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I love anything that takes place in the great outdoors.
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How Difficult Is It To Ride A Gold Wing?

Rides Smaller Than It Looks
The GoldWing platform can be intimidating at first from behind the handlebars, but it rides smaller than it looks. It's very nimble for a 900-pound bike and is very spirited. It is also very much at home poking around the back roads of the country sides.

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Gen 2 Chrome Fork Brace for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7339,   SKU: KU7339

I recently purchased this brace for my 2012 Wing with 83k miles on it. I had read a lot of positive reviews, so i decided to make this part 1 of a 3-part suspension upgrade. I must say this is the best money I've spent on my bike and have spent a lot. The install took about 30 minutes. I immediately felt the difference leaving my driveway riding over the gutter bump. On the street level going 20-45 mph the vibration you normally feel in the handlebars is gone. At highway speeds 55-80 mph no more vibrations or feedback in the handlebars from road surface imperfections. This brace actually keeps the fork tubes true and vertical. This means quicker lean angles in turn and curves. You will really feel a positive difference when you perform U-turns. You don't realize how much the GoldWing forks flex until you install this brace. I now enjoy more spirited rides than I did before. next, I will upgrade my fork springs with the Progressive fork spring kit and change out my steering bearing for the All Balls set.
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Front Wave Performance Rotors for GL1800

I purchased this rotor for my 2012 GL as a direct replacement of my front OEM rotor. Immediately i could tell these rotors really allow the OEM brake pads to bite for quicker stops. The only downside is it seems more brake dust is generated on my rims. Since using these, I have to regular blow the dust off of my ABS sensor to avoid the ABS light from flashing. Other than that, I love the performance upgrade.
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Bridgestone Tires for GL1800 & F6B

I bought the Bridgestone front tire for my 2012 Wing from Wingstuff. There were other retailers that had a better price, but I didn’t trust they would have a recent born on date. I received my tire in a few short days and it had a 3 month date which made me happy. I usually get 15k-18k miles on the OEM tires without using any beads or balancer products. I religiously check my psi and run about 3-5lbs over what Honda suggests. I get great even wear. I mainly ride FLORIDA flat/straight roads with annual trips to the mountains.
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K&N High Flow Lifetime Air Filter for GL1800, F6B

For the longest I swore off using K&N filters in my Wing simply because with all of the trouble it is to replace the filter, I felt the last thing I wanted to do was to wash it, wait for it to dry before reinstalling. I'm glad I did install it in my 2012 Wing. Just like in all of my vehicles with K&N filters, the throttle response is much improved over OEM. I'll probably curse it the day I'm waiting for it to dry instead of riding.Easy install. It sealed and seated perfectly to the air intake box just like OEM.
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Footpegs w/Adjustable 1" Clamp
ITEM CODE: KU7976,   SKU: KU7976

I bought these for my 2012 to replace my existing Kuryakyn Spring Return Hwy Pegs that were no longer right once i made an adjustment to my handle bars. I changed the ergonomics and needed to stretch my legs more. I am 6'2" and have made every comfort adjustment to my Wing to really personalize the fit. These are perfect. I used a small piece of rubber to put inside of the clasp to insure a tight fit that won't become loose and slide out of position. Because of the offset angled neck, you can adjust to almost any Ergo needs. Worth the money. Plus there are many non-Goldwing pegs that will fit this hardware.
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Trunk Accent Swoops w/ LED Lights
ITEM CODE: KU3233,   SKU: KU3233

I ordered these for my 2012 to add a little more visibility from the side. Plus I've always liked how the HD trunks were wrapped with lights. These filled in a rather boring space on the upper sides of the trunk with running and turn signals in Red.
The look is good. The only knock i have is the adhesive isn't stuck well enough to the inside or back of the light itself. While it sticks well to the trunk, it leaves a gap between the trunk body and the back of the light. This annoys me bc I know rain water, dirt and UV light will get behind it and eventually cause the adhesive to become brittle and no longer adhere to the bike. Seen it on other similar products. I will have to squeeze some thicker pieces of double-sided tape behind it or seal around the top of it.
Other than that the install is very straight forward and shouldn't take more than 30 minutes to install. Especially if you already have lighting accessories connected to your bike.
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118 Decibel Universal Electric Horns

I bought these at WD40 because they were including the wiring kit free of charge. The horns was a direct replacement for the OEM horns on my 2012. However, the OEM horn bracket on the right side of the bike did not allow me to access the bracket nut due to there not being enough clearance between it and the header pipe, so I simply removed the horn from the OEM bracket and reused it to mount the new horn. The left side had no such problem, so I replaced the OEM horn and bracket with the supplied new bracket. Other than that, the instructions were straight forward. These horns are LOUD!
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ITEM: PG02361

I happened onto this product by accident as the vendor was out of a similar product from a different manufacture.This is a top quality product using top quality parts. I was considering replacing my handlebars to alleviate the discomfort in my neck and shoulders I would experience on long rides, so i bought the standard kit that would raise, move the bars towards me and most importantly, move the grips in. This product nailed it while saving me HUNDREDS of dollars over new bars! It requires you to cut the triple tree plastic cover (as do all similar kits), but they include bolt head covers/plugs to dress up and provide protection against the elements. I think anyone who typically are not afraid to work on their Wing can install these in about 2-hours. This kit has changed my ergonomic fit on my bike (6',2") where i can now enjoy pain free riding. It even created better legroom too.
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HC-PAL 8-Pin Upper Section Right Angle Cord

You really have to stop sitting the helmet down flat with the cord plugged in and don't store the helmet with the cord plugged in either. I'm lucky I live in Florida where I had J&M replace a cord for free at Bike Week before I learned what not to do. After that, I've been on the same cords for 3-4 years now with no issues.
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ITEM: AO18741180

I purchased this item for my 2012 GL1800. I mounted to my Rivco hitch frame using the two holes already drilled in the rear of the hitch. I had to modify the holes in the bracket included with the Mud Flap to fit. The finished install looked great. The LED light is plenty bright. However, it didn’t last long. An hour into my maiden ride on I95, I hear noise and felt something strange and pulled over to inspect. The flap was sucked into the rear tire when I passed an 18 wheeler and was completely destroy. Perhaps the mounting location had it too close to the tire. I may try it again. I hope they will make one for the Gen 2 as it has gained popularity since the release of the 2018.
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ITEM: PG33899

I bought this to go under my jacket during the transitional months here in Florida where it's cold in the early morning then cold again in the late evenings. the Fleece lining is especially comfy and it has plenty of pockets.I wish it had some illumination when wearing as an outer coat.
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Trailer Hitch Chrome Ball Cover
ITEM CODE: KU7658,   SKU: KU7658

This is the easiest upgrade you can make to your Gold Wing. This accessory is NOT year specific and is a can't miss/can't mess up install. Fits around your typical 1-7/8-inch ball and covers it for a clean look. This item is made of a chrome plastic. An included Foam insert is installed around the neck of the hitch ball and this chrome cover is squeezed on over it. That's it! Beauty and clean looks in 5-seconds.
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