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Murrieta, CA, US, 92562




I've been riding for 57 years now. I guess you could say I've come full circle because I won a Honda 50 in a contest when I was 16 and I'm still riding Hondas'. In 2008, I purchased a fully loaded GL1800 Goldwing. In 2012, I went with a Victory, then two Indians. In 2018, I purchased a Yamaha Star Venture. But,... when The DCT models came out, I purchased a 2021 Goldwing DCT and now I'm spoiled ! That 7 speed automatic is a work of art!
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US Immigration Officer, retired

Favorite Quote:

1.) I love my country, I fear my government and I'm down right terrified of our health care system.
2.) Ride safe and keep the rubber side down!

Member Since:


Bike 1:

Titanium 2008 Honda GL1800 Goldwing

Bike 2:

Red 2018 Yamaha Star Venture

Bike 3:

Gray 2021 Honda GL1800BD

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GT Front Fender Extension for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: BB52-937,   SKU: BB52-937


Much needed accessory

We've been getting a lot of rain is sunny California lately. Even when the rain stops, the roads still have dirt and debris on them. This fender extension had helped to keep that junk off the front of the engine. This is a functional accessory!
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LED Reflector Replacement Light Red Lens
ITEM CODE: CI48040,   SKU: CI48040


Perfect addition

What a nice finish to the rear fender. Installation was simple after drilling a 3/4" hole in the plastic to feed the wires through. Nice and bright!
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License Plate Frame Black
ITEM CODE: CI78420,   SKU: CI78420


Great look

The frame gives the rear of the bike a great "finished" look. The hardware kit was missing one of the flat washers. They're stainless so, I had to pause assembly and head down to Ace hardware. There is a single screw to attach the bottom of the plate cover to the base plate. The plate will shift and move a little even when the screw is tightened completely. I added a small stainless washer and re-tightened screw, problem fixed!
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Plug-N-Play Lighting Installation Kit
ITEM CODE: CI48000,   SKU: CI48000


Must have

It would be hard to give this lighting kit anything but 5 stars. You must have this plug and play kit to complete the installation for the led filler lights which I highly recommend.
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LED Filler Panel Lights Black for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: CI48033,   SKU: CI48033


Big improvement

First off, these filler lights really add presents to the rear of the bike, very bright and well made. However, I found that the positioning instructions (lining up marks) doesn't put the lights in the exact location based on the curvature of the saddlebag. I had to slightly reposition them before I locked them down.
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Gloss Black Trident Dually ISO Pegs, Male Mount
ITEM CODE: KU7562,   SKU: KU7562


Trident Dually ISO pegs

What a great highway peg. I purchased the gloss black pegs and they look really sharp on my 2021 DCT, non tour Goldwing. The bike is satin black and light gray so, the black pegs compliment the bike very well. I've had the ISO pegs on other bikes in the past but the latest version look better than ever. The gloss black paint in flawless!!
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Mens Goldwing Icon Long-Sleeve T-Shirt Black


Nice shirt

I judge a good T-shirt by how it comes out of the dryer. If the bottom rolls up at the hem after drying, it's usually a sub standard shirt. This shirt remained flat at the bottom hem so, it's a good one. I would have given it 5 stars if there was a logo on the back too but it's only on the front.
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Saddlebag Lid Organizer for 2018+ Gold Wing


Perfect fit

I have a 2021 Goldwing DCT (non tour) that has no trunk. Items would roll around in the saddlebags. These organizers have solved that issue. They also provide cushioning for things like a 44 ounce water bottle that used to slam against the inner lid on bumps and it corners. Now everything is snug and it it's place. Quick and EZ install. Great little item.
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F4 Scratch Resistant Windshields for 2018+ Gold Wing


F-41 Windshield

This shield looked like a high quality product right out of the box but there was a problem noted after installation. I have a 2021 Goldwing non-tour model which utilizes two (2) small wind deflectors at each side of the fairing under the shield. The F-41 shield made contact with the wind deflector on the drivers right side. I took a ride and the shield was rattling against the deflector. Wingstuff quickly issued a return authorization. The folks at F-41 later called and said that the braces which hold the shield are adjustable and that I would have been able to adjust the shield away from the wind deflector. The mechanics at my local shop said they have never heard that the braces are adjustable. If they are, then F-41 should put a slip of paper in the box making customers aware of this adjustability and how to make the adjustment. As such, I'm giving this shield 3 stars.
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Saddlebag Carpet Set for 2018+ Gold Wing


Great little item

I was just about to by the Honda carpet set at over $100.00 when I saw this set from Wingstuff. I'm very happy with the quality and the fit. The carpet is think enough to stop the rattle of lose items inside the saddlebags without taking up too much space.
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HP4S 10w30 Full Synthetic Oil
ITEM CODE: HO08C35SYN1030M,   SKU: HO08C35SYN1030M


5 Stars

I was using Amsoil when I fisrt got my 2008 Wing. The bike always shifted hard and clunky but I just figured that's as good as it gets. When I switched over to this oil, the bike started shifting like butter and ran much smoother. I will continue to use this OEM oil from now on. I also went out to the garge and said I was sorry to my bike for using that nasty old Amsoil in it and promiced to never do it again!!! No answer, I think she was sleeping!!!
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Premium Heavy-Duty 100% Waterproof Cover w/Bag


4 Stars

I just finished a 3,640 mile trip to Yellowstone and Glacier Parks and it rained nearly every night. This cover didn't let a drop of water hit my 2008 Goldwing so, it really is waterproof and does a great job of keeping the bike dry. The reason I'm only giving it 4 stars is because the bag that it packs into fell apart and the zipper failed after 3 days of use. I had to buy a waterproof replacement bag at Jack Dennis Sports in Jackson Hole, Wyoming ($21.15). The other reason for only 4 stars is that although there is a protective material on the inside around the windshield area, the rest of the cover is somewhat adrasive and put several fine scratches in my new chrome trunk handle (Item # BB52653 / $79.99).
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