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San Diego, CA, US, 92124




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My feet are off the ground, for this I Am Thankful!

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Metalic Red 2010 Honda Goldwing Gl1800

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Bridgestone Tire COMBO for GL1800 G704/G709


Tire choice.

I switched to "Stones" for one reason. I do not like the feel of a cupped tire, front or rear, when I drop into a corner. I ride hard and want full contact with the road and a cupped tire is not in full contact. Stones do not cup on my 2010 1800. I ran Dunlops for years on my 1500 and then again on my 1800 but switched to Stones and have run them for about the last 50k miles. I get about 14k miles out of the stones depending on where I am riding and this is just a little better than the Dunlop E3 mileage I was getting. The heavier the right hand the shorter the tire life.
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All Balls Steering Bearings for GL1800 & F6B
ITEM CODE: TR416233,   SKU: TR416233


1800 must do

I understand why Honda went from the roller bearings to the ball bearings but I don't think it was a good move by Honda engineers. The roller bearings were used in the 1500 for years and they had no problems but when they designed the 1800 they went to what they were using on the track. The Ball Berings are great for the lighter bikes and give you a much lighter force to turn the handle bars but Honda missed the target on this one. The balls have such a small surface area that there is to much force per square inch for the design on the 1800. at 77k miles I could feel the detentes in the steering caused by the balls beating pockets into the race surface. The bearings at this point started to loosen up so it was time to replace them with the proper design of bearing. The roller type of bearing will support the weight and not cause damage to the race so I expect these bearings to last the same as the ones in the 1500s. 200k or 300k miles for these instead of 77k and coompletely shot.
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Progressive Monotube Fork Cartridge Kit for GL1800
ITEM CODE: TR779004,   SKU: TR779004


Progressive fron fork fix

At 77K on my 2010 1800 the front end need some help. The ride was getting choppy and it was diving when I braked hard so this was the needed fix. The ride has improved to better than "original new ride". When you want to upgrade your front end on your 1800 this is the fix.
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Kuryakyn LED Turn Signal Mirror Lights for GL1800


5 Stars

Great product. I did not have to remove the second mirror to install the lights once I figured out how the install was going to go.
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