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North Vanouver, CA, V7J3K4




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Electrical Inspector

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Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter

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Burnt Orange 2007 Honda Goldwing GL1800

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T-Valve Optional Accessory for FOBO 2 TPMS


Big hassle savers

First they are metal 👍. Second I don’t have to fiddle with that blood wrench 👍. Lastly it takes so much less time to adjust my pressure so I’m more on top of it. 👍
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ITEM: KU4035


Not a sticky wicket! : )

These look great when they are on and I love them but they need a more permanent method of attachment. The glue only holds for a while even with roughing and all. Tried letting the glue tack up and tried a second set with more cleaning and roughing. Used alcohol to prep but no. Think I'm gunna sneak a screw in the bottom this time. Wish me luck. : )
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Universal Mounting Trailer Hitch Rack
ITEM CODE: KU7643,   SKU: KU7643


Almost great

It looks good, fits good and easy to install. I am able to use an existing bag or pick something local.
It's suppose to come with set screws that you tighten in order to stabilize the rack. Mine did not come with holes or screws so I had to put them in my self and it needs that. When you install it you need to be sure to set it in the highest position or it will touch a bit on the traffic circles.
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Smart Mount Removable Backrest for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52-797A,   SKU: BB52-797A



I made an adjustment that seems to work so far. I reversed the two bolts on the connection so that the fork shape seat mount slides down behind instead of the front and that gave me almost 1/2 an inch. We will see how it goes but it’s a lot better.
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Smart Mount Removable Backrest for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52-797A,   SKU: BB52-797A


Not So Smart (Adjustable)

First of all I know I have to get used to it but some things to consider are that I was hoping for a rest that would be an extension of the lumbar but this one will not go that low. It also should be adjustable back more. For me it's about a half to a full inch too far forward at its furthest back. Remember as well that when you use a backrest the protective spine on you jacket can be a little uncomfortable.
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Bridgestone Tire COMBO for GL1800 G704/G709


2nd Front and 3rd Rear

Absolutely love these for the twisties. Got 17000 KM before my first rear change (included a run form Van BC to Madison, Toronto and back across Canada)and at that time the front was still good. Pulled a trailer on the second long run to Reno and through the canyons. BIG MISTAKE, this is a top notch twisty tire but softer compound, trailer and USA hot concrete spells a max of 7000KM. Ouch!! But I doubt there is a tire rated for pullin' a trailer.
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Vertical Trailer Hitch for GL1800 1st Gen
ITEM CODE: KU7642,   SKU: KU7642


What next

Once installed the unit looks and functions great. Some things you should know.
The recommended wiring harness is made fairly obvious and is easy to install. However they are selling you the hitch under the 1st gen GL1800 section so they should tell you that there is an other part you will need to convert the 5 wire goldwing/hitch harness into a 4 wire system on the trailer. You need to order the Kuryakin 7675 converter or wire your own with diodes.
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SM10 Bluetooth Goldwing 3.5mm to 5pin Cable


CB use

"CB use?
Will this enable you to use CB with their headset and SM10 bluetooth??Can't get a straight answer from Sena or??"

I got the straight answer from them....It's unidirectional. You can hear all including sterio, CB and Navi but no ability to transmit yet.
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