Trailer Hitch Parade Flag Holder

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Trailer Hitch Parade Flag Holder
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Parade flag holder bar is designed to fit any motorcycle with a trailer hitch. Included is the chromed bar, chrome plugs and one flag holder socket. One or two more sockets can be added (sold separately) to accommodate up to three flags. The sockets accommodate up to 1 1/4” poles.

NOTE: Mounting Hardware Kit (Part # HWK010) is sold separately. The Flag Pole Holder (PF1000) can not be installed with out it. Please select from the drop down menu to add to your order.

This parade flag holder bar is designed to fit any motorcycle with a trailer hitch. The flag holder bar can then be installed or removed from the receiver bracket in seconds by removing two safety pins.

Included is one flag holder socket. One or two more can be added (sold separately) to accommodate up to three flags. The sockets accommodate up to 1 1/4 poles, and are machined at a 150 angle to their bases. They can be rotated and tightened to display your flags, angled to the rear, sides, diagonally, or any combination of these. All parts are machined from aircraft quality aluminum & steel, then polished to a flawless finish & triple chrome plated.
Note! PF1000 Kit is complete bolt-on that will have One Flag Pole Holder Socket in the center. If you want more Flag Holder Sockets you may order up to 2 more that will bolt directly onto the PF1000 Plate on the Left or Right Side of the already existing Single Pole Holder Socket.

All Pole Holder Sockets are movable from Left, Center or Right Side. So by ordering 1 additional Pole Socket you can move the existing Center Pole Socket to one side to match the other additional Pole Socket allowing a Left and Right Display.

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James A.
Bayonne, NJ
Flag Holder

Rivco makes products that last. Used this flag hold many time in parades...NYC Veterans Day Parade in NYC 2017. Check out the video on youtube,

yes no
Escondido, CA
Tight Fit

I put this on a GL1800 with a Kuryakyn hitch (before I read the other reviews. It is a tight fit, but I got it on. I have to struggle a bit to get the holder into the receiver, but once on, it works well. Used a couple of time for PGR events. Got it up to 55mph (although not recommended) the unit help up fine. Needed to add better securing system for highway use.

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The Dalles, OR

Well rather disappointed that this WILL NOT work/fit on a Kuryakyn trailer hitch. I have one on our GL1500SE which works great and fit the hitch just fine. Just had a Kuryakyn hitch put on our GL1800 and purchased another attachment so I can use the Rivco items we already have. So if you have a Kuryakyn Hitch DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY WITH THIS!!!

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Sky Rider
Adams County, CO
Poor materials

I ride with PGR and do many, many escorts for Active Duty and Veterans each year. With in the first year I had the Revco hitch flag holder, the aluminum rods fatigued and broke at the mounting screws. Flag pole fell over at a very low speed.

Revco would not replace them, WingStuff did. Short time later the aluminum plate that the rods slide into on the hitch had fatigued cracks. Again Revco would not replace but WingStuff did.

I had stainless steal rods made over a year ago and they are strong. Today I went to mount the flag holder and noticed the aluminum hitch plate is cracked again. WingStuff would NOT replace it.

Will have the hitch plate made from stainless steel. The idea is great. The aluminum materials are extremely poor.

For poles I use 1" conduit and eye screws. $3 vs $35. I also drilled the pole holder, pole and use a locking pin to ensure poles stay put.

I believe the Revco Trailer Hitch Flag Holder and kit is way over priced for the quality of what one gets.

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Guilderland, NY
Parade Flag Holder and Acc.

I Mounted this to my 2006 Gold Wing. Installation was pretty straight forward, but I would recommend replacing the circular spacers in the mounting hardware kit with a piece of clear plastic tubing/hose from a hardware store. I glued original spacers as instructed, but they came loose and allowed assembly to shift forward toward bike; the tubing eliminated this movement while providing tension on the safety locking pins. I have also modified this product to permit greater speeds than originally advertised. I fly 2-each 3'x 5' flags when providing escort service with the PGR. Did I mention always use some form of lock-tight on threads of bolts...

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GL1100, GL1500, GL1800