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7 Budget-Friendly Gold Wing Accessories You Gotta Have

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7 Budget-Friendly Gold Wing Accessories You Gotta Have

When considering what to get next for our Wing, we tend to focus our attention on a handful of important and relatively more expensive items such as tires, lighting, windshields and more. Alternatively, once we've got that covered we usually maintain our bikes by purchasing products like oil, filters and brake pads. However, there are a slew of impressive accessories that may greatly improve, or dare I say transform, your riding experience without breaking the bank. Here are seven low cost Gold Wing accessories you didn't know you needed.

7. Wolo Big Bad Max Air Horn from $69.99 - Be heard. Be seen. Safety, in our opinion, is the number one priority when riding. This horn dramatically increases your chance of being heard and therefore seen. It is 3 times louder than the factory horn and installs in minutes!

Wolo Big Bad Max Air Horn

6. Battery Tender Jr. Smart Charger $34.99 - Who has time to deal with the inconvenience of a dead battery? You certainly don't. That's why you need the Battery Tender Jr...Rated best battery charger ever! It can be connected to your Wing's battery whenever you are not riding. It will sense when your battery is getting weak and turn On in charge mode, then shut off automatically when your battery is fully charged. Now that's tech!

Battery Tender Jr. Battery Charger

5. Upgraded Speakers from $29.95 -
If you love listening to music while riding around on your Wing, why not upgrade your speakers for superior sound quality at budget pricing?

Speakers for Honda Gold Wing

4. Phone Mounts from $21.99 - With our cell phones we can chart a course, reach our loved ones, access our favorite tunes and much more. So it makes sense that we would want to mount them in a spot we can easily and quickly access while on the road.

Phone Mounts for Honda Gold Wing

3. Grab On Comfort Grip Covers $14.99 -
Increase the size of your handlebars and absorb some of the vibration for added comfort while riding. They're particularly helpful for riders with larger hands. Plus, they're super easy to install: simply slip them right over your existing grips. They're great for adding a little thickness and cushioning. Made for 2001-2010 GL1800 and 1988-2000 GL1500.

Grab On Comfort Grip Covers for Honda Gold Wing

2. Trunk/Saddlebag Organizers from $6.95 - If we're not careful, our trunks and saddlebags can quickly become junk drawers. Have you ever needed something from your trunk and had to sift through countless other items to find it? If so, then you know what I'm talking about. As Ben Franklin once said, "For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned." Do yourself a favor and spend that time enjoying the open road. Your future self will thank you!

Trunk & Saddlebag Organizers for Honda Gold Wing

1. Kickstand Pads from $6.99 -
Why do you need a kickstand pad? Just ask any rider who took a pit stop on a soft surface or hot asphalt. When out riding, you never really know where you might need to stop. That's why it's important you snag a kickstand pad to keep your Wing from potentially falling over. Keep it upright. Avoid motorcycle damage. Protect your ego. Buy a kickstand pad.

Kickstand Pads for Honda Gold Wing
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Air Horn... is it really necessary?
My 2019 Gold Wing already has a very loud horn. I could not imagine a horn 3 times louder... it would scare me to use it, lol. I could use this horn on some of my other motorcycles but do not need on my new Gold Wing.



Looking for ideas
Looking for accessories for my bike... I already have 2 of the 7 listed here. Going to consider a couple more of these though.



Kickstand Pad
This is a great addition to the bike. You never have to worry if your kickstand is growing to sink into the ground or the pavement.



Battery Tender
You will not regret installing a battery tender on your bike. You can always be confident your battery will have a full charge.



Battery Tender
The battery tender is definitely a must need item. Todays bikes have a constant drain with all of the electronics, plus all of the accessories we add on.

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