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Exciting GWTA Gold Rush Gold Wing Rally 2008

Thousands of Gold Wing motorcycles lined the streets of Billings, Montana this past month for the annual GWTA Gold Rush XXI Rally held July 16th - 19th 2008. Theme of this years event was "The Legend Lives On". Activities included Gold Wing parts & accessories, bike shows, rider & co-rider safety courses, various seminars, food tasting, 50/50 Raffles and a huge Gold Wing parade...

, December 05, 2008

Gold Wing Owners Club Great Britain National Show August 23-24, 2008

Honda Gold Wing motorcycles showing off lights and chrome parade through Driffield Town Center in Great Britain Saturday & Sunday August 23rd-24th, 2008. Gold Wing Owners Club of Great Britain host the National Show at Driffield Show Ground over August bank holiday. Exciting events combined with Gold Wing activities attract riders from all over the UK and Europe..

, December 05, 2008

GWRRA Wing Ding 31 Returns To Tulsa, Oklahoma July 2-5, 2009

Thousands of Gold Wing riders and their families attend Wing Ding each year to participate in all the fun and excitement among fellow Gold Wing riders from all over the world. Local activities include seminars, raffles, food, vendors, bike shows and lots more. Wing Ding has it all, this event represents one of the largest Gold Wing motorcycle gatherings in America each year..

, December 05, 2008

Nolan N103 N-Com Modular Helmet Loaded With Features

Nolan N103 N-Com Modular and Nolan N42E Open Face Helmets just arrived, loaded with new exciting features.. New colors, more comfort and the eagerly awaited Internal Flip-Down Short Sun Visor on the Nolan N103 N-Com for 2009.. Available with or without a J&M Integrated hemet headset, likely to be the helmet of choice among Gold Wing riders and co-riders this season..

, December 05, 2008

2009 Honda Goldwing with Tire Pressure Monitoring & XM

Honda announces their exciting new 2009 Honda Goldwing Motorcycle, more innovative features along with some new colors. New features this year include a long awaited Honda XM Satellite Radio that features real time traffic and weather reporting, as well a Tire Pressure Monitoring System that comes standard on all the new 2009 Goldwing models..

, December 05, 2008

Gold Wing Riding Hot In Canada With Tons Of Events

Warm weather is finally here and Gold Wing riders in Canada are looking forward to another great year of riding. Canada is hosting many exciting motorcycle events again this year, from fundraisers to bike shows, there are plenty of events to keep you occupied this season. Not only will you be able to show off your ride, but most of the events go towards some great causes.

, May 29, 2008

Honda "Inflates" Safety Features In Australia

News from down under.. Amid a hectic year of new products, this past year Honda released it's Australian 2008 Goldwing in two trims. The luxury model, sporting a rider airbag and more, is the first in Australia to sport an airbag system. From the new CBF1000 Tourer to the 999.8cc Fireblade, 2008 is panning out to be a great year for motorcycle safety and style.

, May 21, 2008

HJC Symax 2 Helmet With Inner Tint Shield First Impression

We recently recieved the new HJC Symax 2 Flip-Up Full Face Modular Helmet and were very impressed. This helmet is headset friendly, so installing a Goldwing Helmet Headset is no problem. The coolest thing besides great comfort and fit is the Retractable Inner Tint Shield inside the helmet. The Inner shield is so trick, it deploys downward from inside the helmet by sliding the Tab forward located on top of the helmet..  

, April 03, 2008

New Accessories for Honda GL1800 Gold Wing Motorcycles in 2008

Heres some exciting new Accessory Items for the GL1800 Gold Wing being introduced for the first time  heading into the 2008 riding season. With the Honda Gold Wing motorcycle becoming so popular worldwide, we are offering more and more exciting accessories to all of our friends around the world as they are released. Whether it's chrome bling or electronics, heres some new accessories that are bound to grab your attention..

, April 01, 2008

Honda Shifts Focus To Increase Automobile Production In USA

Honda announced motorcycle production at the Marysville plant will be transferred to a newly expanded state of the art factory in Japan. The new plant will serve as Honda's global center for advanced motorcycle production technologies for bikes like the Honda Gold Wing. The Ohio plant currently builds Gold Wings & VTX cruisers, will end production next spring. Part of a global plan that will result in an increase of automobile production at that same Ohio plant..

, March 31, 2008

Increased HP & Fuel Economy For Honda Gold Wing Motorcycle

I have been riding since 1956 and after purchasing my 2007 Honda GL1800 Gold Wing motorcycle I soon realized that restrictive stock exhaust was preventing my powerful engine to perform to it's full potential. Sure right out of the crate it runs well, but after lots of research Wingstuffs Torqmaster power mufflers with Torq Loopz was the way to go. After installation the increase in power and torque at low rpms was nothing short of amazing. My engine ran smoother and fuel mileage increased by an extra 2.5 per gallon.. Submitted by Charles, Orlando, Florida

, January 31, 2008

How To Play In Traffic And Stay Alive

After spending countless miles on the road riding my Honda Gold Wing, heres my 10 best reasons the part of the road closest to the centerline is the best choice for 90% of my riding situations. My Gold Wing accessories look great, but some keep me safer like my flashing headlight, flashing brake light, LED turn signals & extra lighting that can really make a difference. Heres my opinions on riding safer on the open road.. Submitted by Paul, Algoma Wisconsin

, November 28, 2007

Our Trip To Americade 2007 at Lake George, NY.

Julia and I are both long time members here on, and also very active in GWRRA chapter H here in New Jersey. We submitted our story and hope you find it interesting enough to be chosen for your Goldwing News Blog. We recently had so much fun attending what we feel is the best Goldwing Rally in the USA called Americade, in Lake George, New York. We wanted to share our wonderful adventures with all our fellow Goldwing friends..
Submitted by members Jorge & Julia (New Jersey)

, November 28, 2007

Staying Warm on Your Goldwing in Cold Weather

Being from the Great White North we ride a lot in cold weather. With a shorter riding season than most, we have become quite adapt at fighting off Mother Nature. Keep in mind that when riding a motorcycle the wind chill factor is your greatest enemy. If not properly equipped you could find yourself suffering from hypothermia. Here are a few suggestions to help you stay warm when things get cold. - Submitted by members Don & Kristi Goodwin (Canada)

, November 07, 2007

Become a 'Goldwing News Writer' and Get Paid!

Write your own Goldwing News!! We're opening our news page up to our Goldwing community! Submit an article and we'll give you a $50.00 gift certificate if we accept it, redeemable toward anything on our site! Of course, we know you're really after bragging rights, so we'll put your member alias and picture at the top of your story, too. Read on for details..

, October 26, 2007

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