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New Richmond, WI, US, 54017




61 years old. Love bikin' and martial arts.
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Now a close to retirement factory worker.

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Let's go riding!

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brightassyellow 2003 honda goldwing

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Factory OEM Brake Pads for GL1800


Works great!

10 minute install. Work great. In another 60k or so, I"ll replace them again.
Highly recommended parts.
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FM/Satellite Radio Antenna Tip
ITEM CODE: AO451810EU,   SKU: AO451810EU


looks nice

I ordered one of these eons ago when I first purchased my 2003 wing.
I hated the look of that long ass factory one.
In either case, purchased one. Obviously because of the shorter length, it doesn't pull in radio stations as well as the factory one, but it works good enough. (as often as I DO listen to the actual radio).
I just ordered another one. Going to hook it up to the original one. (so the back end of the bike looks more equal, like the Harleys do). dual antenna.
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Chrome Timing Cover for GL1800 Goldwing
ITEM CODE: KU3909,   SKU: KU3909


Nice chrome addition to bike.

I thought I posted my review for this, but apparently not.
I purchased this item a year ago, or so.
Easy install. Adds nice amount of chrome to an otherwise dull area on bike.
Typical Kury merchandise. I've had absolutely no complaints with their products.
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Volt Meter With Back Panel


A must have.

I used to have a little LED display, but in direct sunlight it was hard to see.
I installed this setup yesterday. Absolutely plug n play.
Very accurate.
Highly recommended mod.
I likey!
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Paint Guard Snake Skin Grip Pads
ITEM CODE: GG620052SS,   SKU: GG620052SS


very nice.

Got them yesterday. Tossed them on today.
Fitment/look is very nice. I had too much YELLOW on bike, so the black breaks it up very nicely.
Nice mod. (I think).
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Chrome Handlebar Top Covers for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU3747,   SKU: KU3747


Alotta chrome.

Just purchased these for my 2003 wing.
I at first thought, it would be 'too much' chrome for handlebar area.
Well, it adds just enough bling to a boring area.
Really like the look.
Although I don't have 'chrome' grips, these still add alotta pop to an otherwise dead spot on the bike.
Highly recommended bling bling item.
My .002

I'd give it 5 stars, but they couldve made the fitment a little tighter between items on the bars.
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Exhaust Muffler Set w/Chrome Billet Tips for GL1800
ITEM CODE: TR080265,   SKU: TR080265


Alot better then stock.

I installed torque toobs first, and tried to try the OEM mufflers. Sounded like ASS.
THEN I purchased these mufflers. Sounds like a bumblebee on steroids.
Nice rumble @ idle. Quiet as can be when cruising/putting around.
Has a bark when you get on it tho. Not obnoxious, just louder then stock.
I personally (coming from a V8 racing background), don't care for the sound of any 6 cylinder, or 10 cylinder vehicles, with aftermarket mufflers/exhaust, so I'm not IN LOVE with the sound of these, but they do sound MUCH better then the stock mufflers.
I'd buy them again.
As far as install?
Hell, I've had the exhaust on and off so many times in the last couple of weeks, (playing with different setups), I think it took me all of 5 minutes to toss these mufflers on. 4 allen bolts, and 2 12 mm bolts. Slip off, slip on. Easy peasey.
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ITEM: EC02303


Love it!

Simple, easy WORKING upgrade to bikes lighting system.
Like they say, 'plug n play'. The longest part of the install was removing the box and air deflectors.
Works like a charm. Honda should've done this from the factory.

A must have upgrade!
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Rear Shock Spring
ITEM CODE: TR771173,   SKU: TR771173


progressive rocks!

Put the front progressive springs in a year ago. Just installed the rear. What a difference. Didn't think it'd make that much of a diff, but WOW. Highly recommend this mod!
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Battery Side Trim
ITEM CODE: BB52630,   SKU: BB52630


A must have

Great looking chrome. Easy peasy install. A must have for the bike. (safety chrome). :>)
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ITEM: PG34530


they rock!

I bought the 'mens version' for myself. A week later (after shopping, and not being happy), my wife had me order a pair of these for HER.
She loves them. Like wearing slippers. Comfy as hell. Very lightweight, (very stylish), and not only designed for riding, but boots you can actually WALK in without looking like frankenstein when you get off the bike!
Highly recommended boots!
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Ultragard Gold Wing Half Cover Gray
ITEM CODE: BB4458G,   SKU: BB4458G


Glad I bought it.

Small bag (takes up little room storing it). Fits great. (although it could be made a little looser, but then it'd rub in windy conditions).
Looks pretty cool, (as far as covers go).
Bottom line, it fits, it covers as much of the bike as I wanted, and it's inexpensive. Quality looks damm good for the price as well.
Glad I bought it.
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