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Volt Meter With Back Panel

Got it installed and the extension cable is a must. I took 1 star off for 2 reasons. 1, is the extension cable is a must, if you do not want to splice any wires and 2, the backlight is red and I can't change the colour no matter what. Other than that, the installation is lengthy because you have to remove the top panel and seat but once the installation is done, the voltage reading comes on and I still can see it when I glance down
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I can't believe I took the last belly pan! It's a good purchase because I feel that the undercarriage of the bike is protected. Installation wise, if you can get the bike on the centrestand, you have already won half the battle. The other half is to get the pan in between the gaps when the bottom 2 bolts on each side are loosen or even better, removed. Installation, technically shouldn't take too long and if you can follow the instructions given, it's not an issue. I had to get my son to support the right hand side because I can't get my bike on the centrestand. I took away one star because I can't get my hose into the hole and also when I was installing the oil filter guard, I was confused with the term "slide the small flange over the edge of the front cowl". I wasn't sure if it was through the cowl or not. Common sense prevailed and I understood what that the instructions meant.
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F4 Scratch Resistant Clear or Tinted Windshields for GL1800

I got the tinted Plus 2 windshield because the stock windshield can't go high enough. The tinted Plus 2 windshield is just nice at the lowest setting. The tinted windshield doesn't get too dark at night. With the LED headlights I have, I still can see down the dark road and any oncoming traffic that comes, the windshield is able to protect me from the dazzling lights.
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Not too hard to install. The sound isn't too loud and the pipes blend in with the bottom half of my bike. Coming from v-twin motorcycles, the new sound takes getting used to.
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