Hidden Trailer Hitch for 2018 Gold Wing

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Hidden Trailer Hitch for 2018 Gold Wing
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There are times when you need to bring some of the comforts from home on the road with you but some things are too large, or too numerous, for the storage on your motorcycle.  Installing the GW007 hidden hitch on your Gold Wing allows you to tow a trailer full of comforts from home.

We are happy to let you know that the design is extremely strong and rigid yet lightweight. It attaches to the main frame at two points on each side just below the passenger floorboards and two points under the seat at the rear of the main frame. It does NOT attach to the fragile sub frame at any point. Grade eight Aircraft quality hardware will be supplied with it.

This is a hidden vertical receiver type hitch with removable tongue that is polished and chrome plated. The tongue has two holes to adjust the base of the tongue height from 12” to 9” off the ground to accommodate various make trailers. It also features an “anti rattle bolt” which eliminates tongue rattle noise and trailer wandering. Safety chain slots are incorporated into the hitch as well.

It is laser cut from high carbon steel then formed, welded and powder coated.

Wiring: We currently have a plug in sub harness that will allow a quick and easy connection to the motorcycle.  Also required is the use of an isolator as did the previous model. The new Gold Wing has a five wire tail light system as did the previous generation. If you have a trailer with a four wire system it will require adding our EC07664  5 to 4 wire convertor. All of these components are plug and play.

NOTE: The GW007 fits the 2018 DCT and non-DCT Gold Wing models only. 

Removing the chrome-plated tongue is as simple as pulling the retaining pin and the tongue out of the receiver.  The aluminum hitch frame stays hidden on the bike without the tongue in place.  Although not included with our trailer hitch, we offer our GL18007-C tow ball sold separately.

Maximum recommended tongue weight of the GW007 hitch is 60 lbs.  Maximum recommended tow weight of the GW007 is 600 lbs.  Do not exceed the motorcycle manufacturer maximum axle weight when towing.

Will installing a trailer hitch void my motorcycle warranty?  No, in 1975 the federal government passed a set of laws called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.  This act states your vehicle warranty cannot be voided or canceled for using any non-original equipment manufacturer (O.E.M.) part or accessory (like our trailer hitch) unless the manufacturer of the vehicle can prove the use of this non-O.E.M. part or accessory caused a failure of any part or parts on the vehicle.  We encourage you to research the Magnuson-Moss act then share your findings with your dealer if they tell you installing our trailer hitch or any of our accessories will void your warranty.

What wiring components will I need to purchase to complete the circuit between my motorcycle and my trailer?  Yes we do have a system that will allow plug and play installation and use of a 4 or 5 wire trailer.  Checkout their 2018 Gold Wing Sub Harness GW007-38 (Available under Related Products on this page).

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burbank, WA
Rivco 2018 Gl1800v2 Trailer Hitch

I'm not disappointed with this Rivco trailer hitch product. It is well made and engineered. But this is what I really want to rave about. The Cruiseman video associated with the installation. This made the installation of this trailer hitch so danged easy and convenient that (my humble opinion) it raised the value of this product significantly. So, Wingstuff thank you for associating the Cruiseman video with the Hitch, thank you Rivco for making a good product, and Cruiseman....dude you rock! You made this installation of the Rivco Trailer Hitch straight forward simple.

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