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Murrieta, CA, US, 92562




I've been riding for 47 years now. I guess you could say I've come full circle because I won a Honda 50 in a contest when I was 16 and I'm now riding a 2008 GL1800 at age 64. I had lots of bikes in between naturally. In the 60's and right up through 2000, I rode Harley's. Some were special construction choppers and some were all original. In 2001, I decided to upgrade to the big metric bikes to cut down on maintenance time and spend more time riding. My first metric bike was a 2001 Kawasaki 1500 Classic. In 2004, I purchased the Kawasaki VN20001A (2053cc's). I found myself doing a lot of touring so in 2008, I decided what the heck, lets quit messing around and shoot for the top of the motorcycle food chain. That's when got my fully loaded Goldwing (everything except the airbag). I will never look back. I'm a "Wing" rider for life now. I've already been to Yellowstone, Glacier Park, Zion, Brice, The Grand Canyon (both sides), Monument Valley, Yosemite, King's Canyon, Lake Tahoe and everywhere in between on this baby without a hiccup. The wheels are always turning (no pun intended) planning the next great trip!
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US Immigration Officer

Favorite Quote:

1.) I love my country, I fear my government and I'm down right terrified of our health care system.
2.) Ride safe and keep the rubber side down!

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Titanium 2008 Honda GL1800 Goldwing

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HP4S 10w30 Full Synthetic Oil
ITEM CODE: HO08C35SYN1030M,   SKU: HO08C35SYN1030M


5 Stars

I was using Amsoil when I fisrt got my 2008 Wing. The bike always shifted hard and clunky but I just figured that's as good as it gets. When I switched over to this oil, the bike started shifting like butter and ran much smoother. I will continue to use this OEM oil from now on. I also went out to the garge and said I was sorry to my bike for using that nasty old Amsoil in it and promiced to never do it again!!! No answer, I think she was sleeping!!!
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ITEM: KU7456


5 Stars

I love this reflector. The fact that it's a running light as well as a break light is a big plus and it works very well at both. A couple of things in the instructions may cause you a little extra work though. It says to remove the licence plate to access the 5th fender mounting bolt. My bike is a 2008 and the fender is held on by only 4 bolts (1 in each corner) The only thing behind my licence plate is a rubber bumper so removing the plate was uncalled for. There is a little tab on the back of the stock reflector that locks into a hole in the fender next to the mounting stud to keep it aligned properly. The instructions say to expand this hole with a 7/32" drill bit so the shielded wire strand on the new reflector will feed through more easily. I had to use a 1/4" drill bit and still needed to spray silicone on the wire strand to keep it from binding up while feeding it through. I think this reflector should have utilized a tab in the same location as the OEM reflector to keep it aligned and put the wire feed on the other side. That would mean drilling a new hole but it would be a more professional mounting approach. What can you do? It's like the guys that design this stuff live on a different planet then the guys who take the photos who live on a different planet than the guys that write up the instructions!
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Premium Heavy-Duty 100% Waterproof Cover w/Bag


4 Stars

I just finished a 3,640 mile trip to Yellowstone and Glacier Parks and it rained nearly every night. This cover didn't let a drop of water hit my 2008 Goldwing so, it really is waterproof and does a great job of keeping the bike dry. The reason I'm only giving it 4 stars is because the bag that it packs into fell apart and the zipper failed after 3 days of use. I had to buy a waterproof replacement bag at Jack Dennis Sports in Jackson Hole, Wyoming ($21.15). The other reason for only 4 stars is that although there is a protective material on the inside around the windshield area, the rest of the cover is somewhat adrasive and put several fine scratches in my new chrome trunk handle (Item # BB52653 / $79.99).
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Chrome Shark Gills
ITEM CODE: KU7314,   SKU: KU7314


5 Stars

As I found out this past weekend, these shark gills do a lot more than just look good. I was coming down from Mt. Palomar through the orange grove country when the biggest bug I have ever seen slammed into the left side of my bike. This thing looked like a humming bird and hit the bike like one too. My left pant leg was covered with bug juice from my boot to my Knee. I wasn't sure what part of the bike took the hit until the next morning when I went out to the garage. The fins of the left Shark Grill was the impact point and they had as much bug debris on them as my pant leg did. I then realized that without this accessory, all that junk would have ended up directly in my left radiator grill and air cleaner. That would have been nearly impossible to remove without taking the bike apart. It also could have cut down on airflow to the engine. If you don't buy these grills because they look great, buy them as scatter shields for flying dive bombers!
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Trunk & Saddlebag Light Accents


2 Stars

The saddlebad accents look great and add a lot of bring however...the truck accents come up about 1/4" higher than the top of the tail lights on my 2008 GL1800 and actually rubbed on the trunk lid. The right side accent chipped a small piece out of the gelcoat on my trunk lid before I noticed the problem. Leaving the accents on any longer would have really done some damage to the trunk lid. The lead mechanic at Wingstuff looked at them and agreed, it is a fittent defect as they were mounted correctly. As always, Wingstuff gave me credit on the trunk accents with no questions asked. I replaced them with the Kuryakyn accent that just runs along the bottom of the tail light. Not an exact match to the saddle bad accents but the combination looks great all the same. Randy
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