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Chrome Front Fender Extension
ITEM CODE: HO08P08MCA100,   SKU: HO08P08MCA100

This is well made and a must to keep the raod crap off of my chrome front cowl cover. It also keeps the rain water at a lower level. Looks good and the install is very easy. Be careful when drilling. 'Measure twice, drill once'.
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I wanted a small piece of chrome up front so I bought one of these. It is a little pricey but it's well made and finished. added enough 'bling' to the front without over doing it. I didn't want the chrome accents. Easy install.
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Fog Light Lens Protectors

I have had these on my GW for two years and they do what they are suppose to do and thats protect the fog lights. I take them off and put them back on often for cleaning and my fog lights still look like new. I believe these are a must have with fog lights. It's would be easier and cheaper to replace these rather than busted up fog lights. Easy install
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Performance Stainless Belly Pan
ITEM CODE: WS187416,   SKU: WS187416

After reading the reviews on this belly pan, I decided to order one from Wing Stuff. I want to protect the bottom of my GW from any road hazards. This was an easy, straight forward, common sense install that took be about 10 minutes. The instructions aren't very good but from reading these product reviews the install was very simple. The best advice was to wear a pair of gloves because the metal is very sharp. The fit was perfect and it finishes off the bottom off the bike. Nice piece.
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Chrome Scuff Plates
ITEM CODE: HO08P56MCA100,   SKU: HO08P56MCA100

These are a little pricey but I didn't mind paying a little more for these. These are well made and nicely finished. Make sure you clean everything well before installing. Dry fit them before sticking them to the OEM plastic just so you are sure how to fit them properly. I like these and it changes to look of my bike. I do recommend these because of their clean lines and look.
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Rear Fender Chrome Trim for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU9017,   SKU: KU9017

This adds a nice touch to the lower rear fender. Very easy to install, however I found the piece a little wider than the fender so I added a small piece of good quality double side tape to each end. Like some other reviews I also used some small clamps and left them on overnight. I haven't had problems with it falling off or even coming loose. The chrome is great quality. No regrets.
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Luggage Rack Risers for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7154,   SKU: KU7154

I installed these with my rack to clear my spoiler and they fit great. They also allow you more hand room to clean that area of my bike. The gasket washers seal great and I have had no issues with water getting in my trunk. I would install these even if I didn't have a rear spoiler just to have the extra hand room for cleaning. Price was OK and they are a quality item.
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Kuryakyn Chrome Luggage Rack w/Rubber Inlay for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7151,   SKU: KU7151

NICE RACK! Don't say that to ladies but this is a nice accessory. I installed this with the risers to clear my spoiler. It fits perfectly and is very handy for carring extra stuff. Great finish. The risers make it easier to clean that are of the bike too.
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I looked around at some other the other after market covers but found these to be the nicest of the bunch. These were a little more expensive but in my opinion looked the best. Nothing is too good for my Wing. Perfect fit and I appreciate the wing logo.
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