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Black 2006 Honda GL1800

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How Difficult Is It To Ride A Gold Wing?

I almost forget what I'm riding.
I have ridden motorcycles off and on for 20 years. I had 3 previous bikes. I've not ridden much in the past 15 years or so, just too busy with raising 7 kids. Most are grown or about grown now, so I bought a 2006 Goldwing this summer. I still can't justify a new one that costs more than the cars I own, and honestly, I'm sad they shrunk them down. They tried to convert them from a luxury tourer into a sport tourer. If I wanted a sport tourer I'd go for a Yamaha FJ1300. At 140HP, it's a real sport tourer. At any rate, my main concern was that I'm only 5'8. I was worried about the seat height. After sitting on it, I found I can flat foot it if I'm standing up. Sitting down and back on seat I can only get balls of feet down. I had a friend ride it home from the previous owners house (about 3 hours away) because I drove the car there AND I was intimidated to get on it right away. It's 400lbs and 1200cc bigger than any bike I ever owned or rode! After just a couple of short rides, I began to feel comfortable after I was moving. Slow speed still scared me a bit. Mostly nervous about dropping while stopping. (The bike only had 24,000 miles and not a single mark on it!) I started to have a new problem, on the twisty roads, I wanted to start pushing it harder. I felt like I was on my sporty, zippy old 600cc naked Radian, which was only around 400+ pounds. Many times, I have to remember I'm on a VERY big bike that I don't want to wreck because it's the nicest bike by far I've ever owned. I have dragged a peg or two since, but maintain a healthy respect for this machine. I'm honest with myself and am a safe rider, with not desire to ride above my level. In the right hands, I can imagine this bike could be really impressive performance wise.

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Pathfinder LED Headlight Kit for GL1800/F6B

Jay Verified Buyer
These are bright and white as promised. It was a bit of an issue installing in the low beams. Mostly just a pain to find a good way to mount the drivers. It comes with wire ties, but there's no good place to tie them to. I used some double-sided tape to secure them them under the fairing area. They do shine much higher than factory bulbs but the pattern is good. I had to adjust headlights all the way down (which the directions do say to do). It just bums me that they don't aim like factory halogens do. I have no more down adjustment left.
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ITEM: AO451819

This was a snap to install. I just followed instructions. Hardest part was fishing the power wire to the battery. 20 minute job install.
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Original Spray Cleaner Polish
ITEM CODE: TR530396,   SKU: TR530396

Not sure how to review this yet. I bought it for my black '06 GL1800. The bike is dirty and it's too cold to wash it right now. I tested this on a small spot of the fairing under the windshield and it did okay. It REALLY needs some hot, soapy water though. I can see this stuff doing great for touch up jobs in between good washes. I'm not conviced yet that this is going to leave that great deep shine I want.
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Deluxe Luggage Rack Bag w/Rain Cover

Packed a week worth of clothes in this for a trip from Northern panhandle of WV to the Arkansas/Oklahoma border (over 1,000 miles). Weather forecast called for heavy rain for the first day of the ride. It rained hard from Wheeling, WV almost to Nashville, TN (500 miles). I had the rain fly over it and also a couple of bungee cords to strap stuff on top of this bag. The velcro straps are very strong and would hold this thing in place no problem. Upon arriving at the hotel in Nashville, everything was bone dry! If you're planning a trip just by one of these!
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Factory OEM Air Filter for GL1800
ITEM CODE: HO17210MCAA60,   SKU: HO17210MCAA60

It's a genuine Honda air filter. What else can I say???? I haven't got to install it yet. Watched several videos. Now I need a few hours of spare time.
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