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James C

Vancouver, WA, US, 98663


James C


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Red of course 2017 Honda Goldwing

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James C


Horizon SST Helibars for 2018+ Gold Wing Installation Video

Instruction need to be clearer
How did you decide where the line on the left grip goes? How long should it be to get the grip in the correct place??? I hope that the instructions that come with the bar kit is a little more explicit. But it was all in all a good video. and will make a good reference video once you start the install.

James C


Horizon SST Helibars for 2018+ Gold Wing Installation Video

I hope that the instructions are a tad bit clearer than the video.

James C


New 2020 Gold Wings Announced

Well looks as if they might be heading in the right direction, But what about a touch screen on the GPS take hours to find a location with the way they have been doing it. Why in the world would you ever reduce the size of the bags and top case??? It is a TOURING bike right. I ride for weeks and months at a time and would like to not have to do laundry every other day, I am here to ride not wash clothes. I had a 2004 put over 200 thousand miles on her and loved every minute, always had enough room for everything I needed including a second pair of size 14 shoes. I now have a 2017 Like it a lot but much preferred the 04, no real reason just the way it fit. Will not consider an other wing until they come to their senses and increase the bags and top case. Also why dose it take so many different colors of paint to paint a wing. My 17 is red but has black on the rear fender, saddle bags front forks etc. Don't forget the three of four different colors of silver as well. Reminds me of the Element when it first came out. I hope they will make it android friendly at some point, why do I need an I phone to use all the things available on the wing?? Keep trying guys you might get back to a real tour yet. thanks for reading... James

James C


How Difficult Is It To Ride A Gold Wing?

It's the most incrediable bike you'll ever ride.
I am on my second Wing the first was a 2004 which I rode 197,000 miles and loved every one of them. The second one is a 2017 which I purchased a few months before the new one came out ( not really sorry about that). I have near 40,000 mile on this one and again I can not get enough of the ride. I go on a vacation and end up putting 6 or 7 thousand miles on just because I can not wait to ride again. I always plan on slowing down and taking more time to see the sights but the wing just wants to go and go. I think it might be possessed. I would recommend this bike to anyone that wants the very best touring bike ever built. They do seem very large when you stand back and look at them but just throw your leg over it and all of the sudden it is much smaller, start it up and go for a ride and you will feel like you just got a hold or a very fast comfortable sport bike. Once you start riding you will always wonder what the problem was with size. It is a little difficult to pick up if you drop it but it is not as bad as it might sound. Get one and just start riding it will be hard to stop. Be safe and have a great ride

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Ergo II Highway Pegs for GL1800 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: KU4056,   SKU: KU4056

This is my second set of these pegs. That should tell you that they are fantastic am 6'6" and it feels really good to be able to stretch out your legs on a long trip. This set was purchased for my son as he has been complaining of knee pain when he rides. I have had both knees replaced and so I know a little about knee pain. Dose not get rid of all pain but it takes care of most of it. If you purchase these there is no doubt that you will love then in short order, adjusting may take a couple try's but well worth it. Wing stuff has about the best price I've seen too.
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