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Gilbert, AZ, US, 85233




I have about 400K miles on 3 previous Goldwings. I purchased my 4th Wing , a
2019 Tour DCT on 12/14/2019
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Black 2019 Honda DCT Tour GL1800

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ITEM: AO45-1245


White Lights have Low Intensity

The install went fairly easy on my "19 DCT Tour. The amber turn signal lights are impressive. The white "running " lights are of a lower intensity when compared to the stock amber running lights. I can barely tell they re on during day light hours.
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Trailer Wiring Sub-Harness for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: RIGW007-38,   SKU: RIGW007-38


Does the job but Expensive

Was an easy hook up. Does take up more room under the seat.
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Universal Trailer Wiring Isolator for 2018+ Gold Wing


Wires too short

The wires going to the back of the bike are at least 12 " too short. I had splice wires to the harness to reach fully to the rear of the bike. For $80+, they can another 18" to the harness.
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Ultragard Touring Luggage Rack Bag
ITEM CODE: BB4603,   SKU: BB4603


Great quality But....

The bag is well made as far as material quality is concerned. I have a '19 GW Tour. The bag is too big for the rack. It hangs over the rear of the rack. The Velcro strips in the front have to be trimmed as they are too long and require too much work to get them secured. The nylon strips on the side and in the middle are cumbersome to get secured and will flap in the wind in ends are not further secured.. I expect I will need to look at setting up some kind of "bungee" strap for the side and underneath securing. I suspect this bag will fit on a 2017 and earlier GW Tour, but I do not recommend it for a 2018+ GW.
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920 Saddlebag Liner for 2018+ Gold Wing


Fits the Saddle bag compartment great but...

The bags are designed to match the design of the compartment and fit just fine. The material seems to be of good quality and should be durable. The zipper cost my review one star. The zippers is too short to provide an adequate opening to stuff large items into the bag. The length of the opening need to be about 2" longer on both ends.
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Tapered Seat Bolts
ITEM CODE: BB52-939A,   SKU: BB52-939A


THey are Bolts

Can;t say much... they fit and made it a bit easier to get the threads started. The are aluminum so a magnet dish or rod "retriever" does nothing for you... Gets 4 stars because if this.
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Contoured ISO-Throttled Boss for GL1800 Gloss Black
ITEM CODE: KU6314,   SKU: KU6314


Better than the narrow "boss"

I added this to my Iso-grips for heated grips, 2019 GW Tour. Very easy install on the ISO grips, recommend do the grips and boss at the same time. This boss is wider than the chrome bosses and the other wrap around bosses, so it is more comfortable to me. It was easy to adjust for positioning. Took me two short rides to get it positioned best for me.
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ISO-Grips for use w/OEM Heated Grips for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU6183,   SKU: KU6183


THis was a good purchase

I had a set of these on my previous 2010 GW and felt I needed a set on my current 2019. Glad I made the purchase, I have large to x-large hands and the grips make a better fit for my hands. It was a rather easy install with use of some liquid dish washing soap. I recommend that you have the black rubber insert installed on one of the outer grips before sliding it onto the stock grips. This makes for less pulling on the inner rubber to seat into the grip openings. I used a small standard screwdriver to pull the inner rubber through the slots on the other outer grip once I connected the two outer parts. Take your time and be patient. Add the wider black throttle boss to this, I recommend it.
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F4 Scratch Resistant Windshields for 2018+ Gold Wing


Not good at shedding water :(

I am overall not pleased with this windscreen. It is way over priced. I purchased the Tall (24", clear) and it is so much better than the stock 2019 Tour screen. It does keep the wind out of my face better and does reduce the flow across my shoulders. It was extremely easy to install (less than 30 minutes). I also purchased the F4 Cleaner and use it weekly to clean the screen. HOWEVER... I waited to review this after I had a chance to ride in the rain (live in the Phoenix Valley). I am very disappointed in the water shedding ability f this item. I have to hit at east 60 MPH to get the rain to actually bead and flow of the shield. So beware potential buyer. I have had Tulsa shields on my past Goldwings ('97 & '10) and I really miss being able to purchase one for this bike. I wqill try Plexus claner/polish next to see if the water shedding ability is in creased.
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Aero Flip-Out Highway Pegs for 2018 Honda Gold Wing


Does the job but Expensive

This was easy to install and I have used it sparingly due to in town commutes . None the less, I am pleased with the item. Looking forward to a long distant trip to get a better feel. I first had the set up farthest out as I am 6'1". However, I moved it back to the middle position and it provided more comfort with a slight bend in the knee. I do feel it is too expensive.
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Wide Universal Throttle Boss XL
ITEM CODE: KU6315,   SKU: KU6315


Update on item

I had this item installed on a 2010 over after market hand grip covers. It did not work . I just purchased a 2019 GW tour and remembered that I had saved this item despite not using it. I fits great on the stock hand grips. So I recommend this product for stock hand grips but go with something else on the thicker after market grips.
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Electronic Fuse Block for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: BB52-942,   SKU: BB52-942


Great addition but better connectors needed

I installed this on my 2019 Tour and have a Garmin GPS (switched), connector to heat gear (constant feed), and the Show Chrome rear markers (switched) wired into it. I initially used the connectors that came in the kit to connect to the bike harness instead of heading Cruiseman's suggestion to use higher quality connectors to connect to the wiring harness. Once everything was connection, I turned the bike ignition on and only one of the marker lights worked. I immediately removed all five of the blue connectors and replaced with smaller and easier to connect items I had...obtained from a hardware store. The switch out went quickly. Once ignition back on, all of the "electrics" worked. If I add anymore "stuff" to the bike, I am confident it will go smoothly with the wiring connections. Looking to add a trailer harness before summer I believe the issue with the blue connector is that the item is designed for larger gauge wire than what comes with modern LED lights. It results in a hit-miss situation on the wires
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