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Introducing WingCast - A Podcast About All Things Gold Wing & More

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Welcome to WingCast, a podcast about all things Gold Wing and more!

We have a thing for the Gold Wing. Do you? Join WingStuff President, Rick Arnoldo, as he interviews fellow riders and experts in the motorcycle industry and talks about the latest Gold Wing news. Whether you are new to Gold Wings or have ridden them for years and years, WingCast is the perfect podcast for you!

In this introductory episode Rick gives a little background on how he got his start in the motorcycle industry, and discusses some of the things our listeners can expect from WingCast going foward. He also introduces our first recurring segment, AYYY! with Uncle Frank, where Rick surprise calls his 90-something year old Italian Uncle just to see what he's up to at the moment. Uncle Frank is a very important person in Rick's life, as he was responsible for getting Rick his very first motorcycle when he was a kid. He's always a good time and will have you laughing by the end for sure. We hope you enjoy this quick first episode. Thanks for listening. Until next time...Ride Safe! Episode 2 with special guest Fred Rau coming soon!

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Wing Cast
Looking forward to listening to Wing Cast. Watch and enjoy all your videos (Jealous). Out of Oklahoma, but if I ever get the chance the get out to California WingStuff is on my bucket list. You take care and ride safe.
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My First Bike
Hi Rick, Just listened to the Wing cast and enjoyed it. I have a great story of getting my first motorcycle back in 1974. It's too much to write but I'd share it with you on a short call if you'd like (just a few minutes) and if you invite guests on the cast I'd love to share it. Everyone I tell gets a big laugh out of it. I thank you for your site and order from it as often as my wife lets me ( she gets jealous when I buy stuff for Bluebell). Best regards, Peter Costen aka Thunderbolt
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