HC-PAL 8-Pin Upper Section Right Angle Cord


HC-PAL 8-Pin Upper Section Right Angle Cord
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This is the P-series component 8-pin upper-section right-angle hook-up cord. It may also be used as a replacement for the 8-pin upper-section hook-up cord that is included with J&M® Series headset #’s HS-BCD277, HS-ICD277, HS-BCD257, HS-BCD174 and HS-ICD174.

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Jacksonville, FL
Handle Carefully

You really have to stop sitting the helmet down flat with the cord plugged in and don't store the helmet with the cord plugged in either. I'm lucky I live in Florida where I had J&M replace a cord for free at Bike Week before I learned what not to do. After that, I've been on the same cords for 3-4 years now with no issues.

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Parsippany, NJ

I have had nothing but trouble w/ these cords from day 1,
we are VERY careful about how we put the helmets down & store them..
The cords always break @ the CB audio out side of the headset, (ATLEAST 6 TIMES!!!)
Who ever makes these Chinese Junk for J&M should be run out of town on a rail.
I'm have to order 2 more cords again, this 8 CORDS IN 4 YRS!!!!!
The next headsets that I buy w/ not be J&M...

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Kathleen, GA
Bad Design became poor product

I have four helmets with J&M headsets which utilize the "P" style cords so far I have had problems with three of the four upper cords. Two of the helmets are Vega Summit III where the cord is not supporting the helmet when stored, the other two helmets have been store either on the seat or (wife's) on a table. Unfortunately two of the three cords I have had problems with is self induced, but the third has me baffled. We have had problems since day one but wiggled, concussive lube and wire tied this thing in place. I have replace the other two cords but found after time the connection begins to fail again. I spoke with a J&M technician at Wing Ding Greenville and like other I was simply shown a new cord on the display. Yep I was not happy and this left a bitter taste in my opinnion of J&M. These headsets are expensive and so are these upper cords. Once our helmets require replace met I will be searching for a new brand. My brand loyalty only goes so far. Good luck to those who continue with J&M but the frustration level with the poor performance is unacceptable especially when you are 5000 miles from home. J&M please consider a recall on this product

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Van Wert, IA
not breaking the connection

stop sitting the helmet on the connection and that will solve the problem. I broke several before I learned how to solve this problem. Have not replaced one since.

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Saint Cloud, FL
outstanding customer service

This cord began working intermittently after being purchased nearly two years ago. I contacted J&M, and was given instructions on sending it back to them for a warranty repair. This purchase was close to 24 months, the warranty period. The following week, I received a brand new upper angle cord no charge.
J&M stands behind their product and the warranty period. I will be purchasing another J&M when the grandson is ready to start riding!

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