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Introducing...Ride America - A New Blog Series from WingStuff

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Cruising across the United States is a truly unforgettable experience unlike anything else. There are so many attractions and points of interest; it’s impossible to see them all. Soaring mountains tipped with snow, ancient trees as big as skyscrapers, a sea of golden rolling hills, lakes and rivers and oceans. But that’s ok because that means there will always be something new upon the horizon. A new National Park, secret route or roadside diner you have never been to that a fellow Winger says you just have to visit.

That’s why we’re going to do a Ride America Series, where we will focus on a certain state (or area) and highlight its offerings. Let us know of any recommendations you might have in the comments below.

But before we jump on our Wings and head out across this fair land, here are some tips for Riding A Motorcycle Across America, courtesy of Let us know what you think! What did they get right and what did they get wrong?

Coming soon...Our first featured location in the series will be, Hawaii.

Until next time...Ride safe!


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Lots of sensible ideas there. I will add a couple more:

- Be willing to experience things that are out of your comfort zone. Riding through Death Valley when it's 118 degrees is something otherworldly. So is riding in snow or a thunderstorm. Those things will be what you remember the most and tell your grandkids about.

- Don't travel scared. Some people fear wide open spaces or being alone when 99.9999% of the time there is nothing to fear.

- Ride your ride. Everybody has different preferences and rarely can anybody truly do things their way if they feel obligated to other people, whether those people are riding with you or not.

-Don't be afraid of setting goals and keeping to a schedule. All that means is that you have given great thought to planning the trip and seeing it through to completion which can give great satisfaction.

- Interstate highway travel is almost a necessity if you are going to get somewhere new to you that is thousands of miles from home. Just buckle down and do it for a couple of days and then the entire continent becomes within reach.



My favorite place is the Beartooth Highway in Montana/Wyoming. Beautiful views and the road is a blast.

Melvin ( Buddy )


our favorite place to ride is the Blue Ridge Parkway from Cherokee S.C. to Front Royal Va. Since we live in the Alleghany Highlands we will at times ride to Afton Mt. off I 64 and and go south to the Peaks of Otter and frop into Buckhannan then 60 & 64 to Covington va



I've ridden across the country country five time in the last four years. The thing I learned on my first trip is what I tell everyone that wants to take a long trip. Of course have a plan,BUT stay flexible. You don't know what you don't know. From person experience it really sucks when you see something that really interests you but you're on a schedule so pass it up.
Now whenever I ride, and I see something that interests me, I pause and ask myself; Will I ever be here again? If no or not sure, take the time to do it. You can always make adjustments in our route.



I agree with the post suggesting the Beartooth Highway between Montana and Wyoming.

Also, the long and winding Highway 12 from Lolo, Montana to Lewiston, Idaho along the Lochsa and Clearwater Rivers.



I love the West Coast. There are so many things to see from Sea Ranch to Jenner, then Bodega Bay to Santa Cruz, continue to Monterey and Carmel. To visit these places can take up to three weeks or more depending on how much you want to see. I have done them all several times and there is still much more to see. Of course you can just drive through and still be captivated by the scenery alone but I would advise to stop as much as you can and take it all in.



We love to ride western Colorado, the million dollar highway over Red Mountain Pass. Then there is Independence Pass east of Aspen. So many good rides there.



A well laid out plan with flexibility to deviate from that well plan. Getting a mixture of highway and secondary roads is great. The safest roads to travel are highway; void of driveways, intersections, and all traffic going the same way. I like the highways until they get congested, then it is secondary roads. Bottom line, ride where you are comfortable, enjoy the adventure, and be safe

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