Inferno Heated Grips w/E-Z Controller

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Inferno Heated Grips w/E-Z Controller
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Big Bike Parts® next generation Inferno™ Heated Grips with an all new electronic E-Z™ controller. The Inferno™ Grips are made from extremely durable TPR rubber to not only grip easily but maximize heat to your fingers. Standard room temperature operation is a whopping 170°F which provides extremely comfortable heat when riding in the cold. Multiple textures and patterns in the rubber provide a comfortable grip and soothing style. 

The Inferno™ grips are designed to work with both open and closed end applications with a pre-scored cut out end plug. The all new E-Z™ temperature controller is the easiest to use and provides the most function available. Single button control provides 5 pre-set heat settings with each touch of the bottom reducing 1 level until off.  New smart logic design allows the activation of on optional battery saver mode which will shut the grips to off if the battery voltage falls below 12.5 volts.

The first fitment available is 7/8” x 5 ¾” for 7/8” bars such as the GL1200, GL1500, GL1800 Goldwings and others.

Note: In order for these grips to work the bike must maintain voltage of at least 12.6 volts. Any voltage below that will cause grips to shut down.


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Great product

These heated grips add a nice bit of comfort to cool and cold weather rides. They heat up fast. Just be aware that the glue that is included might be hardened up already. I used my own CA glue which did not want to bond to the steel on the left handle bar, even after sanding it. It loosened up while putting the bike on the center stand and I had to ride home with a loose grip. I ended up using gorilla glue. The picture shows a mount for the control, however it was not in the package. I emailed Big Bike parts and they sent me a handlebar mount for the control so I could mount it on my Texelent accessory bar.

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henderson, NV
plug and and play perfect

For 2000 to 2008 wings it is totally plug and play. There is a factory plug beside the right hand speaker pod that the controller plugs right into.

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inferno heated grips

Had these for about 2 weeks now, installation was very easy. They get very hot, have ridin on a 29 degree morning and they kept my hands very warm . Contoller is easy to use, just a push button to operate. No switchs or knobs to operate. Great product for the price.

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  • GL1200
  • GL1500, GL1500 Trike
  • GL1800 2001-2017
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2017
  • F6B 2013-2017