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St Germain, WI, Un, 54558




Married, happily, which is very possible.
Looking forward to riding to Alaska with our son.
If work didn't get in the way, I'd hunt, fish, or play golf most every day.
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High School Teacher

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"This is some messed up shit."

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Burgndy 2007 Honda GL 1800

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Grey 2004 Trek 4700

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- No Bike 3 -

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5 Pin Stereo Headset for Open Face/Modular Helmet w/ Boom

Boom mic mount is flimsy, using only a Velcro patch. Bigger issue is that the main wire lead between the lower cord and the mic/speakers has no solid attachment point. I have installed different units on 2 occasions in the past and both had some sort of clamp that gave a solid connection to the helmet. With this unit, while both upper and lower main cords appear solidly built, the upper cord just sits loosely wherever you tuck it behind the padding in your helmet. That upper cord attaches to the leads for the mic/speakers and those wires are super thin. The potential/likely problem is that you or your passenger will get off the bike without first unplugging and it would be surprising if those thin wires stayed in tact. Some modifications I improvised will hopefully overcome this design flaw. But it was such a PITA, I walked away after finishing mine and will get back to my wife's helmet in a few days, when I have more patience for it. Also, especially if you never set up one of these headsets, there were literally NO instructions of any kind in either package. Not a big deal for me, and I MacGyvered the whole setup to try and compensate for the weakness I described above, but that might be another thing to consider. I can't give thoughts on the sound quality as I live in Northern Wisconsin and the bike is in a pole barn for the next few months. I'll update the review when the bike comes out and the snowmobile goes in. Hopefully they sound as good as most say and my MacGyver job did the trick.
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ITEM: AO18673816K

The folks who intimated that the install instructions could be better were being WAY too kind. No direction beyond "see YouTube videos on installing the Utopia backrest" would have been better than the paper they wasted on "instructions". Just look at the two 5-minute the Utopia backrest install videos (even though this is an Add On product and doesn't say Utopia anywhere I could find). That said, it is super easy to install with the video. Agree that the cut thru the seat is nerve wracking for a minute, but worth it in the end. A good backrest, and this is, makes a huge difference. My bride tells me she doesn't even know it is there. One tip: You'll need a long knife to cut thru the seat foam after you slit the seat cover material. Use a blunt or round point knife for this or be really careful! The videos say to use a serrated knife. I found one of my straight edge carving knives did a better job. But it has a sharp point and I was about 1mm from stabbing it thru the seat material while cutting the foam. A round/blunt point knife would not pose this problem. Or you could pay more attention than I was, apparently.
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Rear Fender Chrome Trim for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU9017,   SKU: KU9017

Nice look for a chrome minimalist like me. Good heavy metal instead of ABS. Problem: The little bends that wrap around the side of the fender were not even close to fitting. I had to deflect each side of the plastic fender out 1/4" and clamp it for a day in hopes that it would hold. It didn't - the fender's desire to be its normal shape was stronger that the tape. The tape on the long back section seems rock solid. I hope it holds because it would be an ugly thing for the vehicle behind me for this to come off on the freeway. This is the first Kury product I have ever bought that didn't fit mint.
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Front Fender Tip for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7321,   SKU: KU7321

Looks great. fits perfect. Not a 5th star because, despite Wingstuff's great pricing, all chrome accents are way too expensive from the manufacturer. Maybe that's why I'm a chrome minimalist (but you have to have some!)
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OEM Replacement Rubber Steps for Stock Driver Pegs

Easy & cheap update, done in 5 minutes. One thing - there is a cap head that is actually a bolt that I took out before noticing the hex head that actually hold the rubber to the peg and as far as I could tell that cap head bolt serves absolutely zero purpose. Odd.
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Fender Accent Filler for GL1800
ITEM CODE: BB52801,   SKU: BB52801

You think those strange cutouts on the front fender are irrelevant until you put some chrome fillers in them, then you realize how much better the front look is. 4 stars is the most any chrome accent gets because they are all way too expensive. Yet we keep buying it...
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Comfort Grip Covers
ITEM CODE: TR179222,   SKU: TR179222

Great way to add some comfort to every ride and beef up the too skinny stock grips. Had them on for 3 weeks now, and would miss them if they were gone. Hopefully they'll be durable and hold up a while, but for the price if they could be replaced every year and still be a good value.
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VStream Quantum Hard Coated Windshield for GL1500

Seems like a quality product, but it hasn't had the time to stand the test of time. I'll update in a year, expecting to still be pleased. No trouble install. I read many folks online saying that installing the vent was tricky, but I have no idea why. It was no problem to install. And going from no vent to a vent is AWESOME. Only 1 issue I have: There is a bend in the top 1" or so that channels wind up and over. That bend also bends my view of the road. Not a huge issue as I usually look over or under that point, but it is distracting when my eye hit it. A good purchase.
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XXR Speaker Upgrade Kit for Fairing & Rear Positions

They work. fine. I don't expect (or care if) the Allman Brothers to sound like I am listening to them on Klipsch speakers in my home when I am hearing them at 70mph, accompanied by tires, wind, and that car with the busted muffler. Anyone hoping for audiophile quality should probably not listen to music on a moving motorcycle. They fit perfect. The fronts took me forever to install, but that is owing to Honda's genius and sadistic billion plastic part engineering. A good purchase.
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Saddlebag & Trunk Luggage Liners (Sold Each)

No complaint, just a heads up. They work, but are not equal to the oem in fit. Saddlebag liners are a bit smaller and quite a bit narrower, trunk liner leaves a fair amount of extra space around perimeter and on top. But that might come in handy for stashing stuff away. Decent quality materials, seems to be sturdy zippers.
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ITEM: BB2437

Quality product, good fit, not a difficult install. Only complaints: my read of instructions had me dropping the exhaust pipe unnecessarily and some of the clamps are a bear to slip on for anyone without 3 arms. Maybe it was me, maybe not. Happy with the purchase regardless.
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ITEM: BB52693

Another great product. I put them on my '92 1500 and my wife approves. No more 'sore hips', which might pay dividends. Tricky to remove the battery/fuse cover, but it can be done without removing the riser. I ended up using the single-piece spacers that were behind the existing floorboard mount because it had less give than the spacers supplied.
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