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DJ Espi

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DJ Espi


Love to ride my bike.
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HeliBars Tour Performance Handlebar Risers for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: HEHR01139,   SKU: HEHR01139

When I look where the holes are located on the adapter pieces, it makes no sense where the handle bars end up! Ultimately, whatever witch craft was used to design these, they are a magical welcome to my riding comfort. Absolutely amazing product. And watching Fred's installation video is a must before you attempt. Took about 40 minutes to install which included adjusting the length of both brake and clutch lines and cutting the trim cover piece. The bars come in and closer together and the handling went from "Beach bar" width to sport bike width. Not sure if that makes sense but turning the bars feels different now. Not in a bad way. In a 'I'll have to get used to this now' way. My arms, hands, shoulders and neck all feel comfortable with these. I'd would highly recommend this item if you fatigue or get uncomfortable after 1 or 2 hours of straight riding.
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Belly Pan for 2018+ Gold Wing

After much back and forth I decided on the Wingstop belly pan over the Traxxion, basically due to ease of installation. I watched as many videos possible on how to install this belly pan. It took under 30 minutes to get this pan installed on my 2018 6 speed Gold Wing. Yes the two flanges needed to be bent very little bit. It looks like Wingstop changed the mounting point from previous versions I saw and I like it much better.
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Utopia Driver Backrest for 2018-20 Gold Wing

After my 1st long distance ride of this season my back was killing me. I've seen review after review about how good a backrest is in general, let alone how many positive ratings the Utopia has gotten. Having come to terms with my age and back, I finally purchased this backrest. Following Cruiseman's video on installation I had it installed in about 30 mins and took it out for a quick test ride and adjustment. I didn't want to stop riding. The difference is night and day. The best feeling was having my feet out on my Rivco hiway pegs and feeling planted in my seat. No movement or sliding or shifting. Absolutely amazing. If you are on the edge over getting a backrest, it means it's time to get one and I'd 100% recommend this Utopia.
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Brake Pedal Cover Black for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: CI68320,   SKU: CI68320

These go on so quickly and they feel nice. They do add a little meat to the brake which I personally like. They match the floor boards for rider and passenger for a complete look.
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Twin Rail Inserts for Passenger Floorboards
ITEM CODE: CI68450,   SKU: CI68450

These inserts are a perfect compliment to the floor boards. They could not go on any easier with a little spray cleaner. Dont be selfish and let your passenger ride in style as well.
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Twin Rail Floorboards w/ Optional Chrome Driver Adapters

These floor boards are not over done nor are they boring. These look great and feel comfortable. There are multiple positions of adjustment for the right fit for you. Matched with a heel toe shifter, they are the perfect blend of style and function.
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Aero Flip-Out Highway Pegs Black for 2018 Honda Gold Wing

These pegs were very easy to put on the bike. Straight forward instructions and a video from Cruisemans Garage shows you how to do it. Once on they really made a difference, being able to stretch out my legs during a ride. The real plus is that the fold away as if they aren't there. Yeah they cover the HONDA name on the side of the engine but who really cares! Comfort is key on a long or short ride.
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