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Destination: California - Bodie Ghost Town (Haunted Edition)

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Very cool historic town. Stopped there a few years back in 2009 on my '06 Wing. You may have to ride 9 miles on a washboard gravel road to get there if they haven't paved it since then. There was a dispute on who should pay for it. Still worth the slight inconvenience.



It would be a good idea that you accompany your post with a small map of California showing where the destination is located compared with Los Angeles and/or other known cities or area...not everyone know where Bodie and Yosemite are located in California.
Thanks. By the way, its a great idea to have created this post and am eager to read the next one.



I've ridden there on my Wing about three years ago. Bodie Ghost Town is on the east side of Yosemite National Park. Easy to get to the road that goes there but the last three miles (six round trip) are unpaved and it's about the worst road I've ever driven on. Washboards, ruts, big rocks everywhere but still I'm glad I went. I loved it. There's guided tours there too. I highly recommend it!



Rode there a few years back among one of our many stops from beautiful British Columbia Canada. Lost a pair of sunglasses that were in my cup holder because of that washboard road, so if anyone finds them they are mine LOL. On top of that couldn't even get a discount on the admission. We share the same last name. Tried to convince them that Bodie was my great grandfather. They weren't buyin it! Got soaked on the ride out. Good thing it was 90 degrees so we dried off quick after the rain stopped. All that aside it was well worth the effort to get there.

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