98000,   SKU: CI98000

When I learned how different the steering set up is, I knew I needed a different option for tying the bike down on ferries and trailers. They mount up easily and made of quality corrosion resistant coated steel. Every owner needs these on their bike.
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Saddlebag Lid Organizer for 2018+ Gold Wing

These are really well made and stick to the covers easily. I no longer have tools, and other items I always want with me bouncing around in the bags and making them hard to find quickly.
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Trunk & Saddlebag Luggage Liner Set for 2018+ Gold Wing Tour

These are way cheaper than Honda's bags, but do exactly what you need for a trip. Check in to the hotel and bring your bags in easily without any fuss. Will take them a while of being fully packed to hold their shape, which shows how thick/durable the material is.
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Left Side Drink Holder Black (DCT ONLY)
ITEM CODE: CI58611,   SKU: CI58611

Really pleased with the design of this, and the material. It can hold many size drinks and bottle, as well as my iPhone 13 Pro. I debated the huge one, but that's way too big for my needs and would result in need to fish around for my drink vs being able to quickly grab it.
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Side Kickstand Pad for 2018+ Gold Wing

Perfectly designed and rock solid! Goes on easily and tightens up just like you’d expect. Now I have peace F mind that my wonderful bike won’t sink into ash fault or dirt!
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Horizon SST Helibars for 2018+ Gold Wing

It took two of us 4.5 hours to do this one, but we took a few breaks and contemplated things carefully as we went. The longest part is removing the left heated grip using the genius but horribly slow tool to carefully slide it back. The how to video was almost perfect, with just a few areas where a different camera angle would have been better, or a part was jumped ahead on, but if you’ve worked on bikes before, it’s not hard to figure out.The end result is a bike that is now perfectly comfortable for my 6’3” frame and reach…….entirely different bike now! Whether you’re tall, or just prefer a taller or more spread out stance, this is exactly what you need and worth every penny!
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3-Way Adjustable Highway Peg Mounts Black

Whilst the instructions are not perfect, there are some great videos to help you figure it out. The install was really quick, and I’m thrilled with the added position for long stretches of highway riding. They tuck in out of the way, without wrecking the look of the engine and Honda logo. Very happy with the quality of the materials and end result.
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