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Chrome Front Fender Extension
ITEM CODE: BB52601A,   SKU: BB52601A

I got this fender extender a few years ago. So far no problems. Last year I did a major front fork overhaul and removed the fender of course. I cleaned the lower front fender and then put silicone seal to seal the gap between the inside of the fender and this extender. Then, to provide more front protection, I got an inner tube (heavy/thick) from an ATV tire. Cut a piece to make an additional extension that is of course totally flexible. Now the front of my GW and the lower cowl are much cleaner and less debris makes its way there.
It is a great fender extender and the chrome hasn't faded or deteriorated at all. Looks great on the GW.
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Chrome Metal Valve Stem for GL1800, GL1500 & Most Motorcycles

I got these a few years ago now. Still look brand new, no rust. So much easier to check air pressure and to add air. Why in heaven's sake these are not standard OEM on the GL1800 is a total mystery to me, especially for the rear tire being so hard to get at. Well worth the $8, a no brainer!
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Fred Harmon's Maintenance DVD Set for 2001-2017

This is an awesome set of DVD's! No excuse to avoid the dreaded air filter change anymore! Or any other maintenance on the mighty Goldwing. Detailed and thorough, it will easily pay for itself with one maintenance job you do! If every Goldwing owner had this, the cycle shops would be in dire straights indeed from a servicing perspective for Goldwings. Your car can only hope to be as lucky to have such a detailed maintenance guide! I agree with another reviewer re need for chapters to skip to directly but judged on the content, 5 stars!
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ACT-EVO 4T Engine Oil

I got this oil as it is less than half price of what the dealer wants for NON synthetic! A no-brainer! But also it is designed especially for a motorcycle and I know it is a top quality product from Castrol. I don't think it shifts any better or such but I have the peace of mind that extreme heat (and more importantly here, cold weather) ensures my luxury Goldwing engine is fully protected. During those few seconds upon start up, when cold, I know that the residual oil is lubricating immediately those parts that need it until the oil is warmer and fully circulating. Ride on!
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VStream Quantum Hard Coated Windshield for GL1800

Our friends at WingStuff carry top notch items. Also others have found this windshield to meet their expectations. I feel that I am an average wing rider, 6' tall, 200lbs, on a 2003. However this product falls below standards expected and is not worth your consideration and not worth purchasing.
I don't have enough space to explain in detail but suffice to say: It does not install properly, it does not allow the windshield to be elevated to the top position which 'unlocks' the centre w/s mechanism allowing you to drop the w/s back down to the lowest setting and raise it again as required. It is much narrower than my OEM shield. It whistles (the vent?) at 45-65 mph and that is very irritating & a deal breaker right there. It is much louder behind it (5-8 decibels based on my android phone app). I tested it over 100 miles (and return also) at 3 height settings. Also the vent is in your line of sight and the wind blast hits my face(dangerous for small stones/sand that can get thru the vent). My OEM shield/vent hits me in my stomach area, ideal on a hot day, open your jacket and get some relief from the heat. I broke my centre mechanism trying to figure this shield out and fortunately was able to fix it (it is a $200 part!). In all I wasted over 6+ hours to fix my ratcheting mechanism and had to remove most of the front fairing (ugh the dead bugs!). When WingStuff says customer service is everything, they MEAN it. They were awesome to deal with returning it and that's why I continue to buy ALL my accessories, parts, oil, etc. ONLY from WingStuff who stand behind what they sell.
I am sorry, but I had high expectations for this shield and it was a great disappointment and a surprise that it is worse than the OEM shield.
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Trunk Light Reconfiguration Harness for GL1800
ITEM CODE: EC02112,   SKU: EC02112

I got this kit the other day from our friends at WingStuff and it is very easy to install. It does what it says it does and even though I do not tow a trailer, I like the addition of the turn signals flashing higher up (trunk light on corner) along with the flashing turn signal on the lower part of the saddlebags. Again it is something that frankly should be OEM. Time to install, 1 hour (included cleaning the bulbs as they were quite dirty and that increased brightness. For your safety, highly recommended!
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Bridgestone Tire COMBO for GL1800 G704/G709

My 2003 Goldwing had Dunlop E3's and they were good but I find having these Bridgestone's to be more comfortable and relaxed on tight corners and in the rain. I am taking into account also that I got my E3's new and now I am comparing them to these Bridgestone's. I must also point out that I have Centramatic wheel discs (had them on the E3's first) and I am sure they account for the smoothness (i.e. no difference between the E3's and these tires).
By the way, the price was much less than any other retailer and WingStuff, as usual, had them delivered in record time.

After 3,000 miles on these new tires, they still show the rubber nubs not fully worn down and tire life will be interesting to monitor.

A dealer refused to install my supplied tires here so I will never be going to buy anything from them. Make sure you have a motorcycle dealer who will mount your tires. I found it easier to bring the 2 rims and tires to the dealer.
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Park-n-Move Wheeled Dolly

As you can tell from my previous review below, I like the dolly. So much so I bought another one for my son's VFR. I was surprised to see that his was painted a bright yellow (nice) and had different caster/wheels on it than mine from 3 years ago. My original (?) dolly has the dual wheel with the dark grey colour stand. It moves around fine. However I decided to put my Goldwing on the new one with a single wheel (as shown in yellow/photo) and is even easier to roll around! It's like the dolly has power steering now!

As usual, be very careful to have an absolutely clean floor when moving it around. And when you want to change directions (i.e. from moving the bike sideways to going backwards), gently push it so it allows the wheels on the dolly to realign otherwise your bike CAN go flying off the dolly...not fun!

Always keep your sidestand down for precaution and if you find it moves when putting the bike on the dolly, use a wedge like I do sometimes. I also ensure to put the bike up on the dolly using my heavy duty riding boots as it helps to reduce the pressure point of the centre stand tab where you press down. I can't lift my bike up with my running shoes on for instance.

With the amount of weight (900+ lbs) on it on two very small points of contact, I am extremely pleased to see absolutely no deflection/bending of the platform whatsoever. A bit more effort of course to get the bike on the dolly but there's no way I could store 2 bikes in my tiny garage with 2 cars without these versatile and well built dollys (dollies?). And remember: MADE IN THE USA.
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I like my maps...and I like to have them where I can see them. This is the ideal inexpensive map carrying and display unit that I could find out there for my GL1800. It installs easy and the map remains dry even in a downpour.
I like too that it acts as a sunshield for the radio buttons and also shields the buttons from water to some degree.
I would prefer a more clear plastic (vs. opaque) but I believe it would scratch too easily so this is acceptable. I can store a couple of folded up maps underneath the map that is being displayed and used.
For upkeep just a damp towel to clear the dust off it and inside also to keep it from accumulating dust that could wear/scratch it further.
Hopnel makes great products and this is yet another one.
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Park-n-Move Wheeled Dolly

I don't understand the negative views for this dolly. Does it require some muscle to get the Goldwing up on it? Yes. But remember this is a 900+ motorcycle. Here's how I do it. Leave your bike on the sidestand. Roll the dolly under and then gently pull down the centre stand so you can see where the 2 points of the stand will land on the dolly. By putting the dolly under the bike from the 'passenger' side, the dolly wheels are perpendicular to the bike so the dolly won't roll. Go to the 'drivers' side of the Wing and push down with your weight on the centre stand and PULL the handle and up she goes! Practice will get it right and up in one attempt.

Move the bike slowly AND KEEP THE SIDE STAND DOWN! Once I had a piece of gravel in my garage and the dolly caught it and the Wing came off the dolly & centre stand! Horrors! All I could do was push the bike to my right side and it landed on the side stand! Fortunate!

When it's time to remove your Goldwing off the dolly, do NOT do it sitting on the bike! Well you CAN do it, but I used a wood wedge (door stop) to prevent the dolly from moving forward at the same time as the Wing. It is however much easier to do it this way: With the sidestand DOWN still, put your foot/toe against the dolly and then push down on the back of the Wing and then push it down in the front hard and it will fly off the dolly. I also again make sure the dolly wheels are perpendicular to the Wing so they kind of lock and the dolly doesn't roll forward. I know it has wheel locks but I can't be bothered to reach down and lock them.

This well built dolly means I can easily store my luxury touring rig anywhere in the garage and makes it so easy to work on the bike. Just make sure that your garage floor is clean so you don't catch a piece of gravel/stone like I once did.

Happy parking!
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New Generation Adjustable Hand Wings for GL1800

I got these on my used Wing at time of purchase. I had doubts if they were of any use and was contemplating removing them.
Then I rode my 'new to me' Wing and I was amazed! Much of my riding is in cold weather and they make an amazing difference, so much so I wont' even bother to get heated grips. I had heated grips on my K1200LT and it left the tops of my hands/fingers cold but with these airwings deflecting the cold air away from my hands, my entire hands are warm.

On occasion when it does get hot, you merely twist them and they funnel a lot of air into your still air cockpit to help alleviate the heat...amazing how much air you can move onto your upper body to keep you a bit cooler.
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Volt Meter With Back Panel

I got this to replace the original cover here on my Wing that the previous owner had mounted something to (left 4 holes behind). Why this is a great product:
1. Very easy to install.
2. Plug and play.
3. Perfect OEM fit & finish.
4. Voltmeter is very functional and accurate.
5. Looks classy and is lit up/visible at night.
Another item that you have to wonder why it isn't OEM from the factory?
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