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Just got back into riding after almost a 30 year hiatus. Rode extensively with well over 200k miles on 8 motorcycles in the period I call BC (before children). All grown up and gone and now the bug has hit me again; hit me even harder when my son in law said he wanted to ride, so off I went and now have a 2007 Goldwing Level III for my touring escapades.
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Comfort Grip Covers
ITEM CODE: TR179222,   SKU: TR179222

After using Kuryakyns ISO grips for years on my '07 Wing, I decided to give these grips a shot since they were a fraction of the price and had good reviews. Just got back from a 2000 mile sojourn on my 2nd generation Wing and loved these grips. For those with large hands, they added a larger diameter more comfortable grip and cushioning making the ride more pleasant and comfortable. Plus, these grips allow very good heat transmission from the heated Wing grips for excellent comfort during those cold riding days. Went on easily by spraying the grips of the Wing and this product with a Dawn dish washing detergent and water and combination and then letting them dry in place. For the low price, these are worth trying out.
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All Balls Steering Bearings for GL1800 & F6B
ITEM CODE: TR416233,   SKU: TR416233

Just recently had my front fork seals fail on my Goldwing at about 70k miles. Since replacement of those seals involved breaking down the front end I figured with all the positive reviews of the All Balls Steering Bearings, why not add them to my bike since my mechanic was going to be halfway there anyway. So I replaced the bearings with these babies (along with the Progressive Monotube Forks) and the handling of my motorcycle improved immensely. The front end was much tighter and responsive. Road bumps and hiccups were dampened and gone was the infamous 40 mph Goldwing wobble. My mechanic also informed me that the quality of these bearings was far superior to the stock Honda part. Which brings me to ask, how much did Honda pay for their part since these are so inexpensive? Definitely recommend these.
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Progressive Monotube Fork Cartridge Kit for GL1800
ITEM CODE: TR779004,   SKU: TR779004

Sooner or later, the time comes to all Goldwings when the front fork seals begin to leak. At about 70k, my left seals began to fail. Very inexpensive parts but the labor charges for replacing them is hundreds of dollars. So I figured with all of the fantastic reviews of the monotube progressive forks and since I was paying some big bucks to replace the fork seals why not improve the suspension at the same time since they're already there. Simply slip in the new tubes in place of the stock Honda ones. Well, the reviews here are correct. It's only about 3 miles to my home from the garage I have my bike serviced at and in that short ride I noticed a world of difference in the handling characteristics of the bike. Handling was much more crisp and tight -- more race tuned that loose, mushy steering. At first the feeling was very strange to my touch but as I got used to it a big smile came over me. Even did a little stopover at a park on the way home and used the parking lot for some slow speed maneuvers. Have since gone on a 100+ mile run two up and I can't recommend enough these tubes as a replacement to the factory standard ones, especially if you're replacing the fork seals. Handling is tight, bumps in the road are dampened and gone is the infamous 40 mph Goldwing wobble. As a further note, I also replaced the steering head bears with the All Balls bearing and the combo of the two made my bike feel and ride a whole lot better.
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Bridgestone Tire COMBO for GL1800 G704/G709

Before purchasing any product from Wingstuff, I always read the reviews. Customer input has been a valuable tool in making purchase decisions and I thank those that take the time in writing. And many times, no matter what the product, there always seems to be someone dissatisfied with it. After looking at all the high marks the Stones received, I guess I'm going to be the detractor but I have to relate my experiences with these tires.

My set of Bridgestones replaced a set of E-3s. I was very happy with the E-3s except for the road noise after about 10k. Somewhere after 10k I installed some Centramatic wheel balancers and the noise seemed to reduce after a period of time. Got a good 18k on the E-3s, with probably another 4-5k left to go except that I was headed out on a major trip and did not want to change tires while on the trip. So I decided to give the BStones a shot. Here is my experience with them:

Immediately after putting the Stones on, I noticed that they seemed to slip and slide way to easily when encountering 'tar snakes' and other objects in the roadway that make some slick spots. Never had an issue like this with the E-3s. Also, at about 15k miles, on my way back home from the Sierras in No. California (about 90 miles), I developed a very noticeable wobble in the bike. When I got home, I (more closely) checked to see if I could determine the cause of the wobble. Noting no problems on the rims or other parts of the bike, I checked the tires and could see that they were wearing very unevenly with cupping and different tread depth depending where I checked on the tire. In any case I decided to go back to the Dunlops. On my way to get the tires replaced, the wobbling increased two fold. When we took the tires off, in that 30 mile ride to the shop, the rubber had split on the rear wheel and the cord was showing through. The Stones only lasted about 15k miles and they probably should have been changed a good 2k miles earlier considering the shape they were in and how quickly they deteriorated. Almost all of the miles were cross country with highway/freeway speeds and little super aggressive cornering. And if the Centramatics improve wear and tear, these tires certainly underperformed in comparison with the Dunlops. Plus I was much more confident in the grip with the E-3's in all weather.
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HyperKewl Soakable Cool Vest

The vest works well for about an hour. Just got to use for the first time as we traveled through Death Valley, Las Vegas (where it was 106), Grand Canyon and the Monument Valley. Temps were in the 90's for the most part. Did not experience any 'sliminess' as other reviewers have experienced. One of crew is towing a trailer with a cooler on the front. We soaked our vests in the ice water and we actually were extremely cool (almost cold) for the first 20-30 minutes even with temps near 100. After about 45 minutes, effectiveness was much less but still better than without. If you can stop every hour and recharge, it will keep you cool for your ride. I thought about buying a 2nd vest and keeping one in the ice water while wearing the other and alternating them. The price is low enough to put out for another vest.
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Performance Stainless Belly Pan
ITEM CODE: WS187416,   SKU: WS187416

High quality stainless steel and fit well on my '07. Easy install with no issues. Thought I was done getting accessories for my Wing after fulfilling most of my wishlist. Then I was on a run coming back from Arizona when my road partner hit (for the 2nd time!) a piece of road debris causing it to pierce the radiator overflow reservoir creating a leak from the plastic tank. Fortunately the weather was very cool (January) and caused no issues. Even though I've gone several hundred thousand miles on my bike and have never had such a issue, I decided to protect the under belly of the Wing to prevent failure on the road. I bought the pan with the open vents based on running hot issues on other models. So far everything has gone well and they look good, too!
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ITEM: PG03513

Product quality is high. It is a very sturdy and strong hitch attaching to the frame or sub-frame in 6 different locations. Comparing the other hitches, I would say this was the best of the best but you're going to pay for it. My only criticisms: terrible instructions lacking any pictures making it difficult to follow. Fortunately, there are several web sites put up by gracious persons guiding the install process with clarity and pictures. Also, installation was difficult during certain steps especially with my big paws. Fastening the right "hoop" to the frame just forward of the drive line was extremely difficult and took the greatest amount of time. I seriously thought I would have to remove the rear tire as I couldn't reach the attachment point from the rear (my arm wouldn't fit)or from underneath the bike other than just touching the bolt - no room for movement. I could reach the bolt to attach the nut from the side cover/saddlebag guard area but I couldn't rotate the nut to get it started (lack of movement space for my hand). Finally solved it by crawling under the bike (it was on a lift)holding the nut in place from below and reaching around with my other arm and rotating the nut from the side cover area. Finally got the nut started! Then the next crisis - none of the tools I had would reach/fit the area, even my smallest socket drive. My solution was to go down to my local hardware store and purchase a very long handled 1/2" open end wrench. With the right muffler lowered as per instructions (be careful here as to not force the pipe too much as you can end up bending the chrome muffler guard), I was able to access the nut from underneath with the long open end wrench from under the bike and tightened her up. The left side was a cinch with no obstructions in the way. @Stephen - only with a little luck and lots of effort was I able to attach the hoop to the frame on the right side without removing the rear tire. With the amount of time and effort I spent on it, removal of the rear tire might have been easier. Other than that installation was relatively straight forward and without difficulty. The end product was worth the effort. Took my Bushtec trailer out for a test spin and other than seeing the trailer in my mirrors, I wouldn't have known it was there.
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3pc Deluxe Luggage Liners w/Reinforced Corners for GL1800, GL1500

Bought these as a warranty replacement for another set of liners that failed - they developed a tear in the right front corner seam of the trunk liner from the being inserted and lifted out of the trunk. Went with these for the price and the reinforced wear points. After getting them, I have to tell you they are worth the money. Even though they were cheaper than the liners they replaced, here are some of the differences and improvements I noted: All the high wear points are reinforced, all the bags have a pocket or pockets on the outside and a zippered pocket in the interior, the interior is lined, and the hard floor semi rigid material to keep the bags spread at the bottom is covered with the same material as the lining of the interior - much more attractive than the glorified piece of cardboard bottom I got in the last set. The Hondaline bags are probably better but I couldn't justify the extra $120 bucks or even $40 more for the lower end Hondaline liners. These appear to be a good value for the money.
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Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers for GL1800

After drilling the holes with the supplied templates I at first had difficulty in trying to get the rubber bumpers through the holes - the directions state that it will be difficult. I tried silicon spray lubricant and saliva as suggested but still no luck without worrying about tearing the nipple off while trying to pull them through and prodding them from the other side. What worked was spraying the bumpers AND the hole with the silicon and they installed without great effort. Also I did not have to cut the bumpers at all. The top closes snugly but it does close. The remote still works fine. I can now see the gap between the lid and main trunk is larger and will hopefully prevent wear especially if you have a load on the rack.
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LED Clear Lense Trunk Spoiler Run/Brake/Flashing

Fairly straight forward install. Would be very easy except you have to remove the rear passenger backrest, seat and rear fender which takes time. Plug and play with the wiring. The new LEDs are great. Very bright and love the turn signals, running light, and brake light. Really lights up the rear of the bike. Really like the idea of having a turn signal at eye level especially if you have a trailer. Product itself is 5 stars. Oh, as suggested below, route the wires up instead of down. Easier with the smaller end caps to go up.

Gave it 4 stars only because of apparent issues at Electrical Connection. Product was on backorder over 1 month. When I called EC to find out the status of the backorder, they were not well organized and were confused at best. Had no idea when they were going to fill the orders to Wingstuff, probably one of their biggest customers. Finally received the product and it was minus the cable ties and only had one page of instructions - at least one page more should have been included as the instructions referenced a photo at the end which simply wasn't there. This is the 2nd EC part I have ordered. I cancelled the first order after being on back order for several months.
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Factory OEM LED Lighted Trunk Spoiler for GL1800 1st Gen

After taking up the rear in a 3 bike 12000 mile jaunt through Canada and the US, I saw lots of brake applications and decided that I wanted a light more at eye level. So I went with this trunk spoiler and am glad I did. It looks fantastic and the paint matches perfectly. Great quality and best yet, an easy install. Even though I've successfully added several accessories that required drilling through the body of the Wing I still get apprehensive when I have to permanently modify the Wing and there's no room for error. The templates worked great - held them in place with painter's tape. For those of you with the Kuryakyn trunk rack (with risers), the spoiler fit cleanly under the rack. The LED's are bright and really stand out when the brake is applied. They should provide an extra level of safety. I ordered the spoiler with the 'Clear Lense Trunk Spoiler Run/Brake/Flashing' light (part#EC01320). That item was delayed and I still haven't received it. Will report on that item after I get and install it. But I can say that the spoiler, even stand alone, is a great investment in safety.
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Ultragard Touring Luggage Rack Bag
ITEM CODE: BB4603,   SKU: BB4603

UPDATE: Just got back from an extended long haul tour and put the Ultragard to the test. It did really well providing me with lots of pockets to store smaller items and the larger compartment was great for larger items that I needed quick and/or easy multiple access to. The Ultragard did well in light or sporadic rain, however during one 7 hour day in heavy rain, the bag was pretty much soaked through even with the the rain cover on.
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