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Software Update Available for 2018-2020 Gold Wings - Includes Android Auto & More

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The rumored software update for the 2018-2020 Gold Wings is available now! The update is free of charge, which is always a good thing. This latest update is for 2018 Gold Wing, 2019 Gold Wing and 2020 Gold Wing models. It of course includes Android Auto and a handful of other things. Check out the other features included below.

Android Auto Compatibility*
- Audio Equalizer Adjustments
New Navi Automatic Volume Adjustment
New Four-Color Map Selection
New ETA Function
Speed Limit Signs Shown on Route
Chinese and Korean Characters Displayed on Music Titles and Phone Book

- A USB 2.0 or higher flash drive with at least 16 GB capacity
- A computer with a high-speed Internet connection
- At least one hour of time


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          - No Alias -


          Just let's everyone know, this update is no good for Goldwings purchased in Australia. Honda is producing a update for Australia and I also think its the same for Europe Goldwings....update is purely for the US. Cheers
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          All you need is here for the update
          Great. All you need to know about this update is here. Do not forget ti click on the link for details
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          Shane (Aus)


          You lucky owners in USA
          Seeing all you Wingers there in USA getting these updates and I have been onto Honda MPe here in Australia. No joy, as their Tech Dept is still working on it. We have not had a Goldwing Firmware update since the new generation (2018+) Goldwing hit our shores. Not happy.
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          - No Alias -


          Upgrade availability for 40th anniversary Goldwing GL 1800
          Does anyone know if there is an Australian software upgrade available for the 2015, 40th anniversary model GL1800 Goldwing? And if there is one, where do I purchase it? My local Western Australian Honda dealer tells me the update available is 2012 which is well before my current software. [email protected] thanx
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          Honda and Harley


          Some improvements but not enough
          The July update brought some improvements to the Navigation software but not enough. Yes, it is nice to have Speed Limits posted but the map still lacks detail despite the choice of color schemes. I wish Honda would enlist the help of some other mapping software experts.
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          Software Update
          Had to spend hours and hours converting my M4A music files to MP3 files for the new Gold Wing to read them. Really wish Honda would update software to read higher quality music files.
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          Dave - UK


          E.U. Update
          The E.U. update has just been uploaded to my U.K. spec bike. Loving Android Auto .
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          software update
          I got my Honda Goldwing in May 2020 and so far has only 9k miles on it. When I Read the article about software update first impression was will do and do it in Dealer. After paying attention to the details its written very clear and with such a direct instruction I decide to try. worked perfect :) happy to accomplish update by myself .
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