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Original Spray Cleaner Polish
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Famous Original Spray Cleaner Polish is great for cleaning and polishing any painted surface quickly and easily. Great for chrome and especially effective on windshields. Easily removes bugs and dirt while creating a brilliant shine in seconds on any surface. Instantly details and protects surface from bugs, dirt and sun. Sold each (14oz).

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Big PaPa
Linden, MI
Awesome Cleaner

I have been using this for several years and nothing works better than this. When you purchase make sure to buy more than one because you will not want to be without it ever again.

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Henryetta, OK

Just tried this for the first time and WOW it does a very nice job. If you have never tried this give it a go I don't think you will be disappointed.

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Rockford, IL
Original Spray Cleaner & Polish

I use this polish often! One day I cleaned my wing and did my shine job with this original spray. Afterwards I went to the grocery store for a couple items, another customer was walking out beside me when she saw me getting on the wing her comment was "Wow - that bike is really bright and shinny!" Exactually my goal, I want to be so bright in the sun people can't miss me - or should I say they really do miss me! They can't help but see that shinny bike. Thanks Original Spray & Polish for a great product at a very nice price.

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Heber, UT
Great stuff

After reading all the reviews, I had to try this stuff, and Im very happy i did, works great, cleans very well, and feels like you just waxed!

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South Point, OH
Works Great on Windshields!

I have been using this product for a while now to clean bugs off the windshield/front fairing when I don't want to wash the entire bike and it has worked very well. I also carry a can in my saddlebag so I can do a quick cleaning of the windshield on the road. The cans last a long time so they are also a good value. I recommend this product!

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