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Brake Switch Block Illuminated for 2018+ Gold Wing
ITEM CODE: BB52-935BK,   SKU: BB52-935BK

I have to agree with the other reviews here. The wiring for the two accessory switches is not long enough. The power and ground are plenty long enough to reach the battery area, but the wires that come off the switches only reached till about mid way along the "tank" and are hidden behind a bunch of plastic. They should have been designed to at least reach as far as the other two wires which would make them accessible by just removing a side cover or the seat. At the switch, the shrink wrap cover does not go into the house and so looks unprofessional with exposed wiring. This could have been easily fixed by putting the wire cover up into the housing. Otherwise, looks good.
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Parking Brake Indicator Flasher for 2018+ Gold Wing DCT
ITEM CODE: EC04205,   SKU: EC04205

The instructions required to install this little device were very difficult to obtain through the website. The little slip of paper that gave instructions on how to get to the instructions on the website were less than helpful. I've had the plastic pieces that need to be removed to install this device off for other accessory installations, so removal of this stuff again was fairly uneventful even though the whole operation and the amount of stuff that needs to be removed is a real pain. The instructions said nothing about where to mount this item using the already attached double-sided tape. Also, the wires were pretty short and gave very few options on where to mount it so that it didn't interfere with the parking brake lever. Once installed though, works functionally as designed.
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Omni Driver Floorboard Kit for 2018+ Gold Wing DCT Satin Black
ITEM CODE: KU3283,   SKU: KU3283

Installation went fairly easily for these floor boards. The left side for my 2018 Goldwing Tour DCT was very easy remove and replace operation. The driver's side was a little harder with the brake lever replacement. The most difficulty was with trying to get the master cyclinder actuation connector off and the new one on. It would have been much easier if the brake had just been designed to use OEM setup to connect to the master cylinder. Otherwise, installation went well. The look very good installed on my blue Goldwing.
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Perch Mount Black
ITEM CODE: CI58119,   SKU: CI58119

Needed this one to move to the other side of the bike (throttle) side since I'm installing the CB. Installation was very simple and all parts were provided.
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Hidden Trailer Hitch for 2018+ Gold Wing

This was a pretty easy hitch to install, though it took longer to put on than I thought it would. Also, the design could have been a little bit better so it didn't require grinding off a welded on nut on the tip over bars. Additionally, there was a step missing in the instructions for removal of the bolt that connects the sub frame to the frame at the bottom (just aft of the tip over bar attachment). Hitch is very solid and the receiver tension bolt prevents all of the rattle you'd normally have in a setup like this. Did a test with my trailer and didn't see any issues so far. Kind of scary how tight the clearance is on the right side of the lower hitch. I didn't have issues with not having enough thread on any of the bolts provided. You need to be real careful that you are using the right size at each location.
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