Universal Mounting Trailer Hitch Rack


Universal Mounting Trailer Hitch Rack
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Kuryakyn Trailer Hitch Rack, bring a fully loaded cooler or those extra items with you that just don’t seem to fit in your trunk. Simply install the mounting plate beneath your trailer hitch ball & this rack quickly attaches or detaches in seconds. Gloss Black Finish Measures 18 wide x 12 long x 1-1/2 deep, weight = 6-1/2lbs Note: This product is not intended to be used while pulling a trailer. Suggested weight limit, 35 lbs. Fits any trailer hitch with 2 inch or narrower ball mounted plates. Great for carrying extra items can't seem to fit on your motorcycle.

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Can't slide out

I purchased this rack and the fit was VERY tight trying to slide the rack into the mounting point. After the first trip the rack functioned fine but I could not slide it back out. I only had a six pack cooler and a backpacking stove attached to it, about 12-15 pounds, well under the 35 pound limit. I now just remove the trailer ball every time to take it off, not difficult but not how it was supposed to work. Called Kuryakyn direct and was told they had no way to know I did not bend it. Nice.

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Auburndale, FL
Excellent Product

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Kuryakyn makes excellent products ... yes, you may pay a few more dollars but you get what you pay for! This is a solid well built rack. I have a Yeti Rambler cooler and it fits perfect in this rack. Just get you a pair of lashing straps, a Yeti lock to secure your Yeti cooler and you're good to go.

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Gallatin, TN
works great

I just installed this rack and used it this past week for a trip to Florida. Worked out great and all the holes made using straps very easy !

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Gilbert, AZ
Easy Install

Got this installed this week just prior to a 500 mile day trip. It was an easy install but have to note that the fit of the rack into the rack holder was very tight. I do not feel that this is a negative… just an observation. I felt that there was a bit of play in the movement of the rack from side to side despite tightening the trailer ball as tight as I could get it. However, I took the rack on a ride over the Devil’s Highway in eastern AZ with a small Ice Chest strapped on. I hit some rough road on the way back that was quite a jar and I fully expected the chest to have been lost. When I stopped for gas the chest was still there and the rack in the same “centered” position as I had placed it when I left for the trip I did purchase a small door mat and use it for a base between the rack and the ice chest to eliminate chaffing of the chest and the rack itself. I recommend the product to others.

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Attalla, AL
Got this rack a couple years ago...

After a couple of years, this rack still performs well. When I had rather not pull my trailer, this rack is perfect for extra storage or my chest cooler. Noe they need to come out with specific straps to secure items to it. I bought a all weather trunck at Walmart that fits perfect and can be pad locked if needed. You just can't lock it to the rack...

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