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J&M's BT-04/BT03+ Headsets Are FINALLY Ready For Prime-Time On The 2018-2019 Gold Wing

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Using the exclusive J&M SmartBlu™ technology, when the BT-04 headset is linked to the new Wing, its internal features & functions are modified/optimized for this specific Bluetooth audio system. (Applies to BT-04 software version v00.1.5 & later)

Going forward J&M will be periodically updating the software package inside the J&M BT-04 Bluetooth headset to add additional features, fix any bugs that pop-up and keep up with software changes that Honda may make to the audio system on the new Wing.


The features, linking scenarios and operations listed below are what you can expect with the BT-04/BT03+ software version v00.1.5 & later
1. Rider to link their headset to the Rider HS feed from the Bluetooth system menu.

2. Rider to link their cell phone to the Bluetooth system on the Wing OR plug-in their iPhone to the system USB for Apple Car-Play functions.

3. Passenger to link their headset to the Passenger HS feed from the Bluetooth menu system.

4. Passenger to link their cell phone direct to their own BT-04 headset (NOT to the audio system on the Wing)

5. Rider and Passenger headsets to be linked together in simple secured pairing mode (SSP) for “Private” helmet-to-helmet intercom conversations.


At this point both rider and passenger can take advantage of their own music source coming from the audio system using Honda’s dual-zone technology with all headset music volume adjustments made from the handlebar and/or rear controls so that there is never any need to “Fiddle” with music volume adjustments on the headset.
The Passenger can also listen to their own music source available from their linked cell phone, while still being available for helmet-to-helmet intercom conversations.
When an incoming cell-phone call is received thru the system, the rider will view on screen and make the selection to answer or reject the call with the handlebar controls.
The FIRST time the Rider will talk on the phone, the BT04 headset volume needs to be adjusted to maximum with the volume + (up) button on the headset, and then all subsequent volume adjustments while talking on the Rider’s cell phone will be made with the Wing’s handlebar volume control.

When an incoming call is received by the passenger headset, the music will mute and a ring-tone will be heard in the passenger headset only.
If the passenger wishes to answer the call, they will momentarily press their headset’s multifunction button one time.
When the passenger is finished talking, they can simply wait for the other party to hang up or they can terminate the call with a single press on the headset’s multifunction button.
With the Passenger’s headset, all cell phone call volume adjustments are made on the headset itself with the vol-up (+) and vol-down (-) buttons during actual cell phone conversations and the headset will remember these volume settings for subsequent cell phone conversations.
Once the Rider and Passenger headsets have been linked together for “private” helmet-to-helmet communications, either can activate or terminate the intercom function with a single press on the intercom button on either headset.
When in helmet-to-helmet intercom mode, intercom volume adjustments are made on the headsets themselves with the vol-up (+) and vol-down (-) buttons only.
These intercom volume adjustment settings will be remembered by each headset so there will be no need to “fiddle” with them each time the helmet-to-helmet intercom function is activated.

After starting the bike and music is playing into the Rider and Passenger headsets, lower the CB squelch setting to level 1 and confirm that the CB background static noise is heard in the headset.
Then adjust the headset volume to maximum FIRST with the volume + (up) button on the headset itself, then all subsequent CB radio volume adjustments are to be made using the handlebar volume control. (For the duration of that ride sequence)
Then turn the CB squelch control back up to about level 8, or however high is necessary to remove the background CB static, at which time the music will return to both the Rider and Passenger headsets.
If the Rider or Passenger wish to talk over the CB radio, simply depress either the handlebar mounted CB PTT switch or activate CB TX from the passenger controls, if your Wing is so equipped.

Remember to always stay current with the latest Bluetooth software updates from J&M. Click the image below and either bookmark or save to favorites in your web browser.

A very special thank you to J&M Audio for providing this write up about the BT-04 and BT03+ Bluetooth Headsets and software.


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