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Frank & Carlene

Scranton, PA, US, 18508


Frank & Carlene


My wife and I are together 36 years, and have two kids - **they are available for sale**, highest bid accepted!! Only kidding!!

We are professional Wedding DJ's , She's an Auditor for PA., and I'm a semi-retired LEO, working in the DA's Office. We bought a brand new 12 Goldwing, something we have wanted for a long time and WE LOVE IT!

Of course we blinged it up with ALOT of stuff from Wingstuff! PLUS, We sent the seat out to Russell Day-Long Seating in CA., to be rebuilt to accommodate my hip & back pain (injuries from my cop days) so we're able to ride much longer distances with that new custom built seat!!
Well I must say that every single dollar we spent on that seat, WAS ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT! "WOW" ---what a HUGE difference it made! We have done ALOT of riding, and a heck of a lot more than we did on our Silverado.

We have been to every state from Key West,FL to the tip of Nova Scotia & many more, including Tail of the Dragon, Mt Rushmore, Surgis, Devil's Tower, WY, Yellowstone & all the way to the top of Pike's Peak Colorado!! We've put over 40,000 miles on in just over 3 years! The seat is VERY comfortable and allows us to ride much greater time & distance with alot less pain! I HIGHLY recommend them! Thanks Russell!

We also had a custom built Escapade Excel MC Trailer from Open Road Outfitters! Dale was a pleasure to deal with! Plus my wife & I have torn our wing & trailer completely apart & installed over a thousand LEDs. They look AWESOME, and everywhere we go, people have to take our picture!!
Even in Disney World, people were more interested taking pics of OUR WING, than they were with Mickey Mouse!!...LOL

But the real reason we did it is to be SEEN and NOT hit. I did accident reconstruction, so I know the dangers of riding a bike & we want to be as visible as possible! When I see people texting & driving-it frustrates the hell out of us when we see it! PLEASE don't text while driving! Save a life!It might be OURS!

I am reviewing everything we buy from Wingstuff, there's ALOT! I hope you find it helpful. Although I have slowed down, I'm still finding things to add on a monthly basis, Thanks to my wife for not killing me ...LOL

BTW-Rodney at WS is the best! Thanks Rodney for all your help!!! & to Wingstuff, for helping make our wing an unforgettable ride!!

Maybe we'll see you on the open road! Drive Safe ! Ciao!!
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Wedding DJ's, Semi Retired LEO. & Auditor for State

Favorite Quote:

"REALLY"???? AND, --In memory of my Dad--> Per Favore, Non Mi Rompe e'Coglioni,OO Grazie !!! Ciao!

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White 2012 Honda Goldwing/ABS

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Grey 2008 Yamaha Roadstar Silverado S

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Black 2005 Honda VTX 1300 R

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Frank & Carlene


Rick's Reviews Ep. 18: Corbin Heated Saddle for 2018+ Gold Wing

Russell Day Long Saddle is the way to go!
When I ordered my new 2012 Goldwing, the very first thing I did was bring it home, remove the seat and ship it out to Russell Day Long Saddles in CA. But prior to removing the seat, Russell requested pics of my wife & I seated on the bike. So our son snapped away. They also requested our height, weight, body measurements, and to list any ailments. For me I have two artificial hips, two artificial knees, and severe back pain issues. I’m also very tall so my knees were pressed into the fairing. There was no way I was going to be able to ride comfortably, that’s for sure! About 3 weeks later we got our seat back. All I can say is WOW! Russell hit the nail on the head! The seat moved me back and up, so no more knees into the fairing. It also gave my wife more room. BUT the best part of it all, it literally feels like you’re sitting in a recliner going down the highway! On average, we used to ride 100 miles or less because of the pain I’d be in. Now with the Russell seat we can do & have done 500 + miles a day! My wife has actually fallen asleep on some rides, YES ITS THAT COMFORTABLE! It was by far the BEST investment we made on our bike. We’ve had other bikers inquire about the seat on some of our excursions, and as soon as they would sit on it, their reaction was wow, I’m getting myself one of these! The difference is the seat is custom built to fit YOU,AND YOUR WIFE! It’s not a generic one size fits all. They do allow you to return the seat for I believe three adjustments, but I never had to return mine. It was PERFECT! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND RUSSELL DAY LONG SADDLES!

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Chrome Turndown Exhaust Extensions for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7606,   SKU: KU7606

I installed these (only took a few minutes) and they instantly transformed the look of the bike. It gives it a more finished look! High quality chrome, easy install. I HIGHLY recommend!
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Trailer Hitch Chrome Ball Cover
ITEM CODE: KU7658,   SKU: KU7658

This looks so much nicer than the trailer hitch that's all scratched up! Makes for a nice finished look!!
And you can't complain about the price! Get one, you'll be glad you did!!
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Centramatic Stainless Wheel Balancers for GL1800
ITEM CODE: CTMGW100-102,   SKU: CTMGW100-102

Just like most other Goldwings, we were recipients of the infamous "Wing Wobble" that occurred around the 40mph mark, especially when decelerating.

At first we thought it was our tires, (Bridgestones) but soon realized that wasn't the issue. So we had the dealer install the "Super Fork Brace". It made a bit of a difference in stability in the front end, but did not eliminate the "wobble".

Then we had the Centramatics installed. They DID make a difference especially with a new set of tires (again Bridgestones) ...BUT after a few thousand miles, the wobble returned like a bad habit!

We finally tried the "All Balls Bearings". THAT SOLVED THE WOBBLE ISSUE. So along with a new set of tires (Dunlop Elite 3's this time) We set off on a trip to Nova Scotia. What a huge difference, NO WOBBLE and our tires got many more miles even with pulling the trailer...

So bottom line, the Centramatics DO help, but I would try the bearings first if youre trying to eliminate the "wobble". Because it's a much cheaper way to go...Overall, I DO like the Centramatics, because along with new tires, you'll think you're riding on rails it's so smooth! I just wish they were a bit less expensive!!
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Chrome Passenger Floorboard Side Covers
ITEM CODE: KU7506,   SKU: KU7506

Great look, easy to install, and they look alot nicer than stock...BUT they do scratch easy. I give 4 stars only because of how easy they are to become scratched up...
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ITEM: KU3911

These really look so much nicer than the grey posts, HOWEVER they are a very soft material and SCRATCH EASY! The simple friction of your feet/pants continually rubbing as you ride makes for a very scratchy look. Its too bad they aren't real metal/chrome, they'd certainly last much longer. At $120 bucks, you can't just keep changing them!! Sorry WS, gotta give 3 stars for cost/longevity
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Adjustable Hand Wings for GL1800

These little wind screens make a HUGE difference between keeping the cold air off you to keep you warm, or directing air toward you on a hot summer day to keep you cool!They really do make a big difference in your riding comfort! Check out their other products too, I highly recommend them!
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ITEM: AO451699B

This protects your key remote, fits perfect! Get one, you'll be glad you did!!!
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Rear Accessory Light Plug & Play Harness
ITEM CODE: KU3230,   SKU: KU3230

Gotta have this if you want to add any Kuryakyn lighting! It certainly makes the install ALOT easier!!
Good quality, easy plug n play!
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Bridgestone Tire COMBO for GL1800 G704/G709

We have a 2012 Wing, and have stayed with the Bridgestones until last year. That's when we switched to the Dunlop Elite 3's, We found less wobble, and a much smoother ride with the Dunlops.

The Dunlop Tires definitely last longer, however I did notice that my stopping distance has INCREASED with the Dunlops. The Bridgestones did have a better grip, especially in the rain. I especially noticed while pulling our trailer thru the mountains of Tennessee & N. Carolina...That's because they are a softer rubber compared to the E-3's.

Overall it comes down to personal preference, and I prefer the Dunlop Elite 3's over the Bridgestones because we do alot of long distance riding pulling a trailer---so for longer wear we chose the Dunlops..Either way---Ride Safe!!
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Quick Release Drink Holder for GL1800, GL1500

I installed this about 1.5 years ago, and it works great...It holds just about any soft drink or water bottle. However the mount broke when I was removing to take the seat off to access the inside of bike. So I'm going to have to replace...I give 3 stars for longevity!
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All Balls Steering Bearings for GL1800 & F6B
ITEM CODE: TR416233,   SKU: TR416233

About 6-8 months after we bought the bike, we have experienced a "wobble" in the front end, mostly at the 40-30 MPH range, BUT it was noticeable ALL THE TIME! It chewed up my tires & was very fatiguing on my hands & arms... We bought the Super Fork Brace, it helped only a little, we tried changing tires,but after about 500 + miles, the wobble was back, So we tried the Centramatic Wheel Balancers...Only helped a little...Tried new / different tires again, same deal...I was ready to sell the bike because it was getting so bad...Finally we tried changing the bearings to ALL BALLS BEARINGS!!...WHAT A HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!NO MORE WOBBLE...AT ALL!!!!!
I also did change the tires when we did the bearing install, and it was like riding on rails...Smooth as glass, I only wish that we did this FIRST!!!I could have saved ALOT of $$$$ However I must say the combination of the fork brace, centramatic balancers and the new bearings have elongated the tire wear by about double! I am so happy to finally have the wobble gone!! Youd think Honda would upgrade for the few dollars difference to give us a better ride!! (Yeah Right!) Five stars all the way!!!
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Chrome Lower Front Cowl for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52608,   SKU: BB52608

We installed this when the bike was new, and just reordered a new one. With 17,000 miles & 1.5 years on the bike, our cowl looks like it was found in a junkyard! The chrome basically peeled off on the bottom, and bubbled out on the rest. It's a shame it isn't a more durable finish, and believe me, our bike is IMMACULATE, and EXTREMELY WELL MAINTAINED!! It's only been in the rain a few times during a long trip, otherwise its NEVER ridden in rain. It does look so much better than the stock cowl, so we broke down and ordered a new one...Then again NOTHING lasts forever, right??? I highly recommend, but only 4 stars for longevity.
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