New 2020 Gold Wings Announced

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Last week, Honda announced the new 2020 Gold Wing lineup. The new models will be available starting in January 2020, and have some new colors, features and refinements. See below for some of the highlights:

  • Fog lights will be standard on the Tour models, providing improved visibility
  • Tour models have re-designed rear seat grab rails, providing improved ergonomics for passengers of all body types
  • Saddlebag mounted USB charger is standard on all models (previously only on airbag models)
  • Updates to the front and rear suspension settings
  • Improved button on the center storage pocket
  • Software updates on the navigation system
  • Blacked-out engine, frame and wheels are now available on the Pearl Glare White Tour and Tour DCT
  • New black with anodized surfaces are now available on Gold Wing and Gold Wing DCT

2020 Gold Wing Colors & Prices

2020 Honda Gold Wing & Gold Wing DCT

  • Color: Matte Black Metallic
  • Prices: $23,8000 MSRP (manual); $25,000 (DCT)

      2020 Honda Gold Wing Tour (Manual)

      • Colors/Prices: Pearl Glare White $27,500 MSRP; Candy Ardent Red/Black, $28,000 MSRP

      2020 Honda Gold Wing Tour DCT

      • Colors/Prices: Pearl Glare White $28,500 MSRP; Candy Ardent Red/Black, $29,000 MSRP

        2020 Honda Gold Wing Tour DCT Air Bag

        • Color: Darkness Black Metallic/Gray
        • Price: $32,300

        See more photos below:

          Fog lights are now standard on all 2020 model Gold Wing Tour models

          Re-designed rear seat grab rail

          Additional saddlebag mounted USB charger

          Anodized red accents on the 2020 Gold Wing
          Please comment below and let us know what you think of the new 2020 Gold Wing lineup and the new updates and features!

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          2020 Models
          Good information; clear and concise, sounds like Honda has responded and corrected or improved issues. Beautiful bike, just not interested in replacing my 2004...just like a Timex, she takes a licken and keeps on ticken...215,000. Plus, pretty soon I can get those historic plates.



          Beautiful bike
          I test rode the 2018. Loved the DCT, and new control features. Don’t like the wind hitting me due to smaller cowling or lack of luggage space. Can’t carry necessary baggage for trips. If 2020 is same, I’ll stick with my ‘06.

          - No Alias -


          3rd Gen
          They need to offer a "Tour Max" (or something) option and bring back the 150 liters of storage. Cutting the storage on a touring bike by 30% was just stupid. I'll keep my '12.



          Wife was disappointed in lack of colors, but I reminded her I know a spray painter, loving the connectivity on the new units, but love my 2002 model at the moment.



          2020 Tour
          Love the Metallic/Gray & the new grab handles but for that price my 2018 will be with me for some time. Looks like they still haven't upgraded the windshield yet so the buffering is probably still there.

          - No Alias -


          Can't wait!
          Bummed there aren't more color choices, but happy for the updates. The 2020 Wing will be mine in May! Quite excited.



          2020 wing
          I think they made some improvements and did somethings they should have done from the start. The colors while not all that different is an improvement. The air bag looks good. Not sure how much I like the white with the black out effects and pin strips the black GW looks good with red accents. Fog lights should have been standard as well as the usb homelink and passengers armrest extensions for the price of the bike. But overall it’s a great bike they are headed in the riding direction.

          - No Alias -


          2020 goldwing
          Why can't you get rid of the black strips on the wind shield that work the automatic up&down? Could they be made out of the same thing as the windshield so they don't stand out in rider's view or put them lower and on the side ? I would like to see less black pipes. Is all the blacked out stuff what you think all the young riders want? At least offer it both ways on each color. I would also like to see a larger trunk and saddle bags. I am sure I am not the first to ask for this. I have a 2015 with 100,000 miles and I love it. I plan to keep to 200'000 mi. Maybe there will be some up grades by then. Thanks for listening.



          Have they bumped up the speed limiter or is it still limited to 112 mph? It's a good looking bike but as long as its slower than my 2016 I'll have to stick with the older one.



          2020 updates
          I agree with other posts, Honda needs to come out with a touring package with bigger bags and trunk! We all buy the Goldwing to be able to pack everything and go. The new bike is not as comfortable as my 2007, the seat for driver nor passenger is as comfortable as mine. If this is the future of the Goldwing I will be looking elsewhere for my next bike!



          I'll wait to see what the next upgrade brings - Fairing and Luggage capacity maybe?
          Not sure if Max McAllister is going to be chuckling to himself today or cursing given that it looks like Honda have begun to address many of the shortcomings that Max has identified on the 2018 and manufactured upgrades for. Also, can't wait for Cruiseman's Garage Vlog on how great the new model is when he gets one compared to the 2018 he's been banging on about for the last 18 months. That's going to be hilarious. I'm still keeping my 2004. 3,000 miles around Italy last year and 2500 around France, Spain and Portugal this year, with full fairing protection and an luggage capacity, HyperPro upgrade front and rear, fork brace, 0-25 rear preload, TomTom satnav on my phone and AutoCom wired connectivity which always picks up from where it left off. Just can't justify shelling out over $20,000 to swap my 2004 in for a 2018/2020 and it's interesting over here in the UK how 2016/2017 models are holding there values even more than normal.

          - No Alias -


          Rear Seat Grab Rails
          Anyone know when the new grabs rails will be available to purchase? The wife loves the 2018 Tour we just purchased but hates the grab rails.



          No red and black, please
          I think the white is beautiful but the red and black is way too busy. The upgrades are good.



          Audio system
          Where is the android audio?



          Android Auto
          Waiting for Android Auto support. Won't buy until that's available. My 2001 GL1800A has 240,000 miles and still running.

          James C


          THE 2020 GOLDWING
          Well looks as if they might be heading in the right direction, But what about a touch screen on the GPS take hours to find a location with the way they have been doing it. Why in the world would you ever reduce the size of the bags and top case??? It is a TOURING bike right. I ride for weeks and months at a time and would like to not have to do laundry every other day, I am here to ride not wash clothes. I had a 2004 put over 200 thousand miles on her and loved every minute, always had enough room for everything I needed including a second pair of size 14 shoes. I now have a 2017 Like it a lot but much preferred the 04, no real reason just the way it fit. Will not consider an other wing until they come to their senses and increase the bags and top case. Also why dose it take so many different colors of paint to paint a wing. My 17 is red but has black on the rear fender, saddle bags front forks etc. Don't forget the three of four different colors of silver as well. Reminds me of the Element when it first came out. I hope they will make it android friendly at some point, why do I need an I phone to use all the things available on the wing?? Keep trying guys you might get back to a real tour yet. thanks for reading... James



          Buy a new one its amazing!!
          Okay boys and girls pay attention please. Have you ridden a 2018 wing or 19?? If not you don't know what your missing! For me that first ride was all it took. Traded in my 2013 in 3 days for a 2018 tour 6 speed. This bike is absolutely the nicest most comfortable bike on the road. I don't give a hoot about cargo space . Buy a rack for the trunk and bag it up , you fool's!! I have ridden so many bikes in my 58 years and none ever this sweet!! The new ones look awesome and I love the flat black! Black wheels too ? Hell ya!! Anyways you owe your self a ride on the new ones . The suspension is amazing and so is the mpg. I have had so many people compliment me on this bike and even those dumb idiot HD folks. What are they thinking??? Can those terds take their hands off the bars at 130 mph with the cruise on ?? I can!! I have spanked many HD's with this wing and my 2013 but hey that's easy. It's time for all of you lookers to become a owner! You won't be sorry!!



          Keeping my '15...
          I just don't like the look, the smaller windshield or the reduced storage. If this were the option when I bought my '15, I'd probably have gone with the Beemer... While the electronic controls have improved substantially, the rest of the bike just doesn't appeal to this aging anachronism. Of course, Honda had someone else in mind when they downgraded to this model.



          Nice lookin', but not thanks
          Agree with other comments about "down-sized" storage starting in 2018. Bought my 2004 (1st 'wing) and 2010 (2nd 'wing) because of the storage capability. Just had a CSC Viper conversion installed and even though the 2018/19/20 look nice, have some good features (Apple Play) and also look good with a trike kit, still like the look of the 2001 - 2017 better. Will be sticking with my 1st Gen for the foreseeable future.

          - No Alias -


          Interested in the updated DCT software
          I purchased my 2018 DCT Touring 2 month ago and I'm in love with this bike. I also got a pretty good discount for it. I'm interested in that updated DCT software update the 2020 has. The only minor complaint I have with the DCT is the herky jerky downshifts comming to stop, only happens when I'm hard on the brakes. I hope this software update can be added to my 2018, but will see when theses 2020 hit the stores.



          Just ordered my new 2020 Gold Wing Matte Black
          I purchased a 1999 Gold Wing in 2012, realized after 3 weeks I was not a Gold Wing kind of guy. Went back to a standard cruiser. Have owned many bikes before and since then. After test riding the new Gold Wing platform a 2018 at our local dealership, having just sold a 2018 BMW R1200 GS Adventure premium and many other bikes in 2019 I decided the new Wing was made for me. The lighter bike, no tour pack, the matte black and red highlights and motor components looks tougher, meaner, cooler and hotter than any Harley's or Indians and rides so much better. I ordered my new bike yesterday. The Harley and a nearly new Suzuki DR650 will be traded in. I'm keeping my brand new 2020 DR650 for dual sport hooligan work. The Wing will take me on some long distance tours and that's just fine by me. I'll feel like I'm on the baddest looking bike around too. Honda...….great job!

          - No Alias -


          2018 dct tour
          Just added a Russell Day long saddle and a larger windshield and the bike is perfect.I have 50 years on motorcycles and this bike is as nice as any I have ever riden.The best streetbike by a country mile.The saddle and the new mini floorboards make the bike so much better,Honda is a few steps from perfection.



          Stop the whining
          My 2018 has enough storage for a week long trip. 3 days for each of us in the saddle bags. Electronics and such in the trunk and a dry bag with rain jackets and a rotopak 1 gal can on a hitch rack. Have made 2 long trips this way and no problems. Still avg around 44-45 mpg depending on winds and hills that could reduce it some but expected. Would love a bigger trunk but only for 2 modular helmets to fit in when around town F4 windshield was a great addition for last 1300 mile trek as we hit snow rain and hail and it worked lime a champ. 2020 would be out just based on color availability. A better “glovebox” button would be nice to see along with the preinstalled sat radio antenna which was a bitch to install. Newer isnt always better but this bike from 2018 does its job just fine as im sure the 2020 will.

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