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Chesapeake, VA, US, 23322




Retired naval CWO4. I'm working on my second career as an engineer with the DOD. Enjoying life in Corporate America. Bought the Gold Wing, put a Voyager Trike kit on it, and then put a California Sidecar (CSC) kit on it... check out the pictures.
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Engineering Technician

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Nobody is completely worthless; they can always serve as a bad example.

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Bike 1:

Silver 1983 Yamaha SECA 650

Bike 2:

Blue 1986 Honda CB 750

Bike 3:

Pearl White 2008 Honda 1800 Gold Wing

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Special Edition Quantum Windshield w/Rain Zip Coating
ITEM CODE: TR552153,   SKU: TR552153


An update on my 4/30/2014 Review

I completed my long ride this weekend (May 3rd) and did another ride the next day. My wife said she couldn't provide enough input on how the windshield performed but I will. The bubble it provides for the rider is very noticeable. It does what you've read about; it pushes the air away from the side and the top of the rider. I am 5' 10" and have it adjusted at the highest setting. This is the setting for me. The windshield is clear and provides excellent visibility. I think this is a quality product and I'll add this... it looks great on the trike. I got many positive comments on the shield this weekend. If you're looking to change the look of your Gold Wing, you may want to look at the V-Stream SE.
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Special Edition Quantum Windshield w/Rain Zip Coating
ITEM CODE: TR552153,   SKU: TR552153


Installation and quality appear top-notch

I ordered this for an upcoming ride and received it 2 days later... thanks WingStuff for the quick delivery. Install was fairly easy and it is good advice to put a rag under the fasteners around the mirrors to prevent them from falling into the fairing area. I haven't rode with it yet due to rain but plan on making the long ride this weekend. I will update the stars after the ride. More to follow.
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Chrome Free Spirit Master Cylinder Covers
ITEM CODE: BB2447,   SKU: BB2447


A nice touch to the control area

I was not sure about purchasing these based on the reflection from the sun but that turned out not to be a concern. They are made of sturdy material and do add a terrific touch to the handle bar area... nothing but comments regarding how well they look.
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Terrific device and well made

I purchased this mount to hold my satellite radio. This is a well made mount and sturdy. The flexibility of the mount makes it invaluable to hold a GPS or telephone. I would recommend this device.
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Chrome Radio Panel Accent for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52696,   SKU: BB52696


All Chrome

I held off buying this because I thought the sun would reflect off it into my eyes; nope. The sun doesn't affect your vision but this piece certainly might. It looks terrific and adds a nice touch to the tank. I gave it 4 stars because I had to bend it here-and-there to get it to fit right.

A nice touch.
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Lower Wind Deflecting Trike Wings for GL1800


Brackets have too much play

They do deflect air from the rider, co-rider, and trike but the mounting brackets have too much play. I recommend adding some rubber to provide additional grip. I used some cut o-rings to reduce the play.
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Chrome Luggage Rack for GL1800 Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: BB52-610,   SKU: BB52-610


Looks good and an affordable price

I had this installed by a dealer and was surprised how quick they had it done. It looks good and the price cannot be beat. Clears the rear spoiler with no problems. If you're looking to enhance the rear look of your Wing or something to hold a little more weight, I recommend this item.
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ITEM: BB52748


Easy install

This was an easy install but the assembly didn't have anything that secured the power housing to the left glove box. I had to install a large o-ring to hold it in place when removing the plug from the assembly. It energizes once the ignition is turned on. Overall, well worth the money. I'll echo what others stated regarding using a 7/8 bit... not big enough.
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Clutch/Brake Or Round Handlebar Drink Holder w/Basket


Love it

I bought the clutch side. Ease to use. I installed using a little lock-tite to make sure the thumb screw doesn't back-off. Holds the beverage very snug. One thing I found was the position of the cup in relation to the headset cord shortens the cord, slightly. Still a great product.
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Passenger Drink Holder
ITEM CODE: KU1481,   SKU: KU1481


Co-Rider likes it

My Co-Rider likes this. Ease to use and holds the drink snug. You have to be mindful regarding the size of the beverage you have; we purchased a separate size bottle to use. Great for the extended rides. On the downside... now she points me towards the nearest Starbucks.
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Trunk Light Reconfiguration Harness for GL1800
ITEM CODE: EC02112,   SKU: EC02112


5 Stars

I just received this and installed it. The first time it didn't work but that was my fault; I didn't follow the directions. After removing what I did; I read the instructions again and followed them. It does everything it says it does. I have the outer light as the turn-signal. Read the instructions; there are very clear but I thought I knew what I was doing the first time. Well worth the money to raise your turn-signals.
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Chrome Passenger Cruise Pegs for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7016,   SKU: KU7016


5 Stars

I reviewed this on 14 Nov 2011 and gave them 4 stars. We just back from a 200 mile ride and my wife loved them. 5 stars it is.
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