Rick's Reviews Ep. 18: Corbin Heated Saddle for 2018+ Gold Wing

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In this 18th installment of Rick's Reviews, WingStuff.com's President and Founder Rick Arnoldo shares his insights on the Heated Saddle for the 2018+ Gold Wing by Corbin Seats.

About the product:

43 years of Gold Wing development meets 50 years of Corbin seat design!
Ergonomically engineered for lasting comfort and built for longer riding range. This saddle has been specially designed for increased lower back support (7 inches up front) and to place the rider in the sweet spot on the bike. Accepts removable Corbin backrest for added support and comfort. Backrests have built in angle adjustment so they can be customized to rider posture and install with just a single bolt.

In the saddle we've maximized each of the riding positions to provide the greatest area of body contact possible, thus spreading your weight over a greater area. This helps to eliminate hot spots and provides excellent support for the long rides. Both seating platforms have been ergonomically sculpted to spread weight properly and support your body.

The ultimate comfort accessory for Big Red's touring machine. Includes electric seat heaters built in for those chilly morning rides. Corbin heater connects directly to the Gold Wing like the OEM seat for perfect integration and simple install. Rider's area is controlled via the handlebar controls and passenger operates with the OEM control on the left side of the bike... Just like stock.

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Corbin Seat
Sorry to say but don't ride a new Goldwing with the Russell Day Long seat because in my estimation it is 10 times more comfortable.Maybe it fits my rear better because I have had Corbins that I have loved but nothing compares to a Russell Daylong



$1500 down the drain
I put a Corbin seat on my 95 GL 1500. It looked fantastic but I could never get that seat to ‘break in’ in 10 years. It remained as stiff as a board. I ended up buying an air soft pad to place on the seat. I should have looked elsewhere.



corbin seat
have one on my 2014, seat has never worked, Corbin said it's my bike not putting enough amps out, but my factory seat,passanger back rest, grips all work fine, Corbin has never worked, $1300.00 bucks, and they want fix it. Backrest i hate it, never stays in place. I do like the seat though, rides great. wish everything else worked.. will never buy a Corbin again.. Mike at Corbin said I needed to have Honda look at my bike.. and stopped answering any more questions..

Frank & Carlene


Russell Day Long Saddle is the way to go!
When I ordered my new 2012 Goldwing, the very first thing I did was bring it home, remove the seat and ship it out to Russell Day Long Saddles in CA. But prior to removing the seat, Russell requested pics of my wife & I seated on the bike. So our son snapped away. They also requested our height, weight, body measurements, and to list any ailments. For me I have two artificial hips, two artificial knees, and severe back pain issues. I’m also very tall so my knees were pressed into the fairing. There was no way I was going to be able to ride comfortably, that’s for sure! About 3 weeks later we got our seat back. All I can say is WOW! Russell hit the nail on the head! The seat moved me back and up, so no more knees into the fairing. It also gave my wife more room. BUT the best part of it all, it literally feels like you’re sitting in a recliner going down the highway! On average, we used to ride 100 miles or less because of the pain I’d be in. Now with the Russell seat we can do & have done 500 + miles a day! My wife has actually fallen asleep on some rides, YES ITS THAT COMFORTABLE! It was by far the BEST investment we made on our bike. We’ve had other bikers inquire about the seat on some of our excursions, and as soon as they would sit on it, their reaction was wow, I’m getting myself one of these! The difference is the seat is custom built to fit YOU,AND YOUR WIFE! It’s not a generic one size fits all. They do allow you to return the seat for I believe three adjustments, but I never had to return mine. It was PERFECT! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND RUSSELL DAY LONG SADDLES!

Honda and Harley


To each his own
I have had Mustang seats in the past and did the Wingsoft update on my stock 2018 GW Tour seat. This review inspired me to order the Corbin from Wingstuff. I find that the Corbin seat gives me just the right amount of support and padding that makes me smile, mile after mile. So to each his own. Not everyone likes a Corbin but Corbin was the right choice for me!



But does the heater work?
I have a new Corbin Saddle on my 2014 Wing. The heater does not operate and never has. The thermistors are out of spec and will not get the heater control unit to send voltage to the heating elements. Corbin's customer service is nonexistent, and I will never buy another Corbin product due to their lack of desire to build a saddle that actually works with the electronics of the bike the seats are designed for.

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