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Chrome Front Fender Extension
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Smooth Chrome Fender Extender for GL1800 is 1 inch longer than OEM to help protect lower cowl from road debris. Protects bike and adds a nice custom look to your front fender. Will Not Fit Airbag Models

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Tapered Fender Extension

I received this part for Christmas, install was easy.. Just got back from a 2200 mile trip thru the Ozarks. Started noticing a bad noise from the front end when I hit rough roads. When i got home, noticed the rear section of the front fender was loose, when I took it off, the mounting point the left side, and the mounting point on the right caliper cover is broke... Warranty does not pay for this. EXPENSIVE LESSON LEARNED..I WOULD NOT recommend this product!!!!

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Calgary, Alberta, CA
Great, but I made it even better!

I got this fender extender a few years ago. So far no problems. Last year I did a major front fork overhaul and removed the fender of course. I cleaned the lower front fender and then put silicone seal to seal the gap between the inside of the fender and this extender. Then, to provide more front protection, I got an inner tube (heavy/thick) from an ATV tire. Cut a piece to make an additional extension that is of course totally flexible. Now the front of my GW and the lower cowl are much cleaner and less debris makes its way there.
It is a great fender extender and the chrome hasn't faded or deteriorated at all. Looks great on the GW.

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San Antonio, TX
Helps Cowl

Installation was straight forward. One needs to drill two holes, one on each side of the original fender. I used a tap drill to drill a smaller hole first. As instructions tell you, put a block of wood between tire and fender before drilling. So far, I believe it's helping to keep some of the dirt of the cowl, doesn't eliminate all the dirt but helps. Looks nice too.

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Big John
Monterey, CA
Cheap insurance!

Get just one rock kicked up into a radiator & you will wish you had put this on your bike !!! Looks good & goes on easy.

PS. Yes you can get a rock all the way back & into your fan blades.... I did it, Once that fan comes on your done!

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Dallas, TX
easy to install

easy to install adds some bling. not as noticeable as I first thought. Does cut down on dirt on front of bike.

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  • GL1800 2001-2017 (Non-Airbag)
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2017 (Non-Airbag)
  • F6B 2013-2017