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Paul V

Kathleen, GA, US, 31047


Paul V


Humble servant of the United States Air Force for over 40 years, God Bless the USA and her people.
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USAF Professional

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Titanium 2008 Honda GL1800 IIIA

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2009 Piggy-backer XL Trailer

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Chrome Wide Blade Levers
ITEM CODE: KU7435,   SKU: KU7435

I have had these wide blade levers on my bike for about eight years, during this time, I have had to shim the brake and clutch switch positions, figure out why the cruise control would not engage turns out these levers prematurely wear out the brass plunger that engage and disengage cruise control. Once I tackled these fixes I noticed earlier this year the chrome has pitted and began flaking from both levers. Strange since this bike is garage kept and rarely ridden in the rain. Now before some body thinks its not ridden the bike has 100K+ miles on the odometer.
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ITEM: KU7316

I bought these lights a couple of years ago, last year I noticed the left side was not working, checked the wiring and power was present at the light fixture, turns out the turn signal portion functions but not the running light. Very disappointed I'm only getting 3/4 of what I paid for. Again Kuryakyn products and their poor quality strike again. I will not buy any products from Kuryakyn in the future. This is not my first sub-standard product from Kuryakyn, saddle bag and trunk LED 's have failed, chrome peeling on armrests and the list goes on. I truly wish the results were different I like their designs.
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Kuryakyn Driver Backrest w/Storage Pouch for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU8990,   SKU: KU8990

Just a quick update, I have owned this backrest 9 years, during that time it slowly degraded but I dealt with problems, the locking mechanisms fail after two tear, at the three year point the arms holding the seat began to bend to the rear, fourth year the backrest material began deteriorating and I bought a sheep skin cover. The welded joints are rusting as are the seat attachments discoloring my seat material. (Garage kept) I have had enough, will not buy a replacement, I'm buying the Utopia backrest, reviews are good and I spoke with a few owners who have this backrest for 7-8 years an are very content with the product. Unfortunately I have not had a great deal of success with Kuryakyn products and I have bought quite a bit, sad their quality is poor. All my OEM products have weather time very well just saying.
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Passenger Drink Holder
ITEM CODE: KU1481,   SKU: KU1481

I bought this cup holder from Wing Stuff five years ago, it has faded a bit but it has been a great asset to my passenger. She loves it, nothing and I mean nothing she shoves in there from a water bottle to her cell phone has ever fallen out. Always fits and the rubber spikes which hold items in the holder have survived the test of time and weather. Excellent product and when the time comes to replace it, I'm buying the same cup holder again.

Thanks Kuryakyn and Wing Stuff
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HC-PAL 8-Pin Upper Section Right Angle Cord

I have four helmets with J&M headsets which utilize the "P" style cords so far I have had problems with three of the four upper cords. Two of the helmets are Vega Summit III where the cord is not supporting the helmet when stored, the other two helmets have been store either on the seat or (wife's) on a table. Unfortunately two of the three cords I have had problems with is self induced, but the third has me baffled. We have had problems since day one but wiggled, concussive lube and wire tied this thing in place. I have replace the other two cords but found after time the connection begins to fail again. I spoke with a J&M technician at Wing Ding Greenville and like other I was simply shown a new cord on the display. Yep I was not happy and this left a bitter taste in my opinnion of J&M. These headsets are expensive and so are these upper cords. Once our helmets require replace met I will be searching for a new brand. My brand loyalty only goes so far. Good luck to those who continue with J&M but the frustration level with the poor performance is unacceptable especially when you are 5000 miles from home. J&M please consider a recall on this product
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Centramatic Stainless Wheel Balancers for GL1800
ITEM CODE: CTMGW100-102,   SKU: CTMGW100-102

I just purchased these Centramatic wheel balancers and installed myself, Very easy install, took about two hours for all three wheels. I replaced the rotor bolts on the front wheel as suggested, I would say the rear wheel took a little longer due to the nature of removing the rear wheel, but putting the balancer on was a breeze. I have ridden the bike at multiple speeds and I have noticed a slight difference as was mentioned earlier the rear tire has about 5000 miles on it so it is cupped, however I did put a new front tire on so we will see how the mileage is affected, hopefully in positive way. I am expecting about 18K miles out of the front tire now. We will see how much further the rear tire can last. So far not disappointed but I willed you know in a later post. Take care and thank you Wing Stuff for a job well done delivering these quickly as always.
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Chrome Passenger Cruise Pegs for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU7016,   SKU: KU7016

I love accessorizing my bike and my lover can't get enough of these pegs! These are the grooviest! Peace out people!

Smile :) we like them!
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Triple Chrome Plated Adjustable Flip Up Armrests for GL1800
ITEM CODE: RIGL18094,   SKU: RIGL18094

Hello all, a quick update, we have had these armrests on the bike for two years and like the other reviewers our set of armrests have the chrome separating . Very frustrating for an accessory we both love for various reasons, I am disappointed that RIVCO would charge such a high price for these yet go cheap on materials.

RIVCO please pay attention...I will not purchase any of your products in the future period! You are now on my extinct list and as Mr. Wonderful would say "You're Dead to me"!
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Schampa Coolskin Skull Cap

I received this for free and have been been wearing it in middle Ga during the summer. Humidity being what it is this has worked nicely to absorb the moisture off my head, so for that it earns 4 stars, however after a couple of stops it stretches out and unfortunately so much so it will slip down and cover a portion of my vision and for that I give it one star. If you can tolerate the constant adjustment then it is a 4 star product you just have to keep sliding it backward. I found this annoying.

Overall I give it 4 stars.
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HyperKewl Soakable 3M Reflective Safety Vest

I bought two of these Kewl Vests one for me and one for the wife. We have used these for the past three summers and they work great even in humidity, but not as effective. Once the temps reach 100 degrees you will have to stop often to re-soak due to quick evaporation, but they work! Great product two thumbs up!
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Chrome Footpeg Mounts for GL1800
ITEM CODE: KU4544,   SKU: KU4544

Bought these to go with my new "Mini" boards, they look fantastic and were easy to install. I love the fact that Kuryakyn provided new hardware to replace OEM hardware. Now if the chrome will hold up.
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Premium Mini Boards w/ Comfort Drop Mounts
ITEM CODE: KU4328,   SKU: KU4328

I just received these today on the mail as a gift from my son. Opened the box and was a little surprised how "Mini" these are. I guess my expectations were off a bit. Either way these are an easy installation and I especially liked the provided cotter pins to replace the ones currently on the bike. I used the aft mount hole to move the boards forward and tilted the front slighted down so I could shift and brake properly. I will let you know how that works out. Overall the look is nice and just sitting on the center putting my feet on these they seem much more comfortable than the pegs. I recommend these over the pegs (never had the floor boards so I can't comment) I purchased the chrome mounts and these make a nice match and come with new attaching hardware as well. Well done Wing Stuff and Kuryakyn!
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