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Volt Meter With Back Panel
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GL1800 Honda Gold Wing Volt Meter With Backing Panel is directly from the Honda Marine Division. Includes Plug and Play "T" harness. Meter is illuminated and waterproof and Volt Meter and panel made in USA.

Fits 2001-2005 GL1800 Models (except ones with OEM Heated Grips)

For 2006-Newer models please order part # EC08104 (see Reccomended Products)


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Milford, OH
Looks factory installed

I've been shopping for a while for a voltmeter not sure of type or style. I decided on this one as it is OEM quality and surly will fit my 2013 F6B. Installation was a breeze using the recommended extension. I simple fished the line from the left pocket to the right pocket. I did have to repair the connections on the back of the voltmeter as they broke off during installation.
I love the back lit red light and the gauge needle is smooth and steady. A bit pricey but I like the factory look that it has.

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Lindale, TX
Installed on 2006 GL1800

Excellent quality and fit. Works very well. The only thing I can complain about is not the voltmeter's fault. The red access plug for the voltmeter was on the left side instead of the right.

As suggested, I did buy the extension, which I did use. Had to run the wiring from under the left pocket to under the right pocket. With a little ingenuity, I got it done without the wiring showing too much.

Everything was plug n play as advertised and the voltmeter works very well.

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Ortonville, MI
Installed on 2017 GL1800

The installation instructions are not fully accurate for a 2017, but I figured it out. I was able to get the molding piece off by taping the paint, popping the corner with my fingers, and then used a wooden shim to hold up the corner and another wooden shim at the center of the bottom (where the clip is) to get the clip to let loose. That was the hardest part. Getting the lock off is pretty easy. I removed the clip on the back that was holding it on the plastic and that allows for removing the cable. You have to order the extension wire mentioned. The accessory power is on the other side of the bike. So on the clutch side of the bike I removed the storage compartment. You don't need to fully remove the molding piece for that, just get the thin part loose. I then fished the extension wire across the bike with a long zip tie. That worked well. To put the lock in the new panel I removed the voltmeter first. Then reassembled everything. Took me a couple hours but I'm slow and cautious.

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Defuniak spriings, FL
Nice after all said and done

I ordered this item after reading all the reviews (and having to replace my battery). After all said and done , I'm happy with it. I was however very disappointed in the instructions, because there were none. I have a '14 wing and all the reviews talked about 05-10 wings, so researching the instructions became tire some. The instructions are a PDF on the website, but are simply useless. After installing the gauge I learned the back post was touching my radiator and the wire coming off the post was resting against the radiator. I had to bend the wire terminal to the light to make it clear the radiator and I had to reposition the hot wire as not to rest on the radiator, it barely fit. I ordered the recommended t harness so I would have plug and play. After finally locating the factory plug on the clutch side, I spent an hour trying to figure out how to use it. Now you're probably thinking I'm a moron by now, but I have done 12v electric work for years. But the fitting did not match up but one way, in which using that way reversed the polarity going to the meter. I finally figured they had to have screwed it up when manufacturing the t harness, so I took the wires out of the plug and swapped them around to achieve the proper connection. Just a good thing I was paying close attention. If you order the t harness, watch closely that black goes to black and red goes to red. Once I corrected those issues, works and looks great.

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Richard A.
The Villages, FL
Installation Voltmeter

Please see my previous review. I contacted Wingstuff and talked to the manager, Rodney, and his primary concern was to make certain I was taken care of. Wingstuff immediately sent me a new voltmeter as well as the new wiring harness. I returned to the dealer who had originally installed the voltmeter and the voltmeter and back light are now working fine. The dealer, Champion Powersports completed the additional installation at no charge. Thanks to all. I would suggest that special comments be made relative to the installation of this unit on 2010 Goldwings.

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  • GL1800 2001-2005
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2005
  • GL1800 2006-2017 (with accessory harness)