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Road Trip Mistakes - 5 Errors You Might Make On Your Next Trip

The Great Grand Canyon!!!
First of June 2018, Oh what a trip this is going to be. Two week trip clear around the Grand Canyon. Start in Boise Idaho on my new 2018 Wing. Packed to the hilt. Everything stuffed to the brim, Including the huge bag on the trunk and the back pack that my wife had stuffed with more clothes between us. You know its going to be cold??? Full riding gear for both of us. And it was pretty chilly the first couple days. from Boise down to Salt Lake, Bryce canyon, Grand staircase, North rim grand Canyon, Lake Powell. Already getting to hot. Mail a box of clothing home.$50 Then we started heading South. Why did we bring all this cold weather gear? And where are we going to put all the nicknacks? Another package going home at least another $50. By the time we stopped at the West Rim of the grand Canyon we were over full again. but we decided we were just not going to buy any more stuff. Still to many clothes. Making it over and through Vegas the weather changed from really warm to oh my its 115 out here. Good thing we have a thing about riding geared up. Cuz there was no place to put it. It was a great trip though. Around 2000 miles and 2 weeks. Guys if she says I need, Be prepared to over pack!!!!!

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Pathfinder Plug N Play Harness for 2018-2020 Gold Wing

Works great. I can add more lights. Had this for just under a year. Still no problem.
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Rear Saddlebag Dynamic Sequential LED Lights

These were easy to install. Look like they are from the factory. Adds more visibility. Really nice. I have had them for just under a year. Still look amazing and work great. Always have to mention how fast shipping is from Wingstuff.
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F4 Scratch Resistant Windshields for 2018+ Gold Wing

Can there be such a thing? This is so clear that it does get a reflection in it. So far though no scratches. Got the 20” works great. Easy install. Time will tell
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ROKKER XXR Speaker Upgrade Kit for 2018+ Gold Wing

I got one set of these before the price went crazy. Wish I had got a second set. I did install these in the back. It made enough difference that I have to turn my music down when setting at a stop with people next to me. I can only imagine how loud the would be with the second pair and the amp.
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OEM Replacement Rubber Steps for 2018+ Gold Wing Stock Driver Pegs

These are very easy to replace. WingStuff seems to have everything you can use. And shipping is crazy fast.
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Engine Guard Opening Trim
ITEM CODE: BB52-932,   SKU: BB52-932

I put on pegs that mounted to the bar. These finish off the opening nicely. Since the cover was already off it only took a couple minutes to install.
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LED Saddlebag Lights Black
ITEM CODE: CI40037,   SKU: CI40037

I will start out by saying this. I did a rookie move when installing my first set of these. For some reason I was so happy to get them and install them that I neglected to hook them up and test them before I installed them. And to my disappointment it is a mistake turned expensive lesson. The install on these fairly simple. When I put them on it was on the chilly side so I warmed the saddle bag and the double stick tape with a heat gun. They stuck!! And then I found out the left one did not work. I did not try to get a refund mainly because to take it off I had to destroy it. Yes it stuck that good. And that is one reason I waited this long to do a review. That was 2 winters ago, and they are still stuck!!!! I ordered another set and replaced the one I destroyed. These look great and add more light. I get so many comments on these and the other lights that I have installed. Time to add something else.
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Shock & Awe 2.0 Bluetooth Controller Kit
ITEM CODE: CI41035,   SKU: CI41035

You might want to just buy the whole kit, As for the controller it works just as described. The controller is very easy to install, but depending on where you put the lights it can take some time. I have the set for the engine, a set under saddle bags in back, and a set up under front of faring. Need to move these around for more visibility. I hooked these into a fuse block, and the the brake light modulator. When I stop all the Led's cycle through the same pattern as the brake light. Making everyone around me aware that I am there. The App is really fun to mess around with, On top of all that you should see how many smiles and Hey that's cool comments you get, :-]
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ITEM: CI40031

These really look sharp. Install pretty simple as long as you clean the area really well first. Something I did do. Which may or may not help. Was to take a heat gun warm up the area real well right before you stick them on. Make sure you have dry tested them and know just where they are going to be. Wiring part was a breeze. Reason for 4 stars I do still have concern about tape. Time will tell.
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LED Rotor Covers Black
ITEM CODE: CI48301,   SKU: CI48301

These add so much visibility to your bike. They look great and they look cool. It takes a bit of time to install. make sure to use included zip tie hold downs. Watch any available video you can find for tips. the wire routing is probably the hardest part. I have taken all wires down the right side of bike. Only gave the 4 stars because I am a bit concerned with the durability.
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LED Engine Lighting Panels Chrome
ITEM CODE: CI40055,   SKU: CI40055

I agree with everyone about the ease of instillation. If you add the Shock and Awe Led's, it adds a bit of time. These look so cool and adds more visibility. I used the plug and play instillation kit only takes hour at tops.
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Windshield Strut Covers
ITEM CODE: CI18100,   SKU: CI18100

I got these in the summer. took care to clean all parts. Put them on waited for a day to ride. and it was almost like the tape melted. i took both off about half hour into the ride. was going to try putting them on with different glue.
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