Ride Off Center Stands for 2018 Gold Wing

C.R.S. Stands

Ride Off Center Stands for 2018 Gold Wing
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Honda Center Replacement Stand

Note: Required OEM mounting hardware for installation is not included. 

Formerly known as power park, our Center Replacement Stand (CRS) allows the rider and co-rider to remain on the bike while shifting into reverse putting your foot down on the CRS arm and simply backing the Goldwing® onto its center stand.

If this way is not comfortable you can still put the bike on its center stand the same way you currently do using 1/10th the strength of what you used to use.

Note: for this item to work properly the rear wheel remains on the ground slightly. In order to clean the bike tire, or rotate the wheel for whatever reason you will need to place the center stand on a 1" thick piece of wood then place the cycle on the center stand the normal way standing beside it. This allows the bike to be raised high enough getting the rear tire up off the ground. 

These are quick and easy to install.

Available in Black or Chrome Powder Coat.

Demonstration video is shown on an older GL1800 however it works the same on the 2018 + newer models.

3 Member Reviews

Big Bry
Another First.

What a great revelation this center stand is. It takes all the strain out of securing the Goldwing. It works exactly as advertised and can be easily rolled onto the stand sitting astride the bike as it is to ride off sitting on it. Regarding any misgivings of parking on uneven ground, (this has not happened to me as yet) well that is what the side stand is for.
This is a massive addition to the already iconic Goldwing making it an even better proposition than any of it's so called competitors.

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Kreuzlingen, CH
Ride Off Center Stand really so good ?

Well, I installed the famous Ride Off Center Stand. Now, if the Goldwing rests on that stand, just a little bit of shaking on the handlebar and the whole motorcycle is wiggeling. That's because the bike still rests on the rear wheel.
Not really stable. Will work on perfect flat concrete but not on gravel, uneven pavement or on cobble stone pavement, which is seen in many European cities.

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Greenlawn, NY
best unseen option

I Have been using these ride off stands starting with my 94 Goldwing, my 2000 Goldwing, and now my 2018 Goldwing. First so easy to put on center stand, just step down on the center stand while still on the bike, put it in reverse and it goes right on stand. Then when ready to go just put in gear and ride off. I use it in traffic and your co rider never has to ask if you are ready the bike is always ready

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